How to add a link to your Instagram Story

How to add a link to your Instagram Story

Surely, you have heard or seen the phrase “swipe up …” more than once, which means that this Story has a link to the site, you just have to “tap” on the picture. There is no way to add an active link in the Instagram news feed. But there is such a function in Stories. And this is the only (apart from the links in the profile) opportunity to get traffic from Instagram.

In this article, I’ll show you 2 ways to add a link to Stories. The first is paid, the second is free, but not available to everyone. Only for those who have +10,000 subscribers.

Paid method. Advertising.

It’s about advertising. The more often you run ads, the better you will understand the tools of the Facebook ad cabinet. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most important aspects when launching a campaign.

If you are new to running ads, I would advise you to decide on the format of your ad first. And it can be in the form of a ring gallery, one image or one video. It is best to start with one image. But it should be of high quality, with a clear message to the audience. It should be a vertical photo with a 9:16 aspect ratio. If you add an image with different parameters, you can crop it by clicking on the corresponding button.

Sometimes it’s worth adding text and even a call to action (swipe up), while testing in Stories how it will look in advance. When you have visual materials ready, then you can start creating an advertising campaign in your Facebook account.

Any advertising campaign should have a goal. If your case is “add a link to a site in History”, then in the language of Facebook it sounds like “ traffic “. That is, the goal of your promotion is to get leads.

After you click “Create Campaign” in the ad account, your next step in choosing your main goal is to check the box next to “Traffic”. This traffic must be redirected somewhere. Facebook will offer you 4 options to choose from:

  • site (this is your case. Choose this position and specify the address to redirect traffic)
  • application
  • messenger
  • WhatsApp

2. Audience. This is a pretty deep topic and should be highlighted in a separate article. But now I am superficially considering all the important aspects, so I will only say that it is important to accurately indicate the return, gender, geography and interests of your target audience.

3. Advertising placement or placement. A very important point. Facebook will offer you automatic posting. But it doesn’t suit you. Because you have clearly decided on the placement in the Stories. Therefore, feel free to click “edit placements” and in the tab that opens, uncheck the boxes in front of all sections, except for Stories on Instagram.

4. Then set a budget and move on to the final stage – the visual design , which I wrote about at the very beginning. If you obeyed me and started from this stage, then at the moment all that remains for you is to upload a photo, put a link to the site. And send your ad for moderation. A notification about the start of impressions will be sent to the mail linked to the advertising account.

In words, everything sounds simple. When you start doing this yourself, you will have a lot of questions. Most likely you will want to understand this topic. In the meantime, I will prepare for you step-by-step instructions on setting up advertising on Instagram. Stay tuned for updates so you don’t miss out on important points.

Free method. But not for everyone.

Not for everyone, because you need to have at least +10,000 subscribers. If your account is one of those, then you will have an icon with a hyperlink at the top of your Stories. By clicking on which, you can add an address to go to the site or provide a link to your publication. And also a link to download the application.

How this function can be used:

  • you can invite advertisers to advertise with you
  • drive additional traffic to your site or any other site

If you don’t have 10,000 followers yet, here’s your motivation to collect them. Happy promotion!

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