How to add a video to Instagram

How to add a video to Instagram

Videos have literally taken over Instagram. Yes, beautiful photos have faded into the background, and the palm has moved to “live” content that can significantly increase coverage. Bright videos are posted by everyone – from culinary blogs to entertainment accounts.

If you still don’t use video to promote your profile, then it’s time to set foot on the trend trail and start a new format! However, do not think that everything is so easy and simple. In today’s article, we will tell you how to add a video to Instagram, as well as sort out the possible difficulties in creating videos.

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Pros and cons of video content

The consumption of videos on Instagram is growing every year, and quite recently the developers of the popular social network introduced the world to a new application – IGTV, which has advanced features that will be appreciated by both influencers and commercial pages.

Therefore, we suggest not to hesitate and deal with the pluses of video content:

  • videos give you more information in less time;
  • visual images are more easily perceived by our consciousness;
  • users are more likely to trust live reviews than text messages;
  • using the video, you can demonstrate your product in more detail;
  • video posts get more likes and saves;
  • videos allow you to diversify content and stir up your audience.

Now let’s add a fly in the ointment and move on to the cons :

  • Instagram is eating up video quality, so you have to get confused;
  • before you start filming, you need to turn on your imagination and think over the plot, details and message of your video;
  • the video should be useful for the audience (alas, you won’t surprise anyone with an empty visual without an interesting plot);
  • to upload a video, you must select the appropriate format.


How to upload a video to Instagram

Via mobile application

In order to upload a video to Instagram, you must go to your page and adhere to the following algorithm:

  • Tap the “+” sign at the bottom of the screen.
  • To shoot a video, switch to the “Video” tab and hold the button in the middle.
  • If the video is in the gallery, click Recent, select the album and the video you want.
  • Then click the “Next” button (you will automatically go to the editing window).
  • загрузка видео этапы

  • Here you can choose a filter or make the video shorter by going to the appropriate section.
  • To turn off the audio, click on the icon at the top of the screen.
  • In the “Cover” tab, select the frame that will lead your video and click “Next” again.
  • In the next window, you can add a description, specify geolocation, mark users and add a post to another social network.
  • редактирование

How to post a video to Instagram from your computer

One of the easiest ways is to download the free Gramblr program:

  • download the software from the official site and install it on your computer;
  • софт

  • run the program and in a special form, enter your Instagram account data, click “Log in”;
  • запустите приложение

  • select the desired video and drag the video to the application window;
  • after uploading the video, you can select the video size, cover photo, then add text to the video;
  • окно загрузки

  • Finish posting.

The main advantage of Gramblr is the ability to choose the publication time.

Another option is the Bluestacks service, which is an emulator of the Android operating system. The program interface will completely coincide with the Instagram interface on a mobile device, so with Bluestacks you can easily publish videos or photos in the usual way.

Video format requirements

If you shoot video using professional equipment, then you must take into account the requirements of the social network.

For feed

  • original format – 1.91: 1 to 4: 5;
  • video file extension – MOV, MP4 or GIF;
  • video orientation – horizontal or vertical;
  • file size is over 1.75 GB but not more than 4 GB;
  • minimum resolution – 600 * 315 pixels (1.91: 1 landscape), 600 * 600 (1: 1 square), 600 * 750 (vertical 4: 5);
  • video duration is 1-60 seconds.

For Stories

  • original format – 9:16 (only vertical video format);
  • video file extension – MOV, MP4 or GIF;
  • video orientation – vertical, horizontal cropped;
  • file size – the maximum movie size must not exceed 4 GB;
  • minimum resolution is 720 pixels;
  • video duration is 1-15 seconds.


  • original format – 16: 9 to 4: 5;
  • video file extension – MP4;
  • video orientation – vertical, horizontal orientation is not allowed;
  • file size – maximum video size under 10 minutes is 650 MB (maximum video size under 60 minutes is 3.6 GB);
  • minimum resolution – 720 pixels;
  • video duration – 15-10 minutes (video, which lasts 60 minutes, can be uploaded via the web version only to accounts with a large number of followers who have passed verification);
  • cover photo – the recommended size for cover photo is 420 * 654 pixels (after the video is published, it will be impossible to edit the cover).

формат видео

Video design

Some cool apps to help you create a memorable video:

  • Hyperlapse. The program is designed for active iPhone and iPad users. The main advantage of the application is that it is absolutely free. With Hyperlapse, you can edit videos quickly and easily. There is a similar application for Android called Framelapse.
  • Splice. A powerful tool that allows you to speed up or slow down recordings, crop videos or make transitions.
  • iMove. A great app for lovers of Apple products. With this program, you can view and post videos, create original trailers and even movies. The main disadvantage is that you will have to work hard to understand the intricacies of iMove.
  • InShot. Here you can edit not only the video, but also the photo. The functionality of the application is quite wide, so with its help you can combine videos, resize files, use filters, apply effects and musical accompaniment. The disadvantages include only an abundance of advertising, but these are trifles.



Alas, there are often problems when uploading videos to Instagram. Below are the most common problems and how to fix them.

