How to add a story to Instagram

How to add a story to Instagram

Since time immemorial, people, gathering around the fire, shared different stories with each other. Today, the “meeting place” has moved to social networks, but the popularity of storytelling has remained the same. Yes, Instagram Stories can rightfully be considered the hottest marketing trend of the last few years.

The statistics speaks for itself: today, over 500 million people watch stories on the popular social network. Brands also decided not to graze the back ones and began to use Stories as a tool to promote their values ​​and philosophy, because millennials more readily trust bright 15-second videos than large-scale ad units on TV.

So, we have prepared a complete guide for those who want to learn how to add a story to Instagram, and what exactly needs to be posted to attract the attention of the audience.

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Photo and video modes in Instagram Stories

Still thinking that Stories are only for photos and short videos? No matter how it is! Here you can share your thoughts, conduct polls, ask for the opinion of followers and shoot several videos in a row.

The Instagram camera has several modes, and we will tell you about the features of each of them in more detail.

Boomerang. These are short, looping videos made up of a series of snapshots. The frames taken one after another are played from beginning to end and in reverse order. Now the popularity of boomerangs is gradually fading away, but some users still like to come up with new ideas and create dynamic videos using this feature.


Superzoom . Want to feel like a drama queen or a TV show star? Then try this cool option. Superzoom can be used to create spectacular 3-second videos with unusual animations. Now there are 10 modes available in the application (“Drama”, “Fire”, “Sadness”, “TV Show”, “Hearts”, “Beat”, “Paparazzi”, “Surprise”, “No”, “Pendulum”).

Level . New feature to help you frame the perfect shot. Appeared as a result of the latest Instagram update.

Multiple sources . You can take several shots in a row at once.

Reverse shooting . The mode was created for those who constantly strive to diversify the content. Using it, you can shoot video in reverse.

Hands free . The function allows you to shoot video without pressing a button. The length of the video is 15 seconds.

Text . This option allows you to share your thoughts in text format. Several font options are now available: modern, neon, typewriter, bold. You can also change the background color, add GIFs, stickers, a question form and a dedicated multiple-choice window.


Live broadcast . Allows you to broadcast stories in real time, chat with subscribers and receive instant feedback. All followers who are currently online will receive a notification about the start of the broadcast. Once the broadcast ends, the video can be shared to Instagram.

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Photo and video format requirements

Photo format requirements:

  • image size – 1080 x 1920 pixels:
  • ideal aspect ratio is 9:16;
  • photo format – JPG or PNG;
  • the maximum size is 30 MB;

One minute of useful information: according to Social Media Week, almost 70% of users watch stories without sound. This is why it is so important to generate informative content. Even if you are posting a video, try to briefly summarize the main theme of the video, so that the audience can decide for themselves whether to turn up the volume.

Video format requirements:

  • video size – 1080 x 1920 pixels;
  • format – MP4, MOV, GIF;
  • the maximum file size is 4 GB;
  • minimum width – 500 px;
  • minimum resolution – 720p.

Here are some more features insta-stories:

  • history disappears after 24 hours;
  • the most interesting stories can be saved to Highlights forever;
  • there are no limits on the number of stories per day;
  • the duration of one story is 15 seconds.

How to add an Instagram story

Want to share a new story with your followers? We will tell you how to do it quickly and conveniently.

Via mobile application

Top left in the general feed of subscriptions is your avatar with a plus sign – these are Stories. In this separate section, you can post photos and videos in length of 15 seconds, creating them directly in the application. You can edit stories, write short texts, add filters and gifs, attach active links, and so on.

If you want to add a story from your phone, go to the Instagram app and swipe the screen to the right.

In the next step, you can either take a new photo by clicking on the white circle, or upload Instagram Stories from your own media library.

Also in stories, you can turn on the flash, select a mask, or set up a selfie mode.


Adding stories from gallery

You can add any photo or video from your library. To do this, just follow a simple instruction:

  • open the Instagram app and Stories post mode by swiping to the right (or click on the “+” button in the upper left corner);
  • then swipe up to open the gallery;
  • select a photo or video;
  • to post a post, click “Your Story”.

Both photos and videos in Stories provide ample opportunities for design. Swipes to the left and to the right allow you to choose the most suitable filter, and the icons in the upper right corner make it possible to add various “features”: links, stickers, gifs, text, and so on.


