How Instagram ranks the list of those who view your stories

How Instagram ranks the list of those who view your stories
Как Инстаграм ранжирует список тех, кто просматривает ваши истории

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If you publish stories on Instagram, then, for sure, you have repeatedly asked questions: who, in fact, views them; how the list of those who saw the story is formed; what does the order of users in this list mean in general: who saw the story first, who viewed the story several times, why are some people often at the top of the list, and why does the list change every time you open statistics?

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Many users believe that at the very top of the list are users who have viewed stories many times, and are most likely closely following their accounts. This is not true at all!

Before we assume that your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, and maybe enemies, are watching your every move, let’s figure out what is still known about the ranking of users in the list of views of stories. It turns out that everything here is much more complicated than it might seem at first glance.

Как строится список просмотревших историю в Инстаграм

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How Instagram ranks the list of those who view your stories

It is a mistake to think that the users who are at the very beginning of the list are “stalkers” and watch all your stories several times.

Despite the fact that there is such information on the Internet, and some users on Reddit even arranged experiments to check this, and even convinced that this could be so … Nevertheless, it would be very strange that Instagram simply displays a list based on one or two factors. Moreover, respecting the privacy of users, Instagram DOES NOT SHOW in stories who, in fact, hangs out the most on your profile, who logs into it every day and watches all your posts and stories. This would cause great indignation of Instagrammers, and it is somehow not entirely ethical to give such information. In fact, at the very top of the list of views of your stories, you usually see accounts that are of interest to YOU ​​YOURSELF, and not to those of interest to YOU.

What does Story Views really mean?

In view of the fact that there is no point in trusting the tests of individual users, and the Instagram algorithm is so complicated that it just cannot be deceived and bypassed, we will believe what the Instagram developers themselves tell us.

Instagram Home Product Manager Julian Gutman confirmed in an interview with The Verge that the accounts you see at the very top of your Story Views list are the profiles YOU interact with the most, and not the other way around. Thus, if you yourself follow someone, often go to their profiles, see their stories and publications, then these profiles will be “show off” at the very top of this list. They’ve seen your story, of course, but that doesn’t mean that this account is following you in any particular way.

So, when you go to statistics to see who has viewed your stories, you will find two categories of accounts at the top of the list:

  1. those that you yourself closely follow, whether they are those you really like or may not even like. You don’t even need to like and comment on their posts – it’s enough that you go to these profiles;
  2. different users that the Instagram algorithm thinks you might like.

The second category of users is updated every time you visit the application. Thus, Instagram is simply trying to show you those people whose posts rarely appear in your feed, or just people who might be of interest to you, judging by your social activity. network.

There is also information that has not been officially confirmed by Instagram that the first 50 views of stories are displayed in reverse chronological order, that is, from new views at the very top to older ones. After 50 views, a smart algorithm begins to work, the actions of which we cannot declassify.

By the way, if you use the Facebook social network, then all your Facebook activity is also recorded by the Instagram algorithm. This factor can additionally affect the compilation of the list of viewers of your stories.

So, no matter how much we want it, according to the statistics of those who have viewed the story, we can not at all determine who more often than others comes into our profile to stare at or envy. So, friends, do not think too much about this, but just do what you like. Post what you want and don’t get too overwhelmed with details!

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