How bloggers make money on Instagram and not only

How bloggers make money on Instagram and not only

Instagram today is not just a social network where you can upload your photos. This is an excellent way to generate income, and not additional, but the main one. Popular bloggers on Instagram make big money using different methods for this. We will consider them in detail in this article.

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How do bloggers make money?

You don’t have to be a well-known media person to get a good income. People who have more or less promoted accounts earn amounts that are more than the average salary in the country. Below we will look at all the known ways to make money.

Advertising earnings

The main source of income is advertising. The blogger himself embeds marketing materials into his posts and stories. For example, he can post a video, where he says, in between, that he bought a camera of such and such a company and that he is completely satisfied with it.

Instagram Modeling


Fashion bloggers often act as Instagram models for various brands. This provides an opportunity for a good income for the model and additional media coverage for the brand.

Own brand of goods

It has become fashionable today among blog owners to create their own brands of clothing, cosmetics, decor, or showrooms. At the same time, it does not matter whether the blogger sews the product with his own hands or leases a workshop and hires seamstresses to work.

Yes, this way of earning money is expensive, which is why only well-known bloggers can use it, but all expenses can quickly pay off thanks to a well-known name.

Online store

This way of making money is similar to the previous one. Usually bloggers create their own store on the Internet to sell products under their own brand. Also, blog owners enter into contracts with various supplier organizations, selling their products on their website. This way of making money can be used not only by bloggers, you can read more about this in our article How to Sell on Instagram – 13 Steps to Success.


Как стать инстаграм моделью?

An ambassador is a face of a certain brand, a media personality who should evoke associations with the customer company, advertise and position its products, and form a positive image.

Do not confuse this way of making money with regular advertising inserts in your profile. The Ambassador has to deal with establishing communication with his own subscribers for an extended period. He also needs to mention the brand’s products from time to time on his blog so that users begin to have a positive impression of the client company.

Branded items (merchandise)

There are bloggers who produce branded products. For example, Marie Novosad sells clothes and cups with prints, Lena Sheidlina – cards, stickers.

Few bloggers release more than 100 merchandise. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for the owner of an Instagram account to get good income from branded items, since there are a lot of competitors in this area.

Most bloggers use merchandise to conduct promotions, to attract the attention of users. It’s easier for a blog creator to do a few ad insertions without reading their own subscribers’ complaints about shipping, poorly tailored clothing.

Brand Collaborations

Here, Yuri Dud immediately comes to mind, selling his own image to Alfa-Bank. Collaboration with a banking organization brought him several tens of millions of rubles. Alfa-Bank began to use his image to create marketing products.

Юрий Дудь в коллаборации с Альфа Банком

Selling image rights is a great way to make money, but it will be most effective only with the participation of the most famous bloggers.


Organizing Instagram marathons is an easy way to convey useful information to your subscribers and become an expert. This method of earning money is very popular among bloggers, blogging on the topic of fitness, as well as insta-moms.

Марафон по Дюкан

To run a marathon, a blogger makes a separate Instagram profile. Every day he publishes in it related posts, workout plans, recipes for healthy meals, calories. To generate income, the blogger makes his profile private. Users pay him a certain amount to gain access to posts published in such an account.

Photo Content Creation

How do bloggers make money selling photos? There are 2 methods for this. The first is used by professional photographers who take photos for publication on the pages of commercial accounts. The blogger either sells his own works of authorship for further use by the customer, or takes photographs that meet the buyer’s requirements.

Фотосъемка еды

The second method is used by bloggers with a beautiful appearance. They sell their photos to community owners on social networks or even regular users who want to print a photo of their idol.

Text writing

If a blogger publishes posts on a narrow topic or has a writing ability, he may receive offers to create text content for other blogs. If a person is a professional copywriter and adding words into coherent phrases does not present any problem for him, he can make himself a thematic account to sell his own texts.

For example, if a blogger’s page is dedicated to SMM, marketing or entrepreneurship, he can become an author for accounts of the relevant subject. Usually bloggers charge from the customer from 2000 rubles for the creation of one article.

Selling presets

A preset is a specific set of photo settings (white balance, contrast, brightness, saturation). Not so long ago, many Instagram account owners actively purchased presets from bloggers such as Lilya Brown, Sophia Stuzhuk, Julia Bezdar. Now the popularity of presets has fallen, but this does not mean that bloggers have stopped making money on them.

Планирование инстаграм

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to actively blog to sell presets. You can be a photographer by posting photos and photo editing posts on your account. If users get the impression that you are a professional in your field, they will buy the presets you have developed.

