How much does blogger advertising cost 2021

How much does blogger advertising cost 2021

In a world where banner advertising no longer works, and what people say on TV and radio no longer pays attention to, influencer marketing is becoming a breath of fresh air. Today, successful blogs on Instagram can promote any product and service – online stores, restaurants, fashion brands, hand-made craftsmen, private professionals and many others.

Once it was possible to order an advertising post from a blogger almost for free – most opinion leaders were ready to cooperate on barter or for a modest payment. Now the rules of the game have changed. We propose to talk about how much advertising costs for bloggers, and how not to drain the budget.

Why you should take ads from bloggers

Screaming street billboards, contextual banners, TV ads, radio jingles competed for so long that they eventually led people to advertising blindness . The brain of a modern person automatically blocks everything that they are actively trying to sell. Therefore, today the advertisement that does not look like an advertisement works best. Marketers still managed to find a loophole and influencers became it.

Influencer Marketing – advertising a brand using the authority of an individual or another brand. Unlike regular advertising, influencer marketing looks more organic and unobtrusive.

Advertising on Instagram is perceived by bloggers as advice from a good friend, and not just another imposition of a product for profit.

Bloggers are read by millions. Their posts are liked by hundreds and thousands of users. Any good blogger has fans who are ready to imitate an idol, and people are ready to heed advice. In fact, this is a ready-made loyal audience. Marketing will work as long as the ads are not too harsh and intrusive.

Работа в Инстаграм

Blogger Advertising Costs

Instagram ads for influencers have very relative prices. For example, the price of a post for top influencers can range from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000.

For example, in the show “VDud” Nastya Ivleeva shared information with viewers that it is possible to order advertising on her account for about $ 14,000. This is the rate per ad post, and the video will cost you almost $ 20,000.

Телеведущая и блогер Настя Ивлеева
TV presenter and blogger Nastya Ivleeva

The journalist Yuri Dud himself is in no hurry to disclose his prices and does not do direct advertising, but from third parties we managed to find out that the price for a short advertising post is also about $ 20,000.

Blogger Alena Venum, whose page has gathered over 2.9 million subscribers, takes about 10 thousand dollars for an advertising post.

Ukrainian bloggers are asking for more modest amounts. Famous stylist Margarita Muradova with an audience of half a million followers is ready to place an advertising post for $ 1,500.

Блогер и стилист Маргарита Мурадова
Blogger and stylist Margarita Muradova

It will cost twice as much to buy an advertisement from Masha Timoshenko with almost a million subscribers.

Saba Musina, with almost half a million subscribers, demands $ 1,500 for the post, and the famous singer and blogger Santa Dimopoulos, whose account has a little more followers, is ready to post for $ 1,000.

Рука с деньгами

If you do not consider star bloggers, then advertising your company can be much cheaper. On average, a post on an account with 10,000-10,000 followers will cost $ 100.


Instagram ad rates are driven by supply and demand. It all depends only on the blogger’s appetites and how much they are really willing to pay for advertising. At the same time, you can still distinguish some approximate price range.

Types of influencers

Today, there are several categories of bloggers and approximately the following price range:

  • Mega-influencers or Stars are bloggers who have 1 million followers, stars, actors and other celebrities. Their advertising price tag starts from 5 thousand dollars. The product category also has a strong influence on how much a celebrity’s Instagram ads cost. The stars are ready to advertise something really high-quality and interesting at a standard price list, but most likely you will have to pay extra for goods and services of questionable benefit.
  • Macro influencers are professional bloggers who often have over 500,000 subscribers. These influencers usually start at $ 800-1,000 for advertising.
  • Middle Influencers are influencers who are often followed by over 100,000 followers. The cost of a post on such accounts starts at $ 150.
  • Micro-influencers are bloggers who, as a rule, have 5,000-10,000 subscribers and are experts in a particular industry and consecrate it. The price tag for advertising starts at $ 50.
  • Nano-influencers (less than 5,000 subscribers) are experts or independent specialists in their narrow niche, for whom blogging is an additional tool for promoting and earning money, or just a hobby. Often you can negotiate with them on barter cooperation or for a nominal fee.

You need to understand that with the same number of subscribers and approximately the same statistics, the cost of advertising on different accounts can vary significantly. For example, advertising on a lifestyle blog is usually cheaper than on a business account. Which is quite fair, because it is much easier to attract 10K teenagers to subscribers than 10K paying professionals.

Factors Affecting Price

There are many factors that influence how much an ad post costs on Instagram, not counting the number of subscribers:

  • Purpose of advertising. If you want to attract as many subscribers as possible – look for accounts with a large number of followers, you need sales – look for profiles with the most paying audience, and if you need to increase brand awareness – you need to look at coverage. Advertising on each of these profiles will cost differently.
  • Number of ads. Many influencers are not ready to cooperate with just anyone, therefore, if they place ads on their blog, then only high-quality and expensive ones. Others take on almost any order. Advertising on such accounts is cheaper, but the conversion is lower because the audience is tired.
  • Posting format. Posting in the feed is always more expensive than posting in Stories for a day. It is also taken into account whether the blogger prepares the publication himself, or posts ready-made material.

Types of Bloggers Advertising

Инстаграм телефон в руках

A variety of Instagram content formats makes it possible to interact with the audience of bloggers in different ways, choosing the option most suitable for the goals set.

Advertising in Stories can provide high engagement, even if there are not many followers on the account yet. Sponsored posts in the feed can increase brand loyalty, increase brand awareness, and mentions on the air and IGTV are as native as possible.

The format of advertising is also different. Below we will look at the main types of advertising through bloggers.

