This is a question I am often asked during my Instagram trainings: how do I make my Instagram posts clickable to generate traffic to a website?

As the social network is increasingly used by brands and influencers looking to market products & services, it is important to redirect potential customers to a web page outside of Instagram to complete a commercial transaction.

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So what are the different options available to add a clickable link to a post?

1) Add a clickable link on a publication with Instagram Shopping

This is undoubtedly an essential feature for all e-merchants: the possibility of adding one or more clickable link (s) on a publication to redirect to the online store of the business is a great way to make shopping easier for Internet users.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is a tool offered by the social network to identify products on the posts of an account. Here’s how it looks:

  • the mention “Show products” appears at the bottom left of the publication to inform Internet users of the identification of commercial items
  • the list of identified products is then displayed:
  • After clicking on one of them, you will be offered to go to the product’s e-commerce page:

You will have to respect certain conditions and follow very specific steps to be able to use the Instagram Shopping feature on your publications:

  • do you sell physical products?
  • does your business comply with the conditions provided by the social network?
  • have you converted your account to professional profile ?
  • have you synchronized your account with a Facebook page?

Follow the procedure provided by Instagram to try to take advantage of this functionality.

2) Add a call to action in your post to encourage clicking on the link of the biography 2>

If there are multiple reasons you can’t take advantage of Instagram Shopping for your business, you can still generate traffic with a post. However, you will need to be a little more cunning.

To make an Instagram post clickable, you will need:

  1. add a call to action in your post caption
  2. edit link in your bio
  3. use a link shortener to see the number of clicks
  4. use a Linktree type tool to display on a single page multiple links that you have promoted on your account

Here is an example below:

To go further:

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