How to advertise on Instagram 2021

How to advertise on Instagram 2021

Instagram is not only a popular social network, but also one of the best platforms for online marketing. The effectiveness of a social network as an advertising platform directly follows from its popularity – the more people visit their pages every day, the more consumers will learn about a particular brand. If you want to place an advertisement on Instagram, we will tell you which of its types is better to choose.

Features of Instagram Ads

Instagram is a huge social network with a place for both large and small brands. There is no business that cannot be successfully promoted here. Even B2B businesses that are related to industry can successfully sell on Instagram. The main thing is to build an advertising strategy correctly.

Given the predominant audience of this social network (young people from 18 to 29 years old), promotion on Instagram will be especially effective for youth brands, the beauty industry, and cooking. However, even if you are targeting the smallest percentage of your audience, such as adults over 65, you can always target your ads clearly to that demographic.

Since Instagram is predominantly a visual platform, text advertising is practically not used here either. To attract a local audience, you need to take care of high-quality visuals, prepare good pictures or videos.

Advertising on Instagram is notable for its nativeness and creativity. If you want to get a good conversion, you need to build the trust of your audience by demonstrating your benefits.

Types of Instagram Ads

There are 2 types of advertising on Instagram: targeted and promotion through bloggers / publics. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. For example, targeted ads are quick to launch and easy to manage. Promotion through bloggers can be more effective as influencers already have loyal followers.

Official Advertising

There are the following types of official advertising on Instagram:

  1. Stories You can add marketing content both to the feed and to the stories subsection. The reach of such ads is over 500 million users who view stories every day.
    реклама в сторис
  2. Photo advertising. A simple advertising format that allows you to convey to users information about the benefits of a brand and its products, services.
  3. Video ads. This format allows you to enhance the effect of photo ads through motion and audio.
  4. Ring gallery ads. This format makes it possible to publish multiple photos or videos in a marketing post at once. This allows you to convey more information to users within one campaign.
    кольцевая галерея
  5. Selection advertisement. This format provides a profitable presentation of products, encouraging people to purchase them. Using a selection of photos and videos, you can tell users a whole story about your company.
    реклама с подборкой

You can order advertising from Instagram using the service of its parent company Facebook – AdsManager. This marketing will be targeted, which means that you can specify which categories of users to show ad units to. Gender, age group, region of residence, preferences – all of this can be configured in targeted advertising. Its key advantages over blogger advertising are as follows:

  • quick setup and launch – no need to spend time negotiating with an influencer;
  • lack of a human factor – an influencer may perform poorly, and may not post marketing content at all;
  • the ability to flexibly configure the audience to which ads will be shown – all data about people is taken from their Facebook accounts;
  • the ability to fully control the timing of the display and the price of advertising – the advertiser himself determines during what period the marketing content should be shown;
  • detailed statistics – it is possible to find out how many users viewed the ad content, clicked on the link.
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Advertising in the feed


You determine the price of promotion in the social network feed yourself by setting up targeting. The smallest budget is 20 rubles. After adjusting the audience parameters (age category, preferences, city of residence), Facebook will offer 2 types of coverage: more and more expensive, less and cheaper. Also, the advertiser can use their budget. If your target audience has high incomes and you set a low overall budget, your ad content will be shown to a small number of users.

For better reach, set the rates Facebook suggests when setting up your targeting. Please note that immediately after the start of the advertising campaign, the entire budget will not be charged. Facebook has a postpaid system – marketing content is shown initially, and only then funds are withdrawn.

The simplest option for targeted promotion in the feed is advertising a publication in the Instagram application. To run it, you need to do the following:

  1. Transfer the account to the “Business” status, link it to the brand’s Facebook account.
    The “Promote” button will be displayed under the publications. If you cannot click on it, then the publication violates the advertising rules. You need to change it or create a new one.
  2. Click on “Promote”, set up targeting, set the price of the advertisement, its duration.
  3. To remove an advertisement, click “View promotion”, click on the top 3 dots and “Remove”.

Advertising in Stories

Using advertising in Stories, you can show people the uniqueness of your brand, attract users’ interest, and induce them to take a certain action. About 4 million firms monthly advertise their products through this section of Instagram. You can place ads in Stories, as in the case of the feed, through the Ads Manager of Facebook. To do this you need:

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Click on “Create ad”.
  3. Select Target – Reach.
  4. Scroll down the page to the subsection “Types of Placement”.
  5. Click on “Edit Placements”, specify “Platforms” – “Instagram”, “Stories”.
  6. Set the required parameters of the advertising campaign.
  7. Upload a vertical photo or video up to 15 seconds long with an aspect ratio of 9:16.