Direct advertising

The easiest way to advertise “head-on”. The blogger only needs to place in his account a pre-composed advertising post with a link to the brand page or product.

Not all bloggers are ready to place a purely advertising post. In addition, subscribers greatly appreciate the presence of an idol’s opinion on any issue.

  • Advantages: everything is simple and straightforward.
  • Disadvantages: There are a lot of ads on Instagram and another straightforward PR post may simply go unnoticed.

Native advertising

With native ads, it looks like a blogger is just sharing a story or opinion with subscribers, and just casually mentions the name of a product or brand.

The most ideal option is when it turns out to do everything as naturally as possible, so that it is even incomprehensible, out of the kindness of his soul, that a product is mentioned or for money.

  • Benefits: does not generate rejection like regular advertising.
  • Disadvantages: not everyone will guess that they need to follow the link.

Detailed overview

This method refers to direct advertising, but unlike a regular post, the review is much more interesting for users. Everything works as follows: the advertiser sends samples of goods to the blogger, he unpacks them or tests them in practice.

  • Benefits: The post is interesting to subscribers.
  • Disadvantages: Time-consuming post.


This is a co-advertisement. For example, a blogger advertised your product, and you advertise his page in return. But you need to understand that cross-posting only works when brands are approximately equal.

  • Benefits: budget savings.
  • Disadvantages: Difficult to find the right blogger.


The essence of the method is that a marathon is announced on the blogger’s account, during which users must complete various tasks, and at the end they will receive a prize.

For example, if an online store is being advertised, then the task may be “upload a photo of a fashionable image.” There can be about 20 of them per week. The exact rules of the marathon are determined only by you.

  • Benefits: high engagement. Plus, one of the tasks can be a mention, repost, comment, etc.
  • Disadvantages: will need to spend a lot of time thinking about the concept.


Giveaway is a joint competition from several advertisers on the influencer’s page. This is another option for group advertising, with which you can save a lot. For example, a contest is launched in which a random participant who has subscribed to the accounts of all sponsors will receive a brand new iPhone.

  • Benefits: costs less (a star post can be redeemed for $ 150-300), prizes are more valuable.
  • Disadvantages: a very common advertising method, the prices of which are skyrocketing.

How to calculate the cost of advertising

To get an idea of ​​the approximate price a blogger would want for an ad, pay attention to the number of “hearts” below the posts. This will be the approximate cost of advertising. So, for example, if 20 thousand likes are collected under the posts, then one advertising publication will cost an average of 20 thousand rubles, or about 300 dollars.

But that’s just the cost of placement. You will also need to take into account all additional costs, for example, the cost of a sample product that will be sent to the blogger, and so on.

What can be advertised

Парень в майке и кепке за ноутбуком

Influencer marketing is for everyone. It can be used to promote any brands of b2c and b2b categories. However, the complexity and effectiveness of advertising will vary.

The Instagram audience is already almost a billion users, most of whom represent the segment that marketers love – people aged 22 to 35 years. According to statistics, this is exactly the audience that most often makes purchases via the Internet. Anyone can find their target audience on Instagram, just for someone, for example, experts in the beauty industry, it is easier to do this, but more difficult for others.

The best advertising on Instagram is b2c brands that have something to show in the photo – clothing stores, accessories, cosmetics, photographers, designers, stylists. Serious industrial companies of the b2b category, for example, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, have a harder time. We can say that Instagram is not for them, but if you find expert bloggers, not necessarily with millions of subscribers, then you can consider advertising for almost any business.

How to Measure Campaign Performance

The most significant indicator is payback. We can say that advertising was successful if, 7-14 days after the post was posted, it was possible to earn several times more than it was spent on it.

Pay attention to the growth in the number of subscribers. These are your potential clients in the future. You can even calculate how much each subscriber cost you by dividing the cost of advertising by the number of followers attracted with its help. This data can be compared with the cost of attracting followers from other sources to understand how well the campaign went.

Another important assessment item is engagement. The higher this indicator, the more often your posts in the feed will be seen by other users and the more new subscribers you can attract.

How to avoid mistakes and not waste your budget

The main advantage of bloggers is a “warm” loyal audience. It is important that the bulk of subscribers love the blogger and really listen to his advice. Unfortunately, this picture is not observed in all accounts. Many bloggers resort to all kinds of cheats to create the appearance of an attractive profile for advertising. Marketers also make mistakes by choosing the wrong blogs.

The following short checklist will show you the most important things to do in order not to waste your money:

  • Analyze the profile audience. The account can have a very diverse audience, united only by common interests, with different geography, age, social status. What’s the difference that a blogger has 1 million subscribers if your target audience is only a few thousand there. Sometimes it’s much better to order a post from a local expert than from a star.
  • Check engagement. In a good account, engagement ranges from 8-10%. In other cases, we can talk about cheating and users uninterested in blogger posts.
  • Number of ads. The more ads on a profile, the more tired the audience is and the lower the conversion rate. On Instagram, it is considered optimal to place one advertising post for 4-6 regular ones.
  • Checks for cheating. Before ordering advertising, it is very important to make sure that there are no cheats on your account, unless of course you want to pay for “dead souls”.

In order to carry out all of the above checks, use the trendHERO service. It has all the necessary tools with which you can conduct an in-depth analysis of a blogger’s account and learn more about it than himself?

Traditional marketing tools are gradually becoming obsolete. Advertising from bloggers is a different, non-stereotyped, catchy way of advertising. Influencer marketing seems to give people the opportunity to explore the brand on their own, and bloggers nudge them in the right direction.

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