Growing on Instagram with the 2021 algorithm

Growing on Instagram with the 2021 algorithm

When it comes to the Instagram algorithm, there is always a lot of confusion. There are several conflicting opinions and ideas. If you want to know how to Grow on Instagram with the Instagram 2021 algorithm you are reading the right article.

Finally, Instagram with an article published on the official blog sheds some light on how the Instagram 2021 algorithm works .

“How to grow on Instagram with the constantly changing algorithm?”; “How does Instagram decide what is shown to me first?”; “Why do some of my posts get more views than others?”; and “How does Instagram decide what to show me in Explore?”

You will find out all this in this article.

Grow on Instagram with 2021 algorithm

Instagram uses a variety of algorithms , classifiers and processes, each with their own purpose.

When Instagram was born in 2010, it was nothing more than a single stream of photos in chronological order.

Over time it has become the most downloaded and used Social Network , so it has become impossible for most people to see all the content in their feed.

As of 2016, people lost 70% of all their posts in the Feed, including nearly half of their closest contacts’ posts. Consequently, Instagram has decided to classify the posts in the feed based on the interest of users.

Each category of the app – Feed, Explore, Reels – uses its own algorithm based on the use made by the user. People tend to look for their closest friends in Stories , but they want to discover something completely new in Explore.

How feeds and stories are classified

Over the years we have learned that Feed and Stories are places where people want to see the content of their friends, family and those which they are closest to. With any classification algorithm , its operation can be broken down into steps.

In the Feed and Stories, the algorithm works relatively simple: the recent posts shared by the people you follow are shown first . There are some exceptions, like ads, but the vast majority of what you see are post shares from users you follow.

Subsequently, the algorithm takes all the information about your behavior on the platform and your preferences. They are nothing more than “signals” that you send to your Instagram algorithm . And there are thousands of them. For example, the time you share a post, if you use the app from Mobile or Desktop, if you are interested in video content.

Metrics to track to grow on Instagram

The most important signals in the Feed and in the Stories in order of importance are:

  • About the post : the virality of your post and information about the content itself, such as when it was published, whether it is video content and in which placement it is visible (feed, reels, igtv, stories, guides)
  • Information about the person who posted : this helps the algorithm to understand how interesting the person could be for you based on the interactions you exchange over time
  • Your business: this helps the algorithm to understand which content you are most interested in
  • Interactions: q his metric indicates your degree of interest in other users’ content.

In the Feed the five interactions that are examined more closely by the algorithm are the probability that you can dedicate a few seconds to a post, comment on it, like it, save it and tap your profile photo. The more likely you are to take action, the higher up you will see the post. The Instagram algorithm in 2021 adds and removes signals over time, working to bring out what interests you.

There are some cases in which the algorithm evaluates other factors. An example is when Instagram avoids showing too many posts from the same person in a row . Another example are the Stories that have been “re-shared” by Feed: until recently, the algorithm liked them less, because users were more interested in seeing original and unpublished Stories.

Until users started re-sharing feed posts in stories with the intent of reaching as many people as possible.

The algorithm leaves people the freedom to express themselves to grow on Instagram with original and viral content, but when someone posts something that can jeopardize the safety of users, Instagram intervenes .

Instagram community guidelines

The community guidelines exist that apply not only to the Feed and Stories, but to the entire platform. Most of these rules focus on protecting people.

If you post anything that goes against the Community Guidelines it will be removed. If this happens repeatedly, Instagram may prevent you from sharing and eventually your account may be suspended.

Another important case to report is disinformation . If you post something that third-party fact checks label as disinformation, Instagram does not remove it, but applies a label and shows the post further down the Feed and Stories. If you’ve posted incorrect information multiple times, Instagram could penalize you by lowering the reach of your posts.

Explore: how

is classified >

Explore is designed to help you discover new content. The Explore Grid is made up of recommendations – photos and videos that Instagram finds for you – which is very different from Feed and Stories, where the vast majority of what you see comes from the accounts you follow.

Again, the first step Instagram takes is to define a series of posts to rank. To find photos and videos that might interest you, the Instagram algorithm examines signals such as posts you liked, or have saved and commented on in the past.

Once you’ve found a bunch of photos and videos that might interest you, Instagram sorts them based on your degree of interest, just like the Feed and Stories.

The most important actions that are considered on Explore are likes, saves and shares. The most important signals that Instagram observes, in rough order of importance, are:

Crescere su Instagram con l'algoritmo 2021

  • About the post: with this metric we test the potential and virality of a post . These are cues like the number and how fast other people like, comment, share and save a post . These signals are much more important in Explore than in Feed or Stories
  • The history of your interactions with the person who posted : most likely the post was shared by someone you’ve never heard of, but if you’ve interacted with them or similar accounts Instagram will decide to show you the content anyway because from your actions it has understood that most likely that type of content could interest you
  • Your activity: This metric tracks your actions such as posts you’ve liked, saved or commented on in the past
  • About the person who posted: These are cues such as how many times people have interacted with that person in the past few weeks, to help find interesting content from a wide range of people.

How reels are classified

Reels is designed to entertain users. Just like Explore, most of what you see comes from accounts you don’t follow. So also with regard to the Reels section, Instagram shows you first the content that it thinks is most interesting for you.

With Reels Instagram focuses on what might entertain you.

The most important signals that the Instagram algorithm analyzes are:

  • Your activity : Instagram analyzes the Reels you like, the ones you interacted with. These signals help you understand what content may be relevant to you.
  • The history of interactions with the person who posted : same rule that applies to the Explore section, it is likely that the video Reels was made by someone you have never heard of talk, but if you’ve interacted with similar accounts Instagram will show you similar content
  • About Reel : These are cues about the content within the video such as audio track, pixel and full frame based video understanding, as well as popularity.
  • About the person who posted: Instagram considers popularity to help find compelling content from a wide range of people and give everyone a chance to find their audience.

crescere su Instagram con algoritmo 2021

The same recommendation guidelines that apply to the Explore section apply to Reels. In addition, the Instagram algorithm penalizes low-resolution or watermarked Reels or Reels focused on political content or created by political figures, parties or government officials, or on their behalf.


People often blame Instagram for the “Shadowban” issue.

The shadowban issue is very broad. People use this term to describe many different experiences they have on Instagram. Instagram admitted that it hasn’t always done enough to explain to users why some content is removed.

Instagram is working to improve the user experience on the platform. It is developing better in-app notifications so that people know why their post has been removed and is working on a new system for letting people know when what they post goes against community guidelines.

What you see or don’t see on your Instagram feed is up to you.

Your actions and interactions affect the content you see. With your actions, you contribute to improving the experience simply by interacting with the profiles and posts you like.

How to make the Instagram algorithm understand what content it should show you?

  • Choose your closest friends: You can select your closest friends for stories. This idea was created to allow you to share stories only with the people closest to you, but Instagram will also give priority to the posts of your closest friends
  • Mute people you don’t care: You can mute an account if you want to stop seeing what they share, but are reluctant to stop following them altogether .
  • Mark recommended posts as “Not Interested” : Whenever you see a recommended post, both in the Explorer and in the Feed, you can indicate that you are “not interested” in that post.

Growing on Instagram with the 2021 algorithm is possible. Revealed its real operation, just follow the advice and get your profile off the ground.

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