How bloggers make money on Instagram

How bloggers make money on Instagram

Paradise life for the income received from maintaining a page on Instagram is the dream of almost every blogger. At the very least, everyone wants to receive a stable income from blogging, which would be enough to forget about working in a stuffy office forever. Therefore, in this article we will analyze all the ways bloggers make money and talk about what their income depends on.

How do bloggers make money?

Blogging has become a huge advertising business over the past few years. Already today, billions of dollars are spinning in influencer marketing, and experts predict that this amount will only increase in the future. Modern technologies have created completely new ways of making money, which simply did not exist before.

Advertising earnings

Bloggers on Instagram make money mainly from advertising. This type of earnings is available to everyone, it is only important to establish itself well as a platform for promoting various brands. And for this you need to have a good active audience.

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Advertising earnings largely depend on two factors – the number of subscribers and the format of the advertisement. Advertising on Instagram can be of several types:

  • Direct Ads. These are usually posts with text from the advertiser itself, which end with a call to action. For example, a call to visit an online store.
  • Native advertising. This is a more natural ad format, where information is presented in the form of friendly advice, story, or testimonial. A promo is usually developed by the blogger himself in accordance with the preferences of his audience, therefore the cost per post is higher.
  • Sponsored post. Placing a post in the main feed has a lasting effect and usually costs more.
  • Advertising in Stories. There are fewer requirements for content in Stories, because this content is temporary, but the cost of such advertising is usually lower.

To start making money on advertising, you usually need to have at least 10 thousand subscribers on your account. Sometimes less – it all depends on the topic of the account, the activity of subscribers and the marketing strategy of the brand itself. Naturally, the more subscribers, the higher the cost of advertising:

  • up to 5000 subscribers – no more than 1000 rubles;
  • 30,000 subscribers – 5 thousand rubles;
  • 100,000 subscribers – 30 thousand rubles;
  • 1 million subscribers – 100 thousand rubles

Of course, there are exceptions. Some celebrity bloggers can earn several million for a single advertising post. Much also depends on the percentage of engagement on the account, and what audience segment is collected.

Advertising earning isn’t always smooth. Sometimes a blogger and advertiser can’t find a common language. Not understanding the specifics of influencer marketing, the customer may ask the blogger to post text and photos that he doesn’t like. In this case, it is better to refuse the offer, just as if the advertised product is of questionable quality.

Selling goods

Some bloggers, having achieved a certain recognition, are turning their blogs into huge online stores. It is easy to understand this, because over time, an audience with certain interests gathers on the blog and the blogger knows like no one else what products his subscribers need, and what might be of interest to them.

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For example, fitness bloggers often additionally sell sportswear, and beauty bloggers sell cosmetics. If you look closely, you can find a product in any niche that can be sold to subscribers.

The hardest part is making the first sales and getting the first reviews. It is also recommended to start this type of earnings when your account already has a loyal audience that trusts your opinion.

The main disadvantage of this method is financial risks, because sales most often involve the preliminary purchase of goods, the cost of storage and transportation. But you can also cooperate on dropshipping. In this case, the blogger’s task is only to collect orders, while the costs of delivery and storage of goods remain with the manufacturer.

It is worth advertising only those services and products in which you are confident. Otherwise, you can easily lose the trust of your audience.

Selling services

It often happens that a popular blog becomes a springboard for selling professional services. Instagram pages are often used to sell their services:

  • psychologists;
  • photographers;
  • stylists;
  • makeup artists;
  • fitness trainers and many others.

For professionals in different fields, a popular personal blog is a great way to showcase your success and skills.


Consulting is another article that bloggers get paid for. This type of income is suitable for those who have expert knowledge in any of the areas – accountants, lawyers, nutritionists, psychologists, stylists.

Consulting can be carried out through live broadcasts and answers to user questions, remote or face-to-face conversations. First, of course, you should fill your account with useful content that could highlight professional and expert knowledge, as well as attract the target audience.

Like any blogger, those who provide consulting services need to be active on the social network every day, to answer questions from subscribers. The first clients will not appear as soon as you write “doctor” in your profile. It will take a lot of effort to show who you are and why communicating with you can be beneficial.

Own brand of goods

Today it has become popular among bloggers to launch their own brands of goods. Beauty bloggers, for example, often create their own lines of beauty and personal care products. Insta moms often sell collections of children’s clothing or toys. You can promote any product. The main thing is that they correspond to the interests of the audience, and also be of proper quality.

Such a mechanism for making money requires initial costs for organizing the production of goods, which is why this option is mainly used by well-known bloggers who have already earned start-up capital and are confident that the costs will be paid off due to their name.

Selling Merch

Previously, merchs were mainly only from popular musicians. At almost any concert, you can find a point selling souvenirs with the symbols of a musical group or performer. Now the sale of merchandise to make money is often used by popular bloggers. And they sell them directly on their own blog.