Video does not load

The main reason is a poor internet connection. Find a Wi-Fi hotspot with a good connection or change your mobile operator to download the video without interruptions.

There may also be a problem with the format of the movie. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t fully support the new FLV and WEBM extensions yet. Before you start publishing your video, convert the file to MOV or MP4. However, its size should not exceed 128 GB.

Outdated Instagram is another possible reason. Everything is simple here: go to the App Store or Google Play and update the software.

If even this did not help and the video still does not load, there is only one option – to reset the phone settings to “factory settings” after creating a backup copy of the content.

Poor video quality

It is probably no secret to anyone that Instagram significantly “eats up” the quality of video content. This can happen for the following reasons :

  • the social network compresses the video to the most optimal size to avoid excessive server load;
  • the default format is changed to MOV so that users can watch the video even on a phone with a weak processor;
  • the user has an old version of Instagram installed, which automatically degrades the quality when posting.

The solution to the problem is to follow the application updates. For example, Live mode avoids reformatting, so the quality remains the same.

Unable to repost

Instagram does not have a built-in function that allows you to repost your favorite video to the feed, so you have to use third-party services. The most popular are Regrann and Repost for Instagram. In order to make a repost, you need to go through the identification in the social network, find the necessary video and click “Share”.

Video from computer is not added

Initially, Instagram was intended only for mobile devices, but now developers are actively implementing the web version. True, the functionality of the application in the latter is significantly limited. For example, you cannot post a photo or video from a computer.

Deferred posting services will help upload videos to Instagram. When choosing a program, first of all pay attention to the support for video publishing.

Instagram video ideas

Almost every user who has ever thought about creating “live” content has a question: what should be filmed to attract the attention of the audience? We invite you to get inspired and check out our selection of ideas.

Reputation videos

  • Record interviews with employees, customers, managers, or guests. But please, immediately exclude commonplace questions – this is unlikely to keep the audience’s interest.
  • Shoot video testimonials from satisfied customers. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone – increase audience loyalty and diversify content. Take ice cream makers Ben and Jerry’s as an example.
  • отзыв

  • Someone’s behavior makes you really indignant? Then comment on the situation, because you cannot stay away from pressing problems. No, this is not about HYIP, but about communication.
  • Share social videos. For example, show how you feel about environmental issues. Tell your followers about sorting trash or the need to cut plastic.

Product Videos

  • Record a video tutorial on how to use the product. Keep it simple and straightforward, so avoid fancy terms. A great example is the tutorial on how to install the “Wilo Stratos PICO” circulation pump. It turns out that complex things can be explained very easily.
  • инструкция

  • Review a new product. Why write about a backpack with a laptop compartment and a comfortable handle when you can clearly demonstrate this?
  • загрузка видео этапы0

  • Organize a subscriber workshop or show how your product is used.


Here you can give free rein to your imagination and choose the most suitable version of the theme of the video. For example, show your followers your workspace or take a trip around the house (this format will work for big influencers).

Commercial pages can show behind the scenes too. Customers are interested in live content, so be sure to cover what your employees do while on or off the job.

Entertainment videos

It’s time to add some creativity:

  • make parodies with your colleagues;
  • make a video of a social survey or experiment;
  • загрузка видео этапы1

  • leave a video review for an interesting movie or book;
  • unpack your purchases;
  • play your product in an unusual way in video animation.
  • загрузка видео этапы2

Tips and tricks

Want to create some really cool stuff? Then take advantage of our tips :

  • Work on the idea. No one will watch the same type of videos with an ordinary message, so when creating content you need to be creative. If you decide to shoot an interview, then work on interesting questions. Also diversify the feed with backstages, sketches, master classes and tutorials.
  • Choose a cover. It all starts with a cover, which means it needs special attention. The picture must be of high quality and effective.
  • Take care of the music. Music videos have been proven to get a lot more likes and reactions. However, when choosing a composition, one important nuance must be taken into account: you can use only those tracks that are licensed for commercial use.
  • Video for advertising. If you decide to shoot a video for paid promotion, then remember that such videos are subject to mandatory verification for the amount of text. The more words, the less coverage. The allowed rate is 20% text content.
  • Create a video call to action. So, you only have a minute (or 15 seconds) to engage your subscriber. What to do? Include call-to-action in your video. Phrases from the category are suitable: “leave a comment under the post”, “subscribe to @”, “get a discount using a promo code”, “visit our website” and so on.
  • Use the right accents. If you are shooting a video for a brand, make the product the main character of the video.
  • Let your users peek behind the scenes. Shoot interesting and engaging backstages so customers can learn something special about your business. Show your ideas and values.
  • Keep track of your posting frequency. The key to success is regularity, so don’t be afraid to post content daily.
  • Tell stories. Create videos that let your followers feel like they’re right next to you. Capture trips, morning workouts, shopping reactions, and share your funny moments with your audience.

загрузка видео этапы3


Keep in mind that a beautiful video is only half the battle, so it’s important to complement it with creative text and appropriate hashtags. We hope our recommendations will help you create quality video content. We wish you success!

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