Account Administration

Administering Instagram accounts assumes that you take control of a specific user’s page. The main thing that is required from the administrator is to upload high-quality photos in the profile that attract the attention of users. It is necessary to determine in advance what colors the page will be in. It can be dark, light, warm or cold colors. The style of the photo must be the same, otherwise the integrity of the tape will be broken.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of images. They can show products of the account owner, satisfied customers, employees of the organization. You can upload other thematic photos. For example, if you are promoting a fitness center, you can post pictures of healthy food, sports equipment.

Although Instagram favors images, text content should not be forgotten. These can be product descriptions, information useful to users. The text should be written under the image, not overloaded with emoticons and hashtags. They should be applied, but in moderation.

Promotion of someone else’s profile

The essence of this way of making money is that you start promoting someone else’s Instagram account. To do this, you improve metrics that affect the ranking of your profile. This includes likes, comments, mentions, direct requests, saves, direct links to the account page, and other interactions.

To determine the most interesting topics for users, you need:

  1. Define target audience.
  2. Find out which pages the target audience visits, see the publications of accounts with the relevant topic.
  3. View thematic websites, visit publics on social networks.
  4. Develop a content plan. It should include all kinds of content that your target audience might be interested in.
  5. Launch automated promotion from Instaplus.

Affiliate Programs

Often in the posts of major bloggers you can see phrases like “I agreed with one cool company about a discount for my own subscribers”, “This collection of clothes is so cool that I asked the store for a discount for you”, “Use my personal promotional code to get a discount “.

Of course, bloggers do not ask anyone for anything and do not agree with anyone. They just register on the sites of affiliate programs and submit their content in the right way. The point of affiliate programs is that the blog owner, having registered, receives a personalized promotional code for a discount or a link leading directly to the product purchase page.

The blogger posts a promo code or link in his profile, users use them to place an order. A certain part of the money spent by them on the purchase is credited to the account owner (from 5 to 50 percent). Therefore, the more users purchase the customer’s products, the higher the blogger’s profit will be.

Educational courses, trainings, webinars

Selling your own knowledge is possible not only in person, but also on the Internet. If a blogger has a good command of any topic in demand, he can start recording his video lessons and sell them through his Instagram account.

When choosing a topic for a course, you need to take into account that blog subscribers may be interested in any unique information provided it is presented correctly.

Selling video courses and trainings, bloggers from time to time add useful content for users that can be viewed for free: memos, guides, life hacks. Thanks to this, subscribers do not get an idea of ​​the pretentiousness and unreasonableness of the content sold by the blogger.

Another way to make money on your knowledge is to organize webinars. These are seminars that are held online through live broadcast. The webinar can be either open, available to any web user, or closed, held only for blog subscribers.


Online consulting or publishing announcements of consulting events is a popular way to make money on your Instagram account. It is suitable for bloggers who have knowledge related to legal, astrological or any other field.

Consulting includes:

  • face-to-face and online consultations;
  • conducting live broadcasts providing answers to users’ questions;
  • organizing remote conversations;
  • making consulting calls.

Public speaking

Публичные выступления

Bloggers can organize public appearances themselves, earning income from ticket sales and merchandise. Also, the owners of promoted Instagram accounts can accept offers from other persons, conducting speeches at the customer’s events. For example, Ilya Varlamov performed at Azimut, and also met with his subscribers under the auspices of Beeline. The blogger serves as a kind of media tool that allows you to attract people to the event.

Often, new stores that are just starting to work invite blog owners to open. Entrepreneurs get a lot of potential buyers, and the blogger makes good money.

Reading reports can also be attributed to making money on public speaking. For example, Anton Nosik gave lectures on migration to the audience at CityClass and donated the money he earned to a charitable foundation.


Streamers usually make money on donations. For example, a girl Karina, streaming games, can get up to 20,000 rubles. for one broadcast. Users transfer funds to her just like that, or in the hope that Karina will talk to them or at least say hello.

Стримерша Карина

Nika Wodwood, a feminist blogger, receives up to $ 900 a month from donations alone via Patreon. The well-known blogger Ivan Survillo, a high school student, sends e-mails to 40,000 users, some of whom will donate to him from time to time. Vilsakom, a popular tech blogger, made over half a million rubles from donations for one stream alone.

In the CIS, donations are not very popular, with the exception of game broadcasts. Only streamers can seriously make money on them. Bloggers with non-gaming accounts are unlikely to be able to earn a normal donation income.

Completing tasks

The simplest way to make money on Instagram. It is not used by large bloggers. This method is more suitable for ordinary profiles that have not yet been promoted. You register on a special website and start doing tasks for a cash reward. You can like posts, subscribe to pages, comment on publications.

