How Instagram subscriptions are sorted

How Instagram subscriptions are sorted

Instagram algorithms sometimes defy logical explanation, but not in this case. The developers of the social network are doing their best to simplify the life of its active users, so not so long ago a useful function was introduced to help organize followers in a convenient order.

Yes, you no longer need to frantically search for an online store with the “same” blouse or remember the nickname of the fitness blogger you subscribed to a month ago. In today’s article, we will figure out how Instagram subscriptions are sorted and how you can block unwanted profiles.

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The principle of sorting Instagram subscriptions

Instagram has a useful innovation that allows you to control the visibility of subscribers. The “ Categories ” section displays the accounts of the people whose photos you like and comment on the most, as well as the pages of the followers with whom you have the least interaction in the last 90 days.

The main advantage of this approach is the ability to quickly unsubscribe from profiles that are not of interest to you. Why clutter your feed with unnecessary content?

Also, you can receive notifications when a certain account shares new photos or videos, or, conversely, completely hide information about the followers’ updates. But we will talk about these options a little later.

принцип сортировки подписок


How to view sorted subscriptions

Function Sorts is a great chance to organize your followers based on how long ago you followed them. This is very convenient for business accounts that are promoting their creation using manual mass following.

If earlier subscribers were displayed randomly, now the social network has decided to put everything in its place in this matter.

Below is a quick tour of account sorting principles .

By Most Interaction

The main goal of Instagram developers is to organize account management so that they best reflect your current connections and interests.

An additional filter has been added to the “Subscriptions” section, allowing you to track the accounts that have featured most frequently in your feed in the last 90 days.

If you regularly interact with a particular page, Instagram notes that you like that user’s content. For this reason, posts from your best friends and favorite bloggers often appear at the top of your feed.

по наибольшему взаимодействию

By Least Interaction

Sorting by this principle to some extent gives you the answer to the burning question: “Who should I unsubscribe from?” .

Representatives of the social network admitted that the purpose of this function is mainly to help users “clean” their pages of unnecessary content and those profiles that they are not interested in.

Chronological sort

In addition, another function has appeared on Instagram, with which you can now sort followers by date of subscription :

  • Latest first – this list will sort your subscriptions in reverse order (most recently subscribed profiles will appear first).
  • First first – using this sorting you can see which accounts you subscribed to first.
  • By default – in this list your followers will be organized by the frequency of interaction with them.


Tips and tricks

And now the icing on the cake – secret Instagram functions , which you most likely did not even know about, as well as practical tips to quickly figure out the clever social network algorithms:

  • Your Instagram behavior is the most important factor in the algorithm . After you subscribe to a person’s profile, his photos and videos first appear in priority positions, but if you stop being active, the content immediately sinks deep into the feed. Have you observed such a pattern? The thing is that the lack of feedback is the main signal by which the platform determines the drop in interest in the user’s publications.
  • Did you know that you can automatically unsubscribe from users who don’t reciprocate with you? And the Instaplus service will help you with this. Come in, register and follow simple steps. The platform has statistical tools necessary to calculate and unsubscribe from all non-reciprocal accounts.
  • инстаплюс

  • If you like someone’s content, you can turn on notifications to notify you when a new post has arrived. To do this, go to “Subscriptions” , find the account you need, click on the three dots on the right side and click on the item “Manage notifications” . Next, you need to choose which notifications you want to receive (about posts, stories, live broadcasts or videos on IGTV).
  • прямой эфир

  • Tired of a colleague’s content, but afraid that unsubscribing will ruin your already shaky relationship? Then just hide posts of his account. Trust me, Instagram won’t give you away. How to do it? The principle is similar: next to the same account, click on “…” in the upper right corner and select “Hide” . After this simple procedure, you will not see any photos, videos, or user stories in the feed. But keep in mind: by limiting the actions of a follower, you also prevent their comments from appearing under your posts.


Each time, the updates introduced by Instagram become more and more useful and user-friendly. The sorting function is no exception, because now you can easily find the desired account among numerous followers and not accumulate uninteresting profiles in subscriptions.

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