How to add a photo to Instagram from a computer and phone

How to add a photo to Instagram from a computer and phone

Posting a picture from your smartphone to Instagram is easy enough. Most users know how to do this. At the same time, not everyone understands how to add a photo to Instagram from a laptop or PC. Today we will consider both publishing options.

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How to post a photo on Instagram from a computer

If you open the computer version of the site, it becomes clear that it is only allowed to like and view publications through it. There is no functionality for uploading photos. But there are ways to upload images to Instagram from your computer.

Manual way to display photos through the mobile version of the site

First, let’s look at how to upload photos to Instagram without programs. To publish pictures manually, you must first upload them to your hard drive. Then you need to open the Instagram website in any browser, log in to your profile and go to the mobile version of the web resource. To do this:

  1. Right-click and select “View Element Code” or simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + I, or the F12 hotkey.
  2. In the developer console that appears, you need to choose to change the device type (an icon in the form of a smartphone) or press Ctrl + Shift + M. переключение на мобильную версию сайта
  3. A button will appear at the bottom of the page, like on a mobile, to upload a photo.

Publishing Content Using a Chrome Extension

The user can install a special extension on his PC that allows him to see the mobile version of Instagram. After installing it, it remains to indicate the type of device in the menu (choose between iOS or Android). You can now visit The mobile version will open, where there is an option to upload photos.

If we compare the mobile version with the application for a smartphone, it becomes clear that the functionality of the former is somewhat curtailed. You can add photos to Instagram, but only pre-processed through third-party editors, since the mobile version does not have options such as:

  • simultaneous publication of several images;
  • location tracking;
  • photo editing;
  • filters.

Despite its limited capabilities, this method is quite effective. It is much more convenient to add a publication from a computer than to transfer the file to the phone first, and then upload the image to the site through the application.

Posting to Instragram via Bluestacks

The account owner will have to install one of several options for emulator applications for this purpose. Most often, to upload photos, they use the Bluestacks program. The application displays an analogue of the mobile version on the computer. The emulator allows you to install and use a social network on a computer, just like on a smartphone. To do this, perform several steps in turn:

  1. Go to and download the program. bluestacks
  2. Start the emulator.
  3. They switch to their Google account (or create a new one).
  4. Find an Instagram program in the Play Store.
  5. Download and run the application.
  6. Sign in to an existing account or create a new one.
  7. Select the desired photo and drag and drop this image into the emulator window (Bluestacks will ask you where to send the photo).

After these manipulations, the user only needs to process the photo, make a signature to it and publish the post. The difference is that on a smartphone, images are laid out in a tape (several at a time), and from a computer, frames are published one by one.

Publishing images via Gramblr


You can add a photo to Instagram through the Gramblr application. This program is specially designed to upload pictures through your computer. You can download Gramblr at You just need to choose the appropriate option for Windows or Mac. Then follow this algorithm:

  1. Select the desired photo and drag it into the Gramblr window following the instructions of the program.
  2. Edit your photo.
  3. Add a description.
  4. Click on the “Submit” button.

After that, the processed picture will appear in the profile.

Deferred posting method

The publication of a photo can be postponed until a certain hour by using delayed posting. To do this, you need to use the “Load at another time” option. The program only works online, so the computer will have to be left on.

To post a photo on certain days and hours, you need to connect your account and set the desired time. Publications can be scheduled up to a month in advance. Some of these sites have their own image editors.

You need to be careful, if you use mass-following or mass-following, then using these services to publish posts may cause unwanted interest from the Instagram administration.

Posting a photo to Instagram on your Windows 10 PC

To publish content on Instagram from a computer in this way, you need to have a Windows 10 PC with Microsoft’s Marketplace. In it, you need to find the Instagram application. Download it and install it. After that, run and log in to your account. Click on the plus sign and add the photos you want. Then process them, add a description, hashtags and geolocation and share the post.

How to add multiple photos to Instagram from a computer

You can upload several photos at once to your Instagram account from your computer through online services that are designed for auto-posting. The most popular is


Algorithm of actions:

  • Go to the site and register;
  • Link Instagram account;
  • Click on the “Autoposting” button;
  • Select the “Add gallery” option, then find suitable photos among the files on your PC;
  • Edit the description, specify the location, set the publication date, and click the “Publish” button.

How to upload photos to Instagram from your phone

Before you can start downloading content from your smartphone, you need to install the Instagram app if you don’t already have one. It is one of the most popular, so it is easy to find it in the AppStore and Play Store.

Download and install the application

After Instagram is found in the app store, it remains to click the “Download” button. In a few seconds, this application will be installed on your phone. There is one small condition, the device must have the necessary free memory, otherwise the download will be suspended.


