How many posts per day can you post on Instagram?

How many posts per day can you post on Instagram?

How many posts can be published on Instagram needs to be measured taking into account the specifics of the account and its goals. It’s important not to overdo it, but at the same time stay in touch with your followers and potential customers. You need to catch the very optimal balance, and this is impossible without a detailed study of the account.

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How many posts can be posted per day

There is no specific limit on how many photos you can upload per day. Formally, you can post as many times per day as your heart desires, but it’s important not to get blocked.

The Instagram administration does not disclose the official limits, exceeding which may lead to a blocking. We only know that the limits depend on the characteristics of the account, such as its age and the number of followers. There are also certain tips based on the experience of other users.

Through practical research methods, users were able to establish two facts:

  • on accounts that were created less than six months ago, it is recommended to post a small number of posts per day, maximum 2-3 publications;
  • owners of profiles registered on the network more than 6 months ago can afford to post 9-12 photos to the feed.

Anything that exceeds these limits can be considered spam and lead to account blocking.

Optimal number of posts

You already know how much you can post, but now let’s figure out how much you really need. After all, these are completely different values, since in addition to restrictions on the part of the administration of a social network, any good SMM manager should also be concerned about the wishes of subscribers.

The optimal number of posts depends on factors such as:

  • industries;
  • target audience preferences;
  • number of subscribers;
  • the amount of interesting information you can share with your users.

Someone prefers to post once a day, many throw posts up to 6 times, and some brands even up to 30, posting every half an hour, and their audience clearly does not mind. Everyone should determine the optimal number of posts for themselves. There are only general guidelines.

In personal account

Everyone has a subjective approach to maintaining personal accounts. Someone wants to immerse subscribers as much as possible in their life. Others, in addition to photos, also share information useful for followers. In this case, it is recommended to post up to three times a day. If this is not enough to share everything you wanted, then upload the remaining content to Stories.

There are bloggers who have chosen the path of rare publications. New posts on their pages appear only a few times a week, which helps to maintain a certain image of mystery.

1 post per day is the average optimal number of posts based on the analysis of popular bloggers’ pages.

However, keep in mind that there is a relationship between engagement rates and the number of posts published. The more often you post, the more likes you collect. At the same time, if users do not have time to respond to your post or stop waiting with trepidation for new content, then this can negatively affect the statistics.

In brand account

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It is generally accepted that it is enough for commercial pages to publish one post per day. This is enough to keep subscribers from forgetting about you, but at the same time, you will not bore them.

But not everything is so simple, because a lot still depends on how much interesting content you have and how you can please your subscribers. If there is no suitable content, but it is unlikely that someone will be upset about missing one day. At the same time, if you decide to hold some kind of action or want to share a sensation, then you should not deny yourself the publication of an additional post.

Many brands successfully combine posts of various directions in their feed, which allows you to post more often and more often to attract attention, but at the same time not to annoy subscribers. For example, in the morning you can post a motivational post related to the topic of your profile, at lunchtime – an advertising one, and in the evening an informational one. Thus, you can build brand loyalty, advertise products, and talk about the benefits of cooperation.

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But again, everything is purely individual. The plan described above is more of a local brand or a private enterprise. Global brands can afford to post more frequently.

The easiest way to determine the optimal number of posts in practice. Change your marketing strategy, track statistics, and then settle for the highest performing quantity.

Tips and tricks

It is believed that the more often you post to Instagram, the more likes you get, the higher the engagement rate, and the faster you can get followers. In fact, things don’t work that way, but posts really need to be in the feed on a regular basis to stay visible.

It’s no secret that the Instagram algorithm has changed a lot in recent years. This can be seen from the posts three days ago in the feed and by the appearance of new likes in the photo, published a few days ago. Before the algorithm change, the half-life on Instagram was 72 minutes. During this time, the post gained a large number of likes, and then gradually disappeared from the radar. After the introduction of the innovation, the posts have clearly got a longer lifespan, and now it is not at all necessary to post often to stay visible.

When posting, be sure to also consider your profile stats. Instagram statistics are able to tell as accurately as possible about the preferences of your followers. Look at what hours the posts get the most likes, what time does most of your subscribers’ online activity take place, what information they like more than others, and so on.

Feel free to experiment and change your marketing strategy. Try adding an additional daily post and track the statistics, or, on the contrary, reduce the number of posts. You need to deduce your only correct alchemical posting formula, but do not forget about the general limits.

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