Merch can be any product that can be printed. Most often, these are things that people often carry on themselves or with them. For example, T-shirts, accessories, patches, mugs, pens.

It should be noted that merch is not only what bloggers get money for, but also a great way to promote. After all, when people see an interesting print on someone who has already bought the merchandise, they may be interested in it and go to the blog.

Brand Collaborations

Many brands are ready to offer bloggers not just one-time advertising, but collaboration or participation in a large-scale advertising campaign. This type of cooperation is priced more expensive than regular advertising posts, and often requires the influencer to be active not only on his page, but also to participate in the filming of advertising and the creation of advertising products.

It is noteworthy that not only large bloggers can count on collaboration with brands. Recently, more and more brands are ready to cooperate with nano- and micro-influencers with great audience loyalty. In the case of novice bloggers, cooperation can be carried out through barter. That is, for their services, bloggers receive not money, but various products of the company.


Influencers often become ambassadors – unofficial representatives of the brand who carry its values ​​to the masses. In part, we can say that this is a long-term collaboration. For example, Michael Jordan has been the Nike brand ambassador since 1985 to this day.

To become a brand ambassador, an opinion leader must meet the company’s values ​​as much as possible, be its most devoted fan and connoisseur. At the same time, brand advertising is carried out not only by its constant native demonstration in your blog, but also in real life. Ambassadors constantly wear the brand’s products, attend various events dedicated to it and demonstrate their love for the company in every possible way.

Affiliate Programs

With the help of affiliate programs, companies delegate the sale of goods to those who can and wants to do it. Bloggers often act as the latter, because having a good audience and understanding of it, with the help of affiliate programs you can make good money on sales without bothering with the production of your own goods.

There are several types of affiliate programs:

  • Pay for impressions. The blog owner gets paid for the number of times the promo is shown
  • Pay per clicks. The influencer is rewarded every time one of his followers clicks on a sponsored link posted on his blog.
  • Pay per sale. The blogger receives a certain percentage of purchases made through his referral link or using his individual promo code.
  • Pay-per-action. The influencer receives a commission when the user takes certain actions by clicking on his referral link. For example, register on the site or take a survey.

You still need to look for a good affiliate program that would be able to visit your subscribers and bring high income. When making a choice, you should pay attention not only to how favorable conditions the company offers, but also how well the promoted product or service will be able to “enter” your audience.

Educational courses, trainings, webinars

Knowledge is the most valuable product in the modern world. Therefore, one of the most popular methods of making money among bloggers is to conduct their own courses, trainings and webinars through Instagram accounts.

With the right presentation on Instagram, you can sell any knowledge. It is only important that the information is interesting to your subscribers. To arouse the interest of followers to confirm your expertise and issue, you should create free useful content for users, from time to time posting it on your blog.

Info Products

Information products include presets, manuals, capsules, books, brochures, audio tutorials, and more. Usually, the authors describe in such products their personal experience and their vision of solving the problem, therefore it is the reputation and authority of the influencer that plays a decisive role in the success of the info business.

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The advantage of making money on information products is that having created them once, you can sell as long as you like, creating new copies, and the income from this type of activity can reach huge amounts. But this option for generating income is not suitable for everyone, because you really need to be a professional, expert, guru in something to create high-quality information products.


Marathons are another popular way for bloggers to make money on Instagram. This method of earning money is often used by influencers who lead pages on the topic of fitness, healthy eating or motherhood.

The essence of making money is that the blogger creates an additional account, where he publishes useful content for subscribers every day. For example, workout and activity plans, diets, healthy food recipes, and more. And to monetize the marathon, the blogger makes the account closed and lets those who paid the cost of participating in the marathon become subscribers.


Many bloggers have a real army of fans, which allows them to make good money from selling tickets for their public appearances. Often, popular bloggers receive offers from others to take part in an event. In this case, the blogger acts as a kind of tool to attract more people to the event.

Popular bloggers can be invited to host events or experts in any field. Sometimes they act as special star guests or are invited to give talks.

Photo Content Creation

Good content, especially with a famous person, is always highly regarded. Therefore, Instagram bloggers often make money selling photos. There are several ways to make money here. For example, a blogger can independently create attractive pictures that can be used by brands for advertising in the future, or create pictures in advance according to requirements previously agreed with customers.

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Bloggers who can take professional pictures and have attractive external data can sell their photos to owners of communities on social networks and others. Some also use their skills to create high-quality images and sell their photos on various photo stocks.

Text writing

A good blog cannot be imagined without quality texts. Bloggers often have a writing talent that, combined with knowledge of the features of a social network, turns into a real valuable commodity. Therefore, the owners of blogs with good texts sometimes receive offers to create texts for other pages as well.

