How much is GOOD social media training

How much is GOOD social media training

There is a book written about how low the entry threshold is into the digital marketing industry, and social media in particular. In this post, I would like to take a look at one of the phenomena that this low threshold entails. It is about social media training, their quality, availability and prices. Unfortunately, I see with horror how the cost of such services, and hence the quality, drops to starvation rates, with which it is even hard to compete.

First, I will present you how it looks from my perspective, that is, a person who has been in the “industry” for 10 years. In the agency or on the client’s side, I can easily find a job for 10 thousand. PLN net per month. Dividing this amount into 160 hours worked, PLN 62.5 / hour of work is obtained. Here, let’s skip the fact that as a business I have to pay income tax and ZUS from these 10,000, i.e. a total of about PLN 3,300. It must not be forgotten that in the cost estimate for the client, my hourly rate as an agency worker is usually three times higher.

Now imagine that I am coming to you for an 8-hour training and you are offering me a similar rate. Is it too much in your opinion?

It is the same as I would earn in a regular job or working for an agency or a specific brand!

Only that there is no trainer who will work month after month trains for at least 100 hours. Even if there are such, you should beware of them like fire (see why you can read below). When I go to a permanent job, I don’t have to fight for it every day, just like I would have to fight for every training. I do not have to prepare and send offers, agree conditions or logistically plan training trips outside the city where I live.

The 8 hours of training consists of:

  • 4 to 12 hours of preparation (training update, market analysis, customer and competition analysis)
  • 2 to 12 hours for commuting, during which I would rather not do anything creative, especially when driving a car
  • 2 to 4 hours for contact with the client in the form of a detailed agenda, conditions, deadline, payment

In total, I allocate from 16 to even 36 hours for such training and I would like the money to be paid for this time because I spend it for you and your company.

About hourly rates Kamil Mirowski also spoke for social media training on his blog. It’s worth reading.

Social media training is a premium service

That’s why you should pay for Lexus, not Multiple. You need me more if you want to increase the results in your company or sell more. I understand that you cannot afford to hire me full-time or an agency that will take care of you for at least a year. This does not mean, however, that for 1/12 of the yearly activities (or less) that you should spend on the development of your company’s communication in social media, you will hire someone who will be a salvation and thus save. Social media training is a bit like getting a tattoo – if you do it cheaply, then you will have to be ashamed of it for a long time and instead of being appreciated, it will make your friends laugh.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I have 10 years of experience in online communication, content creation, community building and social media planning. So why do you want to pay me as much as the self-proclaimed, colorful CEO of a small agency or his friend who has been running customers the size of a grocery store for 3 years where you buy ingredients for dinner? Do you care about quality or price? One thing entails another – there are no cheap and good trainings (unfortunately they are poor and expensive). Just like there are no such cars, laptops or smartphones. Don’t tell me that if you need a ski webcam, you buy a Manta for PLN 300 instead of a GoPro. Even if you do, are you satisfied with the results? If you still answer yes, I will lend you a GoPro for your next trip so you can compare – then the Chinese webcam will soon end up in the trash.

What is the difference between good social media training and others?

Of course, the key role is played by the person running them. It must be characterized by extensive experience supported by specific projects and / or cooperation with clients. Just “being in the industry” for X times is not a credibility of competences. The same goes for speaking at industry conferences (this is a topic for a separate entry), writing articles for social media magazines or … recommendations from other people. The latter probably surprised you a lot, right? I’m already translating. Well, training in the field of online marketing, social media, content marketing, etc. is bought and attended mostly by people who have very little knowledge. They want to educate themselves, gain new qualifications and that is beautiful. He supports them very much. However, most of them are very trusting people, so they do not question what they hear. They also do not usually compare when it comes to regular training with the premium ones. The screaming owner of a social media agency, who is closer to a motivational speaker than a marketing specialist, will make a show where everyone will have fun, make nice slides with a few quotes from famous people and truisms in the style of “Liked brands have a lot of likes”. This is enough to make a good impression.

In the US, during the last presidential election, social media users were asked why they thought the articles were authentic (in fact it was fake news). The answer was simple: “Because they are on Facebook!” Therefore, when someone does training, it does not mean that… 😉

How else can you meet a trainer with knowledge in the field of social media? After he doesn’t squeeze in the form of do-it-style tips, and your brand and business will be successful. Such tips include, among others, ways of using hashtags or hours of publication of content on social networking sites. These things are having a marginal impact on your results right now – in a while I will devote more space to it in Whysosocial and prove this controversial hypothesis. During the training, an experienced person will show you the paths you need to follow in order to achieve real results in a quarter or six months. It’s a bit like helping starving people – instead of sending them food that will end anyway, you have to go to them and learn how to produce it themselves.

There are people in the industry who conduct a lot of training . So much that you may be surprised when they find time to practice, i.e. work with their clients. Unfortunately, training cannot be conducted without it. Well, unless we repeat the guide for business learned by heart from the official website of Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Yes, yes – you often pay for what is two clicks away, and it’s completely free. Without constant practice, it quickly falls out of circulation when it comes to new website functions or algorithms for displaying content and advertisements. Therefore, I would not trust “wholesale trainers” for whom it is one of the main sources of income.

Is Multiple worth buying if you can’t afford a Lexus?

Often, trainings are bought in companies only because they have to be so. To show employees once a year that we care about their development, that the HR lady has something to do, so that the boss has the illusion that she oversees a progressive company. Then, for peace of mind, you buy a Multiple because a car is a car, and we are not going to drive it anyway (we will not use the knowledge from the training in business development). Then I have one request for you – at least buy a new Multipla and do not look for the cheapest one by haggling over the price.

I will conclude specifically. At the outset, I mentioned the agency rate of PLN 62.5 per hour of work. When it comes to training, I set the amount of PLN 200 per hour. In addition to the training itself, I add to this amount the time needed to prepare, logistic costs (travel, accommodation) and several hours of post-training consultations available to participants within the next two or three months after its completion. I do not want to train-forget, but feel that the participants of my training can ask me questions.

I also give individual consultations – here, one hour costs PLN 150. During such a meeting, I discuss the current activities of the company or the celebrity, I help in choosing the concept for the next months, shows the possibilities offered by social networking sites, etc.


What trainings have you participated in so far ? What impressions? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

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