Advertising in the “Interesting” section

The procedure for placing advertisements in the “Interesting” subsection of a social network is essentially the same as for a regular feed. The Interesting feed is a place where users accidentally find new publications, make spontaneous purchases, and communicate with company representatives. The “Interesting” section will be unique for each person.

реклама в разделе

Advertising with influencers

Advertising through an influencer is one of the most effective methods of promoting goods and services on social media. According to a survey conducted by Duff & Phelps, over the past year, a third of companies around the world have been able to increase their sales to $ 500,000 precisely through cooperation with bloggers.

Lush Cosmetics

As a rule, interaction with one influencer is not enough for the success of an advertising campaign. Statistics show that 45% of branded companies distribute their advertising budget between 50-100 bloggers at the same time. It is important to understand here that they may have a different number of subscribers and different audience coverage. By the number of followers, opinion leaders are divided into:

  • Nano influencers with up to 10 thousand subscribers. Their audience is quite loyal. But at the same time, the blogger has little experience in advertising publishing, so he may agree to even make the necessary advertisement through barter.
  • Micro influencers with up to 100 thousand followers. This category of bloggers also has a loyal audience. But they have more experience in working with advertisers, so cooperation can be carried out at a fairly low cost.
  • Large influencers with an audience of up to 1 million people. These bloggers are actively working with advertisers, so they are aware of their value. But their subscribers are less loyal and less responsive to ads.
  • Celebrities with over a million subscribers. This category has unstable engagement but large reach. The prices are quite high and may not be justified.
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Advertising Rules

When placing ads on Instagram, you need to take into account the requirements provided for by the rules of the social network. Otherwise, marketing content will not be shown to users. The rules are as follows:

  • Publishing Instagram sponsored posts via Facebook is only possible by creating a business profile.
  • You must administer the Facebook account associated with your Instagram profile.
  • The maximum length of text content is 300 characters.
  • Restrictions on the size of photos depend on their format:
    • square – no less than 600×600 pixels, no more than 1936×1936 pixels;
    • rectangular landscape – no less than 600×315 pixels, no more than 1936×1936 pixels;
    • rectangular portrait – no less than 600×750 pixels, no more than 1936×1936 pixels.
  • The video must be a maximum of 4 gigabytes.
  • The aspect ratio should be as follows:
    • square format – 1: 1;
    • rectangular landscape – 1.91: 1;
    • rectangular book – 4: 5.
  • It is forbidden to advertise products such as drugs, tobacco products, adult products, pictures like “before” – “after”.

How to buy Instagram ads

Instagram uses effective marketing tools already known to advertisers. Using them, you can configure, launch, and track campaigns in the same way as on Facebook. Let’s take a look at how to serve Instagram ads via Facebook in a few steps.

Create a business account

To run an advertising campaign, you need a Facebook profile and an Instagram business account. If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, you need to register one.

бизнес аккаунт

Setting up an advertising campaign

In Ads Manager, you need to select a goal, ad format, target audience. You can also specify an existing post on Instagram and click “Promote”. The system will automatically form an audience of users who are similar to your followers.

Ads Manager

Budget setup

You need to decide for how long advertising publications will be displayed, what budget you are willing to allocate for them. The advertising budget is configured at the level of the publication group or campaign.

Publishing Advertising Content

After clicking Publish, marketing publications will be submitted for review. You will receive a notification based on its results. If the ad does not violate the rules of the social network, it will start showing to users.

How to advertise with influencers

First of all, you need to decide on the target audience that will be interested in the advertised product or service. Obviously, there is no point in ordering an advertisement for clothes for moms from a blogger who publishes content for athletes. When choosing, please note that there are 3 main categories of blogs:

  1. Personal , where the influencer posts content about his life, travel, shopping, etc.
  2. Expert – accounts of professionals in a specific field (sports, nutrition, fashion).
  3. Corporate – company profiles.

You can find the right influencer manually – through a search using keywords and hashtags. There are several factors to consider when choosing a blogger. Before sending a letter with an offer to cooperate, you need at least a couple of days to observe how a person maintains his page, what topics he brings up, what is the reaction of his subscribers to publications. Blog followers should be active enough.

In order not to waste time, you can search for an influencer through special services, for example, trendHERO . Convenient search by parameters allows you to quickly find candidates. Special charts will show the geography of subscribers, their engagement, etc., and the 500 Similar Bloggers tool will offer you similar profiles by topic and audience.