Your own blog with good writing can also be an excellent platform for selling professional copywriting services.

Account Management

Who, no matter how much a person who has already developed his secret of success and has learned from his own experience all the nuances of blogging on Instagram, knows how to properly maintain a page, when and what to publish. Successful bloggers can safely take on the administration of pages on Instagram, and their personal blog in this case acts as a kind of portfolio.

Account management assumes that a person takes full control of the page, develops its style and content plan, publishes posts and communicates with subscribers. This is laborious work that requires constant, almost round-the-clock participation. But the activity of the page administrator is also paid for with a stable high income.

Promotion of profiles

Brands and commercial pages are also willing to pay well for promoting their profiles on Instagram. SMM marketing requires a lot of certain knowledge and skills that bloggers usually have by default.

The tasks of a promotion specialist usually include improving the metrics that affect the ranking of the page. These include:

  • likes;
  • comments;
  • number of subscribers;
  • requests to Direct;
  • save the bookmark.

The duties of a profile promotion specialist may include a different set of services – from determining the target audience to drawing up a content plan and setting up automated promotion. Naturally, the larger the range of services, the higher the earnings.

Earnings on donations

Many bloggers, most often streamers, receive income from donations. As strange as it may sound, people are really ready to financially encourage their favorite bloggers on their own initiative, and often the amount of such donations is quite high.

For streamers, user donations are the main source of income. People who watch the broadcasts transfer funds to popular bloggers just for fun or in the hope that the streamer will say hello to them during the live broadcast. For example, streamer Karina, who broadcasts video games, can earn up to 20 thousand rubles per live broadcast. And Nika Wodwood, a feminist blogger, makes up to $ 900 a month from her generous fans.

But it is worth noting that donations are not yet very common in the CIS and only those who maintain blogs and live broadcasts in the field of gaming will be able to make serious money on them. In other areas, donations are still practically not used. Perhaps as a fundraiser for charity or the implementation of an idea.

Completing tasks

You can start making money just by having a page on Instagram. And it doesn’t even matter how popular it is at the moment. It is enough to register on a special service that offers payment for performing simple actions. For example, leave a like or comment under a post, subscribe to an account.

Of course, this kind of activity will not bring serious money. After all, performing one action costs from 15 kopecks to 15 rubles. But on the other hand, this type of earnings does not require much effort, is available to everyone and clearly shows that everyone can monetize an Instagram account.

However, you need to take into account that excessive activity on the account can lead to a ban on the social network. Therefore, for this type of income it is better to create a separate profile, which is not scary to lose.

What determines the blogger’s earnings

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Miracles do not happen. And the blogger’s earnings are also work that requires some effort. Money will not pour in immediately after registration. Sometimes it can take not a year or two before a blog starts generating good income. A blogger’s income depends on many factors.

  • The number of subscribers. The success of blog monetization directly depends on how many followers are on the account. You can start monetization if you have 5,000 or more subscribers or even less. But you need to understand that the more there are, the higher the potential earnings from advertising, the more sales.
  • Audience engagement. This is a key parameter that advertisers look for when choosing a blogger to collaborate with. The same parameter is extremely important for successful sales and earnings on affiliate programs. A low level of engagement indicates that users are not interacting with your content in any way, and therefore you should not expect any purchases or clicks from them.
  • Number of ads. Nobody likes spam. If an account is overloaded with advertisements, then it is more likely to irritate subscribers and a desire to describe themselves. Advertisers are also reluctant to partner with profiles that are full of ads.

Now you know how bloggers make money on Instagram, and what their earnings depend on. But you need to understand that in order to earn impressive sums from blogging, you need to work hard and spend a lot of time developing your profile. The following tips will help you a little with this:

  • Choose the right niche. A blog should be created in a topic that you are well versed in. This is the key to success, because only working in the field that you know and love well, you can create really high-quality useful content. In addition, this way working on the development of your blog will not cause fatigue.
  • Constantly improve the quality of your blog. This applies to both its visual design and content. Design categories, make your profile look attractive and make it easy for users to navigate.
  • Engage new audiences. Work to attract as many users as possible to your blog. Contests, regular posting, various kinds of interactions and, of course, high-quality and regular content will help in this. Remember that the number of subscribers is one of the key factors on which earnings depend.
  • Build Expertise. Your subscribers need to trust you and listen to your opinion. This is important both for successfully promoting brands and selling your own products.
  • Connect with your audience. Respond to your followers’ comments, share personal, ask for advice. All this will help not only to get to know your audience better, but also to establish friendly relations with teachers.

Instagram is one of the most promising platforms for making money on blogging. The number of active users here is much higher than in any other social network, and the audience is not only more loyal to online commerce, but has long been accustomed to using Instagram as a huge marketplace. True, the level of competition among bloggers is not small here either. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to work hard for a good income.

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