How Shopping Instagram works: the new opportunity to sell

How Shopping Instagram works: the new opportunity to sell

The Instagram Shopping feature has finally arrived in Italy, let’s find out how you can best use it to sell your products through Instagram.

Using it is simple you need a company Instagram profile and a Facebook shop.

With the new Shopping feature you can turn Instagram followers into customers.

Instagram: an important platform for online sales

As the second most popular social networking platform, Instagram has become a valuable channel for marketers to promote their business. It has a very engaged audience that you can connect with and influence through visual content. This is perhaps why 60% of users discover new products through Instagram and 75% of users take action because they were inspired by a post . Retailers now have an extra weapon on Instagram with the launch of Instagram Shopping.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram announced in November 2016 the introduction of Instagram Shopping in the US. A few months ago the functionality was spread to other countries, including Italy.

The idea came after learning that it takes at least a day to complete most purchases. And only 21% of purchases are completed in a day. The new feature was therefore born with the aim of reducing the number of steps required for Instagram users to complete their purchases after discovering the products through the platform .

This feature allows retailers to add product tags to their Instagram posts, so that users can easily learn more about their products through the platform. Just click the button that says “Click to view products”.

This action shows the tags for all products that have been tagged. Each tag displays the product name and price.

Users can then select the tag they prefer to get more product information without even leaving Instagram. If they wish to purchase the product, they simply click the “Buy Now” link which will take them to the page of the relevant product to complete your purchase.

In short, Instagram users can use the platform to discover new products and learn more. If something appeals to them, they can instantly find the information they need without ever leaving the platform. And if they decide to purchase something, they will be directly taken to a relevant page where they can complete the purchase.

What you should know about Instagram Shopping

Here are some more important facts you should know about shoppable Instagram posts:

  • You can currently only add product tags in organic posts. As mentioned above, Instagram plans to monetize the feature by allowing advertisers to pay for and promote the posts. But at the moment, it is not possible to promote these Shopping posts yet.
  • Currently, Instagram Shopping is only available for Instagram business profiles.
  • You can add up to five product tags to each photo. In posts with multiple images, however, you can add up to 20 product tags.
  • You can tag products in your old posts as well.
  • You cannot add product tags to videos, boomerangs and animated GIFs.
  • Only available to resellers who sell physical goods.
  • You must have a product catalog connected to a Business Manager or shop on Facebook. Retailers using BigCommerce or Shopify can use the platform to create a shop on Facebook.

What to do to start using Shopping Instagram

If you want to start driving more sales using Instagram, you should try creating more shoppable posts on the platform. Here’s how you can get started:

The basics
Before you start tagging products on your Instagram posts, you must first complete these basic steps:

Step 1: Update your app

First, you need to have an updated version of the Instagram app to be able to create shoppable posts. Make sure you update it before proceeding with the rest of the steps.

Step 2: Synchronize the function with the Facebook shop

It is necessary to synchronize the product catalog with the Facebook store so that Instagram can access the Facebook product feed. If you are a BigCommerce user, you can use Channel Manager to connect Facebook to the your shop. For Shopify users, the option is available under the “Add Sales Channel” option.

Step 3: Complete Instagram business account authentication

Once done, go to your Instagram business profile and click on the “Options” tab. The app will introduce you to the product and immediately take you to the next step of authenticating your Instagram business account. You will then have the option to choose the product catalog you want to connect with Instagram to create downloadable posts.

How to tag products on Instagram

Now that you’ve got everything set up, you can start tagging shoppable products. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Upload a photo as you would before and add captions and filters as needed
    The Share screen will give you the option to “ Tag products” , which become clickable
  • Click on the product you want to tag in the photo
  • Type the product name in the search bar and select it once it appears
  • Repeat the steps for the other products you want to tag
  • When finished, click “Done” and share the photo.

How to make the most of Instagram Shopping

You now have all the information you need to start setting up your Instagram business account for the purchase feature. It is important to note that many other retailers (even your competitors) will start implementing this new feature. So, if you really want to make your shoppable posts stand out, you can use the following tips:

Tip n. 1: Fix and tag user generated photos

At this point, you are likely familiar with user-generated content. And you probably already know how useful they can be for a business. Olapic also found that seeing a user-generated photo of a particular product would increase the likelihood of buying that product for 56% of consumers.

So you can optimize your strategy by collecting high-quality photos of your products shared by your customers. With their permission, share these images on your Instagram and tag relevant products so other customers can instantly make a purchase.

Tip n. 2: Use Influencer Created Content

You can also drive your influencer marketing campaign forward by collecting photos generated by influencers for your brand. You can then add relevant product tags to get followers to buy your products. Make sure you do this only when you have a deal with the influencer to use their photos.

And now it’s your turn

From the basic requirements of creating an Instagram store to optimizing your shoppable posts, you have all the information you need to get started using this new feature. Are you planning to start using Instagram shopping right away? If so, what’s your first move? Let us know in the comments.

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