Writing a new story

  • go to your profile, click on the “+” icon located at the top of the screen, and select “History” (or you can go to the general feed and swipe from left to right);
  • to change the camera to the front one, double-click on the middle of the screen;
  • then click on the round button (at the bottom of the screen) and take a photo;
  • to take a video, hold it for 15 seconds;
  • then click “Your Story”, “Close Friends” or “Recipients”;
  • to delete history, click on the cross.


How to add an Instagram story from your computer

To use the full version of Instagram on your computer, you need to install the BlueStacks emulator. This is a virtual machine running Android:

  • go to;
  • click “Download” and run the downloaded file;
  • click Install Now;
  • wait until the files are unzipped and add Google mail;
  • click “use”.

Then download Instagram and enter your details. The process of adding stories is the same as on the phone.

Also, you can add a story using the postponed posting service – SMMplanner . An indisputable plus of the application is that you can use it to schedule content several weeks in advance.

It’s very simple:

  • go to the SMMplanner website and register;
  • switch to “Posts / Create post” mode;
  • now select “Schedule Post” and “Photo / Video” and then search on your computer for the content you plan to publish (one slide equals one scheduled story);
  • запланировать

  • after downloading the content, set the required posting time (you can set the time “right now”, or you can postpone the posting for at least a month);
  • время

  • be sure to check the box next to “Publish as stories”. Otherwise, the post will end up in the feed;
  • опубликовать в сторис

  • then click the “Ok” button.

How to add multiple stories in a row

If you want to add multiple stories in a row from the gallery, then:

  • click on the “+” icon and select “History”;
  • swipe up to open the library;
  • click on the special “select multiple” icon and mark the desired pictures (or videos);
  • then click Next;
  • in this window you can add filters, gifs or text to any of the images;
  • Click Next again and select Share.

Adding a new story is easy enough. There are two ways:

  • click on the camera icon in the upper right corner of the Instagram screen;
  • click on your own profile picture and hold your finger until “Add your story” appears.

Stories decoration

For three minutes, a follower observes a stream, consisting of an average of 12-22 stories. The question is brewing: how to stand out from the crowd and learn how to create really interesting content?

Human memory can be compared to a filter. We automatically filter out boring and trivial fragments, but focus on what can lead us to emotion. It is for this reason that your stories should be bright, informative, and aesthetically pleasing. What is needed for this? A little imagination and the possibility of Instagram. What?


Short videos are a good tool to help build audience loyalty. Show your followers behind the scenes: backstages from filming, favorite places, hobbies, daily routine or excerpts from performances. Get closer to users and they will definitely reach out to you.

Try to keep the same style using the same filters. Firstly, it is stylish, and secondly, this way you can stand out from the rest.


Filters help images to look coherent and harmonious, standing out in a huge stream of content. The same color grading, brightness, contrast, exposure and saturation allow you to achieve unity and not turn the story into confusion. We recommend that you select several filters and use them constantly.


Stickers & GIFs

Stickers and GIFs work great as hints or calls to action. For example, you can ask people to like a post, follow a link, or swipe. Just do not overuse “flashy” symbols, otherwise you risk causing a wave of irritation among followers. The abundance of stickers is confusing and distracting from the main information, so you need to know when to stop in everything.

You can stand out with your own gifs. All GIFs that Instagram offers belong to the Giphy service. You can upload your own set of stickers, emojis, letterings there. Cool, isn’t it?



Masks is an idea that Instagram developers borrowed from Snapchat. True, this does not negate the fact that the masks organically fit into the concept of the social network and caused a storm of delight among users. With the help of masks, you can add an unusual background or change your face beyond recognition.

By the way, recently on our website there was an article about the most popular masks that we managed to find on Instagram. Here is a detailed guide on where to catch them and how to add them to your gallery.


Hashtags & geos

By hashtags, users can go to your Stories through a search and even become subscribers in the future. Hashtags also influence who the algorithms of the social network will recommend your posts to.

You can connect a creative and come up with your own tag that followers will write when mentioning a brand.

And geotags are very useful for those users whose business is assigned to a specific location. This will help you narrow your target audience and bring in potential customers. By the way, some establishments practice a very cool idea – they give discounts to everyone who checked in with them and posted a story with a mark.


Communication with the audience is the surest way to success. Do you want to know more about your subscribers or ask their opinion? Then periodically arrange small polls in Stories.



This is a great chance to find out a lot of useful information from subscribers. Ask a question about the hobbies of the audience, ask users for advice or invite them to understand a specific topic. From followers – ideas, and from you – expert opinion.



Only verified accounts or users whose page has more than 10,000 subscribers can insert links into stories. This is the most convenient way to turn followers into potential buyers and significantly increase conversions.