регистрация в инстаграм

Registration on Instagram takes a few minutes. The procedure is standard and does not require any special skills, knowledge and skills from the user. In a special window you need to enter a phone number and a password. The code that comes to the phone will be loaded automatically. After you log in to your profile, you can start designing it.

Photo selection

To publish, the program must have access to the repository with photos and videos. To select a photo you need to go into the application, find the “plus sign” at the bottom of the page and click on it. After that, the user must open the folder containing the necessary pictures. When a tile with a photo from a folder appears on the screen, it remains to select one or more images to upload them to a profile. After that, you need to click on the “Next” button. You will be transferred to the editor, where you can process the pictures. After adding the desired effects, all you have to do is click the “Share” button.

загрузка фото в инстаграм с телефона

You can also post photos on a social network through the smartphone’s photo catalog. Owners of phones based on Android can send pictures through the “Galleries” menu. To do this, you need to open the “Gallery”, select a photo for publication and press the “Share” line. In the list of proposed programs, select Instagram.

Instagram has rules to follow, namely:

  • It will not be possible to upload more than 10 images at once.
  • Square or vertically oriented images are suitable for social media.
  • It is not recommended to upload video files and pictures at the same time.


Instagram provides the ability to process and adjust photos. You can crop the frame, change the color, add text, make a collage. Filters allow you to change the sharpness, add contrast. To make adjustments, you need to select one of the buttons:

  1. Filter.
  2. Edit.

Necessary actions in the application are indicated by graphic icons, which are marked with a certain inscription:

  • align;
  • brightness;
  • contrast;
  • details;
  • warm;
  • saturation;
  • burnout;
  • color;
  • shadows;
  • sharpness.

This is not a complete list of options offered by the application. Remember that you can edit pictures and videos not only through Instagram. You can use, for example, the InShot program. After finishing processing the photo in the editor, the program itself will offer to “Save” and “Share” the image in any social network to choose from. It remains only to choose Instagram from the list.

Text Description

The textual description plays an important role. In the line “Enter a signature” under the photo, bloggers enter small texts in which they express emotions, feelings, their attitude to a certain situation and what is shown in the photo. Online store owners use descriptions to advertise their products. It is better to write such texts in advance.

If the text is used to simply explain the content of the picture, it can be concise. Picture captions can be entered in any of the languages ​​installed on the smartphone keyboard.

Geotags, hashtags, friend tags

In order for the photo to be seen by as many people as possible, hashtags are used in the caption to the picture. The # tag icon is placed immediately before the signature text. Further text should be as concise as possible. Keywords are written together, without a space (for example, #koshkindom or #koshkindom). The hashtag makes it easier to find images, posts made by users on a specific topic.

If the photo contains friends who have Instagram profiles, you can mark them. To do this, you need to click the “Mark people” button, after which a full-size photo will pop up on the screen. In certain places, you need to touch the image, and indicate the name or nickname of a certain user. It is enough to type a few letters, and the application will offer a list of friends who have these characters in their name. All that remains is to choose the person you need from a miniature photo from the profile. This will allow you to go to the profiles of the marked people when viewing the photo. The function is very actively used for mutual likes.

отметки друзей на фото

In order to make it clear where exactly the photo was taken, you can put a geotag. To do this, just click the “Add location” button. The name of the settlement is typed in manually. If geolocation is enabled on your smartphone, the app will download the account owner’s location automatically.

If there is a geotag, then you can see the location on the map. To do this, click on the blue icon, which looks like an inverted drop of water. The site will automatically open the map.

Tips and tricks

Posts go down the feed very quickly. The more subscribers each of your friends has, the less chances that new photos will be noticed. To increase the number of views, it is recommended to publish content in the morning from 9-00 to 10-00, then in the afternoon and in the evening after 19-00. This is the time when the app has the highest traffic.

For mini-blogs, a selection of photos is done in a single color scheme. Captions on pictures must be in the same font and size. When a photo reportage is made at an event, it is beneficial to upload all the images in one post (up to 10 pieces).

Previously, only square photos can be uploaded to the site. Now, in order to fill vertical or horizontal pictures and they are not cropped, you need to press the icon ” “. Then adjust the size of the image, click the “Next” button and go back to the editing section.

It is better to edit a photo for Instagram in advance, like a video. Publications made hastily in this social network are not of particular interest. Instagram has established itself as a platform for quality content from the very beginning. Of course, if a user has a narrow circle of subscribers in his friends, consisting of relatives and friends, then hiring a professional photographer is not logical.

But any snapshot or picture can be improved. To improve the quality of the image, you can use any graphics editor. Built-in tools can also be used. To do this, go to “Advanced Settings” and select the “Use High Quality Processing” option.

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