How many stories a day can you post on Instagram

How many stories a day can you post on Instagram

Instagram Stories are well established as a marketing tool that businesses can and should use to increase their reach and attract new customers. You probably already know that this is a cool content format, and now let’s talk about how many stories a day you can publish so as not to annoy your followers and not be banned.

How many stories a day can you post on Instagram

There is no limit to how many Instagram Stories you can post in one day. The administration of the social network does not place any restrictions on the publication of Instagram Stories.

You can post even thousands of stories, but there is one small “but” – the upload limit. With the standard system, you can post 100 stories in 24 hours. Further publication of stories will lead to the deletion of earlier stories.

In other words, 100 stories per day is the maximum number of posts that Instagram can store, but you can download stories further, just previous posts, starting with the first published one, will be deleted prematurely.

100 stories per day is the maximum number of posts.

Please note that if you post many stories during the day, Instagram will combine them into one story, which will be shown in chronological order.

Optimal number of stories

The optimal number of Stories differs from the allowed limits. This number is individual for each account and depends on many factors.

For example, you need to choose a number of posts that will not scare off your followers. Perhaps hundreds of Stories a day can only afford to publish large media personalities. People are interested in watching them and even a large number of publications will not cause irritation.

Another thing is commercial accounts or pages of novice bloggers. If you don’t want your subscribers to feel like you want to spam them, then you will have to limit the publication of stories long before the limit is reached. For ordinary users who are not stars, the optimal number of stories is 10-15 entries per day.

So, if you post too many stories during the day, they will be grouped and shown one after another, starting with the oldest story. If you want to publish a lot of stories throughout the day as productively as possible, then you should consider the following tips and nuances:

  • Very long stories lose viewers as they are viewed. The highest yield factor is observed when viewing the first frame. About 8% of users come out on it, and about 3% more on the second frame. After viewing 20 frames, slightly more than half of the viewers remain. You can easily manipulate these metrics to achieve the desired effect, for example, attract exceptionally “hot” customers with very long stories, or attract the attention of a “warm” audience by stopping the story at 10-15 frames. One thing is clear – if you want to convey an important message, then you need to do this at the very beginning of the stories.
  • Much depends not only on the number of frames, but also on their type, which is quite logical, because pictures take only 5 seconds of time, and videos take 15 seconds. So, a story with 5 frames of pictures will last only 25 seconds, while a story with a video will take 1 minute 15 seconds. Therefore, the rate of loss of viewers will be different. In the case of stories with pictures, the number of users who will continue watching will be slightly higher. On average, by the end of the story, out of 20 frames, there are 1% more viewers.
  • Story length correlates with audience reach. Stories with multiple frames receive more user attention than stories with one or just a few frames.

It is also necessary not to overdo it, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the resource administration. It is known that Instagram bans users with suspicious activity, including those who publish too many stories within 10 minutes, an hour or a day.

You need to be especially careful with the choice of the number of publications if you use auto-posting services. The functionality of such programs allows you to post stories almost every second, but it is recommended to choose long, uniform intervals so as not to arouse suspicion among the administration of the social network.

Tips and tricks

The length of stories has a strategically important influence on user behavior when viewing Stories:

  • Longer stories can attract more followers than short ones.
  • Most users understand from the very first frames whether they will continue watching, so the first story in the series should be the most interesting.
  • With each subsequent frame, fewer users will close the viewport when viewing a grouped story.
  • According to statistics, when viewing a story consisting of 20 frames, only 56% of subscribers watch it to the end.

As you can see, Instagram Stories is exactly the tool that you can use often and at the same time not to the detriment of your profile. It is only important to determine the optimal number of stories for yourself, so as not to annoy subscribers and not arouse suspicion among the Instagram verification algorithms.

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