A direct link to the product or store appears at the bottom of the story, and the subscriber only needs to “swipe” to start placing an order. It’s very simple!

What to post to Stories

So, we figured out the design. It remains to answer the most unfortunate question: what should be published in Stories so as not to clutter up the information space in vain? We’ve compiled a selection of cool and relevant ideas, so stop puzzling and start testing new formats.

  • Backstages. People love to watch what goes on behind the scenes. If you post perfect images to your feed, then stories are made for live content. For example, the Moscow restaurant “Kvartira 44” pleases its audience with “mouth-watering” pictures taken with a professional camera. But in the story, the SMM-specialists spread the process of creating future masterpieces.
  • текст4

  • Customer testimonials. Testimonials are a great opportunity to demonstrate your audience’s level of trust. If you receive a notification that a follower has mentioned your page in the story, do not forget to share its content. By the way, you can create a separate folder (Highlights) with subscriber responses.
  • Tips, life hacks, links. Leave links to collections, share life hacks with the audience or post easy recipes. Stories is a huge platform for realizing potential. So why not take advantage of the power of a social network? For example, blogger Valeria Chekalina shoots small tutorials on makeup for users. How can you replace eyebrow shadows, which highlighter to use and why you need a bronzer – Valeria fits all these tips in 15-second videos.
  • текст5

  • Instructions. Visually demonstrate to your followers how your product can be used. Write down the standard steps, but present the information in an interesting and accessible way.
  • Games. Want to stir up your audience and get subscribers to stay on your stories for a long time? Arrange games, throw logic riddles, puzzles, quests and so on to users. In short, let your imagination run wild. For example, you can come up with a script and place “buttons” anywhere on the right side of the screen. This way users will just flip through the stories, but they will have the feeling of the game.
  • текст6

  • Memories. If your fantasy has faded and no good content is expected in the near future, share your memories (yes, 15 seconds of nostalgia won’t hurt anyone). To do this, go to the archive and scroll down. Posts that you posted on the same date as today will be displayed here.
  • Announcements and news. The birthday of the company, an exclusive event, discounts, change of address, collapse of prices, launch of a steep course, and so on are reasons that need to be shared in Stories. Nowadays, not everyone monitors the feed, so it is better to duplicate important events.


How to make pinned stories

There are several ways how to make pinned stories.

Add a story first. After publishing, open it and click the heart icon that says “Select”. Confirm that you want to add the story to an existing selection of highlights or create a new Highlight.


Also, you can add a story from the main page by clicking on the big plus. A gallery of previously published stories will open in front of you. Select the ones you want to add to the selection, come up with a name for the Highlights and click “Finish”.


The album cover will be set automatically, but you can change it by selecting “Edit Cover”.

Want to know everything about Highlights and even a little more? Then read our article.

Tips and tricks

Some cool life hacks to help you improve the quality of your content:

  • Don’t shoot with an app. It has long been known that Instagram eats up quality, so you’d better use the standard photo and video function on your phone. Another plus of the life hack is a wide range of editing tools.
  • Shoot vertically. No one wants to flip their smartphone over to see a horizontal story. Most likely, users will simply flip through it, so do not overuse this format. Learn to shoot vertically and adjust content to suit the needs and comfort of your audience.
  • Dynamic visuals. A person will quickly lose interest in a monotonous picture, so rely on dynamics. Experiment constantly with formats, camera angles and shooting methods.
  • Semantic message. A beautiful picture is, of course, good, but do not forget to share your impressions, thoughts and feelings with subscribers. For example, talk about how you had a delicious breakfast in a new place, or how you went to see a cool movie.
  • The presence of the author. Step out of your comfort zone and personalize your content. Talk to the camera, show your face and let your followers know a little more about you.
  • Think of the script. Imagine Stories is your mini-series with a gripping storyline, character-driven characters and unexpected twists. You won’t surprise anyone with banal photos without depth and details, but with meaningful stories with a cool message – quite.
  • Do not forget about text accompaniment. We have already mentioned above that about 70% of users prefer to watch stories without sound, so we recommend not neglecting captions to stories. Use short sentences without “water”, avoid bulky paragraphs, fill in empty areas, and choose clear fonts.
  • Create neon emoji. Open Text mode and select a neon font, then insert any emoji.

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Stories is a huge space for the implementation of creative ideas. In 15 seconds, you can advertise a new product, tell customers about the promotion, attract new followers and share a funny story. Experiment, add gifs, use filters, come up with hashtags and don’t let your subscribers get bored!

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