How to add music to Instagram

How to add music to Instagram

Back in June 2018, Instagram allowed adding music to stories, but such a luxury, alas, is not available to everyone, therefore, especially resourceful ones are constantly inventing new ways.

Either they will record it on a dictaphone, then the video will be filmed and the track will be slowed down so as not to be banned (however, the sound quality suffers greatly), but we have in mind several more affordable options. In this article, you will learn how to safely add music to Instagram via the official app and third-party services.

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How to add music to Instagram Stories

Via the official app

If you are among the lucky ones in whose region the new feature is working, then congratulations. To add a soundtrack to the story, you just need to select the “Music” sticker. The library is searchable by artist, genre and popularity. You can also preview the song and rewind the track to the desired part.

музыка в сторис

Via third party services

A selection of useful apps that work on both Android and iOS:

  • Storybeat. You can add not only music, but also filters on photos and videos. Inside is a library from Spotify. Additional “goodies”: the ability to record a voice or any other sound, create a slideshow using music, turn a photo into a video with a boomerang effect.
  • InShot. Allows you to add music from the library, as well as extract tracks from videos, adjust volume and attenuation, synchronize audio and video.
  • VivaVideo. Camera and editor in one bottle. Helps to create slideshows with photos and music, posts with animation and art collages. By the way, with VivaVideo you can easily retouch a portrait: remove bruises under the eyes or enlarge your lips.
  • PicMusic. Another free tool in our collection that allows you to add music or your own voice to a photo / video. Here you can also add stickers, create collages, change the background and fonts, and edit the melody.
  • SlideLab. Allows you to add any song from the music library to a track in a couple of clicks. However, there is also a downside: if you want to remove the SlideLab branding, you will have to subscribe to a paid subscription.

Via graphic editor

After Effects is software for creating motion graphics and visual effects. It is he who is often used by celebrities who want to promote their new track in social networks.

Everything is simple here: first, a picture is created (After Effects allows you to add dynamic titles, swirling captions, moving objects, and so on), and then the musical accompaniment is attached to it. After that, the entire post is published as a regular Instagram story.

графический редактор

Through screen recording

Not the most convenient, but very common way. First you need to turn on the track, open the image and after all the manipulations, press “play” at the desired moment.

But here it should be borne in mind that this function works differently in each smartphone.

On iOS : settings → control item → customize controls → screen recording.

On Android : depends on the phone model.

If you are not satisfied with the red bar and time sensor located at the top of the display, they can be removed using any available video editor.


The most common problem is the lack of a “Music” sticker in many regions. The solution could be as follows:

  • update Instagram or try the beta version of the program (make sure you have the latest version);
  • close Instagram in the background;
  • delete the app cache (if you are using Android, you can clear the cache by going to Settings> Apps> Instagram> Storage and clicking the Clear Cache button. iPhone owners need to reinstall the app);
  • contact support (your account may be blocked and shadow banned).

Устранение неполадок

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips that you will probably find useful:

  • Do not shoot video from the screen. You don’t need unnecessary interference, do you? Instead, download a music story maker or video editor and enjoy the new content.
  • Instagram has greatly tightened its content copyright policy, which has affected the frequency of using other people’s compositions. Sometimes developers even blot live broadcasts. To avoid the same fate, use allowed tracks from the Facebook collection, for example. And if you are composing music yourself, we recommend recording the original soundtrack.

Choose whichever way you like best and generate awesome content.

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