How much can you earn on completing assignments? For one liked post they pay 0.5-2 rubles. For a subscription to a page, you can earn 3-5 rubles. They pay 3-15 rubles for a comment.

Bloggers’ earnings on Instagram

Как стать инстаграм моделью?0

Now you know who bloggers are and how they make money. It’s time to get acquainted with the size of the earnings of blog owners. To do this, you need to carry out simple calculations. So, the average price of an advertising publication is 50 rubles. for every 1000 users subscribed to the page. Therefore, a profile with 30,000 subscribers will be able to get 1,500 rubles for one post with advertising. If you post 2 advertising publications weekly, you can earn about 15,000 rubles per month. Sometimes the demand for advertising rises, and then the profit can be higher.

In general, Instagram bloggers earn very different amounts, starting from 2000 rubles. and ending with several million.

What income depends on

Earnings depend on the popularity of the blogger and the number of users subscribed to him.

There are 3 main factors that affect the level of income:

1. The number of users subscribed to the page. Account monetization is directly dependent on the number of subscribers. If the number of users subscribed to the blog has exceeded 5000, you can safely start making money on it. The approximate prices for one publication with advertising are as follows.

  • 5000 subscribers – no more than 1000 rubles;
  • 30,000 – no more than 5,000;
  • 100,000 – no more than 30,000;
  • 1,000,000 – no more than 100,000.

2. Follower engagement. Any Instagram user can gain followers. However, you will not be able to get income in this way. Before ordering advertising from a blogger, any normal advertiser will ask the account owner how active his audience is. Customers take into account such parameters as reach, number of impressions, subscriber growth. You can view these indicators by going to the page settings and clicking on the “Statistics” button. This section also provides information on how people react to blogger posts.

If there is a suspicion that a blogger is cheating or cheating, you can check it in trendHERO, a service for finding and checking bloggers.

The closer the engagement parameters are to the total number of users subscribed to the blog, the better the customer evaluates the account. This directly affects whether he will order advertising from the blogger or not.

3. Frequency of posts with ads. If every 2nd publication of an account is advertising, sooner or later there will come a time when advertisers stop contacting its owner. It is important for them that advertising is not served directly, but in the context of the page. Users who subscribe to the blog should take it as a recommendation from their idol, and not as an attempt to make money. Today, people who know how to accurately and discreetly insert ads into their publications are constantly receiving generous offers from advertisers.

The optimal frequency of posting advertising posts on the page is 2-3 in 7 days (provided that the page also contains content that is directly related to the topic of the blog).

You cannot publish several posts with advertising in a row. This will lead to a deterioration in the reputation of the account owner, which the blogger should never allow. It is the reputation that should be put in the first place, not the earnings.

How to earn more

Как стать инстаграм моделью?1

There is no limit to perfection, as well as there is no maximum level of earnings for a blogger. However, it takes a lot of work to get a good income. Here are some tips on how to increase your earnings on Instagram:

    • Improve the quality of the page. Improve the visual design of the profile, work out the navigation system (categories). Pay special attention to the quality of photos and videos, information contained in text content. Create a header, indicate what area you specialize in, what differences your blog has from the profiles of other bloggers.
    • Increase the number of subscribers. At the same time, you do not need to take part in Giveaway or engage in cheating. Rather, it will decrease the overall engagement of your audience. Organize interactions, ask users who follow you unusual questions. This will increase not only the activity under the publications, but also the reach of the audience.
    • Increase your expertise. This is the main thing that determines whether your audience will listen to you, ask you for help, trust. Improving your role as an expert is difficult, but possible. You can publish your own cases, useful tips, inform the audience about the results you have achieved in any area.
    • Follow new trends. A blogger who decides to make money on his page must keep up with Instagram trends. Become a subscriber of popular publics about trends and news, discuss hot topics with your audience. Also keep an eye on marketing trends, stay up to date with the latest developments. Be sure to periodically review photos posted by professional photographers to improve your skills.
    • Be loyal. Always be human. This is the quality that a good blogger usually lacks. There is no need to respond negatively to negative. Also, do not ban users following you who left comments that you did not like. Strive to smooth out any conflict situation, express your own opinion in a correct way. If you cooperate with brands, do not be lazy to find information about them, user opinions on products.

The best topics to make money on a blog

Как стать инстаграм моделью?2

Before starting a blog, you need to choose a topic. Determine if a topic will be interesting to users, perhaps through the Google Trends site. The more requests, the more popular and profitable the topic is. In addition to the above service, you can also use the Wordstat website.