Pay attention to strong spikes in activity on the subscriber growth graph. They may indicate the use of cheats, the participation of a blogger in mass following, massliking.

Прирост подписчиков
TrendHERO Subscriber Growth Graph

It is undesirable to chase bloggers with a million audience. The high cost of brand promotion may not pay off. The best option is influencers, whose number of subscribers is 1-100 thousand.

After the opinion leader is selected, you need to contact him. If the proposal suits him, then further discussion of all the conditions and the signing of the contract will follow (most often this is a convention). It is important to write down the cost, the number of videos or photos, and so on. You will need to draw up a clear statement of work: in what form do you want to make an advertisement, what should be shown and told in it, and what should not be.

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Advertising Cost

You have to pay to get into ads on Instagram. The price of official advertising is determined by you when setting up targeting. In each specific case, it will be different. To find out the approximate cost of an ad, you just need to set up your targeting.

It is necessary to take into account the general rule: the higher the income of the target audience, the more advertising costs. For example, if the target audience lives in Moscow, then advertising will be quite expensive. You also need to take into account the number of competitive brands: the more there are, the higher the cost of marketing will be. If you need to save money by providing the greatest coverage, and the place of residence does not matter, you should remove Moscow and St. Petersburg from targeting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram Ads

One of the main advantages of advertising on Instagram is the low cost of leads relative to other popular resources. But every day the site is becoming more attractive for advertisers, and in the future the situation may change.

Other benefits of Instagram advertising include:

  • High audience activity. According to research by Kenshoo, Instagram users are twice as likely to click on ads as other social media accounts.
  • Huge database. The Facebook database is also used for targeted advertising.
  • Fine tune for demographic group. Official Instagram ads can be customized by age, gender, region, interest. Bloggers have their own audience, collected by interests. This allows you to broadcast ads to a clear segment of users and not overpay for extra views.
  • Variety of formats. On Instagram, Stories and feed ads, sponsored posts, and native recommendations work equally well.

The disadvantages of advertising on this social network include the presence of a dead audience among some bloggers. Unscrupulous influencers can have up to 30-40% of fake subscribers, so you need to approach the selection of a page for advertising responsibly. A relative disadvantage of targeted advertising is the determination of the cost of an impression based on the auction system. Due to this feature, the cost of an impression is not fixed, and impressions to the most popular audience segments are more expensive.

Examples of advertising campaigns

Consider 2 examples of marketing publications that have provided effective brand promotion. The first example is a post from Instagram itself, posted on the instagramforbusiness profile. This account publishes posts about promotion through Instagram, ways to increase the effectiveness of advertising. Below is a picture that Instagram took from the culinary website Food52.

реклама в сторис0

This is a great photo of food with interesting texture, contrasting colors, correct light exposure. Geometrically correct shapes and lines are used in the photo, which, judging by the results of surveys, provide an effective attraction of users’ attention.

The second example is a post from SamsungMobile that showcases the camera capabilities of the Galaxy S6.

реклама в сторис1

The photo shows 3 phones with 3 different shots, which clearly show how the new functions with focus and shutter speed work. The phones are placed against a light background, which prevents them from getting lost in the photograph. There is also a simple and a bit funny inscription in the picture – there is a play on words and an attention-grabbing hashtag in the text. All this draws people’s attention to the main feature of phones – the ability to manually configure the camera.

You can also consider the case with the promotion of the brand of home teeth whitening NewSmile through the social network. The purpose of advertising is to increase sales. When developing a marketing campaign, the following parameters were taken into account:

  1. Budget. Since the brand was not popular before the start of the promotion, the budget was small – 3 thousand rubles.
  2. Placements. Since earlier ads to increase conversion were not configured in the New Smile business profile, it was decided to use a combination of placements: Facebook feeds and stories, Instagram feeds and stories.
  3. Audience. It was decided to form audiences by active subscribers in the last 30 days. The whole Russian Federation was chosen as a geolocation.

The marketing campaign lasted 8 days. Based on its results, the following were obtained:

  • total reach of 70,368 users;
  • 320 clicks on the link to the NewSmile online store with CPC 9.2 rubles per click;
  • 30 product additions to the cart and 17 orders with CPA 176 rubles per purchase.

With a promotion cost of 3,000 rubles, revenue of 42,075 rubles was received.


Instagram promotion is no less effective than traditional media advertising. The audience of this social network is in the millions, so it is inappropriate to ignore such a source of potential customers and buyers.

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