The best blog topics for Instagram are:

      1. Beauty. Posts related to cosmetics, manicure, haircuts, grooming are published on blogs with this topic.
      2. Fashion. Fashion bloggers share the latest fashion trends with their audience, advise users on clothing and footwear brands, and provide recommendations on how to create a stylish look.
      3. Sports. A blog with this topic can be run by both a professional athlete and a person who regularly visits the gym. Fitness blogs often run marathons (“get pumped up in a month”, “lose weight in 2 weeks”).
      4. SMM. Such blogs are devoted to everything related to the promotion of Instagram accounts. These can be recommendations for beginners, training courses, as well as selling services. For example, you can promote other users’ accounts for a fee.
      5. Insta Design. This theme appeared not so long ago, but has already become quite popular. In blogs dedicated to her, bloggers teach their audience how to design Instagram pages, edit photos, write texts. This is not the best option for a beginner, as you need to have certain skills.
      6. Photos. By choosing this theme, you will publish on the page posts dedicated to the selection of a good angle, the use of natural / artificial lighting, photo editing, presets.
      7. Life. If you have an interesting life or like to make funny videos about yourself, then this topic is the best option for making money. Imagine that a blog is your personal diary, in which you write down all the interesting events that happened to you.
      8. Food. You can post recipes on your blog, make baked goods to order, and publish reviews of food from various establishments. For example, there are bloggers who focus exclusively on fast food reviews, and their blogs have a large following.
      9. Needlework. These blogs are usually run by craftsmen who sell their own products. You can knit hats and scarves, sew toys, make soap, make wood products, jewelry, and more.
      10. Travel. On a travel blog, you can post about interesting places you’ve been to. You can tell the audience about the advantages and disadvantages of different countries, hotels. It is especially interesting for users to read posts on the customs and customs of the peoples of different countries.
      11. Animals. There is hardly a person who is indifferent to cats, dogs, birds and other pets. Pet blogs are gaining popularity very quickly and are becoming an excellent platform for advertising related products and services.

Tips and tricks

Как стать инстаграм моделью?3

It should be immediately clear to the user who goes to your blog what topic it is devoted to. For this reason, it is imperative to issue a BIO – the text under the avatar. Indicate your own name or brand name in it, briefly tell us about what you do, give contacts and links to other social networks. Use emoticons and special characters to draw the attention of your audience. Use high-quality photos that attract attention as an avatar.

In stories, you can make ad inserts, show how you travel and just live, announce future publications. To create a story, click on the + button on your own avatar, add effects and masks.

Separately, it should be said about text content. One publication fits 2200 characters. To make it easy for people to read the text, divide it into semantic parts, use emoticons, lists, not forgetting to highlight them with punctuation marks and arrows. You need to express thoughts in a concise and understandable way, but do not be afraid to show emotions, use metaphors.

Below you can find other useful recommendations for promoting your account:

      • Activate the business profile in the settings. This way you can track statistics on your account and change your promotion strategy.
      • Share your blog on other social networks. Ask your friends and relatives to become your subscribers.
      • Use popular tags when posting content.
      • Create an original hashtag that no one else uses.
      • Use geotags when creating stories. This will help you attract more users.
      • Order promotion from other blog owners. Make targeted ads to attract new users.
      • Organize contests, sweepstakes, take part in other blog events. This will help you increase the number of accounts that follow you.
      • Do not advertise questionable products. Your subscribers will remember this, as a result of which the reputation will be irrevocably damaged.
      • Spend a lot of time chatting with your subscribers. Give answers to questions, add likes, comment in detail on the posts of bloggers with a large number of subscribers.

To simplify the maintenance and promotion of a page on Instagram, you can use special programs and Internet services. One of them is Canva. It is designed to create beautiful Instagram posts through different effects. The service has many layouts that you can use to make collages. is for automatic deferred content publishing. You can upload photos and videos from your PC, manage multiple blogs, track competitors, and analyze statistics.

You can download a feed planning application to your smartphone, such as Plann + Preview. It allows you to plan a photo sequence in such a way that the photos are combined with one another. The functions of cropping and fitting photos to the format of stories are provided. You can also get acquainted with statistics, get information about the best color schemes, the optimal time for posting, the most popular tags. The application is free to use, there are versions for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Storiesads is a service where you can create a story with effects and text in just one minute. It should be used by those who often publish content in this format.

Today, many people make money on Instagram, and you too can start making money on this social network. You just need to be patient when promoting your blog. The number of your subscribers in any case will gradually increase, if, of course, you show yourself on a good side. When the number of users following you reaches at least 5000, you can start making money on your blog.

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