How to analyze your Instagram account

How to analyze your Instagram account

Promotion on Instagram is a complex process, for its effective implementation you need to constantly analyze data. Analysis of the Instagram account allows you to determine the effectiveness of actions aimed at promoting your profile. Also, doing analytics, you can establish traffic sources, the optimal time to publish posts, user preferences. Let’s take a closer look at what to analyze and how to do it.

Why analyze your Instagram account

If you analyze the audience of the social network in a timely manner, you can spend less resources on promoting your blog, as well as make the right decisions in the course of promotion. For example, you have thought out a marketing strategy, placed an ad order, posted a publication. How to determine what the result is obtained from this? Which marketing medium shows the best performance? You can answer these questions and eliminate errors, if necessary, by means of analysis.

Account Analytics Instagram makes it possible to find out:

  • user preferences;
  • reactions of followers to publications;
  • the best time to post;
  • optimal content format;
  • the best ways to promote.

Also, with the help of analytics, you can determine what expenses for promotion were unnecessary and did not bring the desired result. By analyzing your Instagram profile, you can see if your marketing strategy is effective. If gaps are identified, they can be rectified.

In addition, the SMM specialist must check the blogs of competitors. After analyzing someone else’s profile , you can determine:

  • the success of the account compared to yours;
  • the ratio of real followers to bots;
  • statistics on clicks on links, hashtags;
  • posts that grab the attention of subscribers the best.

Analysis of competitors’ profiles allows you to determine their pros and cons. As a result, you can borrow certain solutions, supplementing them with your own ideas.

Also, analytics may be needed by advertising customers who are looking for bloggers for cooperation.

How to analyze your Instagram account

There are 2 ways to analyze your Instagram profile :

  1. Examine the metric provided by the social network.
  2. Use dedicated sites for analysis.


Instagram provides the Insights analysis service. It is available for free, but only commercial accounts can use it. This service provides access to narrow statistics with a set of parameters that are not enough for effective analytics. Most of the parameters provided in Insights are basic:

  • number of followers;
  • impressions, reach;
  • blog views;
  • number of posts, mentions;
  • characteristics of followers by demography;
  • engagement rate.

To use the Insights service, you need to click on the histogram shortcut in your account and select “Statistics”.

Посмотреть статистику в Инстаграм

Via trendHERO

trendHERO allows you to view statistics on any profile registered in the social network. The database includes over 60 million accounts. The service provides more than 90 metrics for analyzing a profile, checking it for cheating.

The service can be used to:

  1. Search for a blogger suitable for your goals. With trendHERO, you can select the influencer that best suits your target audience.
  2. Check for cheating. This way you can determine who will bring real results and who will neither increase sales nor increase in followers.
  3. Save budget. Thanks to trendHERO, you can avoid wasting money on those who used a cheat.
  4. Define the preferences of your own audience. The service will allow you to get as much information as possible about the followers of your own blog. For example, trendHERO can be used to find out who else your followers are following.

What to watch through trendHERO?

The trendHERO service provides access to the following information:

  • engagement rate;
  • followers statistics;
  • statistics on likes;
  • bot data;
  • target audience data.
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This indicator characterizes the number of Instagram users who like, leave comments, or engage in other interactions with your posts. If your blog has a lot of followers, but none of them comment on the posts, the account will look boring, and it is unlikely that someone will want to re-visit your page. In such a situation, the chances of building trust with users and attracting new followers are close to zero.

Subscriber Analysis

Using trendHERO, you can find out statistics on account followers. You will be able to determine the growth of subscribers, find out which posts provide an increase in the number of followers. The service also allows you to determine which other blogs your followers are subscribed to.

Аудит trendHERO

Like analysis

Likes analytics are of great importance for promotion on Instagram. Having statistical data, you can know exactly which posts users like most often, what time of day it is better to post posts.

Тип аудитории

Bot analysis

This feature is useful for those who are looking for a blogger to collaborate with. Using it, you can determine which bloggers used cheat when promoting their account. By analyzing bots, an advertiser can determine which bloggers are worth working with and which ones will not bring the desired result.

Метрики trendHERO

Target audience analysis

Gender, city and state of residence of followers – all this data can be found using the trendHERO service. You will be able to determine the geography of subscribers and profiles that like on publications. Also, by analyzing your audience, you can compare its interests and the interests of the followers of the blogger to whom you want to entrust the promotion of the profile.

Visible whom Polina mentions. This is how we know she doesn’t advertise everything.

How to use trendHERO

To start using the service, you need to register on the website. In the registration form, write your email and password. After that press the button “Create an account”. A letter from the service will be sent to the specified e-mail. Click on the button “Confirm email”. You now have access to your personal account on the trendHERO website. It contains several sections.


Here you can check the profile you need. Enter the address of the corresponding account in the “Enter account” line, and then click on the “Check” button. The service will show data on the number of followers, the level of involvement, the volume of a high-quality audience, the state of residence of those who most often like publications. Also in this section you can see your account browsing history.

личный кабинет trendhero

“Find Bloggers”

In this section, you can find a profile by keywords, topic, phrase in the description. Enter the required request in the appropriate line, and then click on the “Find” button. You can specify additional search parameters. Let’s take a closer look at the available search filters :

  1. Category . Provides an opportunity to match influencers by topic. For example, you can find such bloggers who publish posts on the topic of auto, entrepreneurship.
  2. Location . Allows you to select a blogger by country or city of residence.
  3. Language . Using this filter, you can select an influencer by the language in which they blog.
  4. Gender . This filter is applied in certain situations. For example, let’s say you’re selling a beard styling product. It would be logical if a guy with a beard would be engaged in promoting such a product.
  5. “Number of subscribers and subscriptions” . The filter is designed to search for micro- and nanobloggers, as well as influencers with a million audience.
  6. “Number of publications” . The more posts are published in the influencer’s account, the more attractive it is for advertising customers.
  7. Last post is no later than . If the blog owner hasn’t published new posts for 1-2 months, then it is unlikely that promotion through his profile will bring the proper results.
  8. Engagement Rate . An influencer can have a large number of followers but little engagement, and vice versa.
  9. Average Likes and Comments . This parameter characterizes how active the followers of the blog are. You can use the trendHERO functionality to determine if this activity is real or cheated.
  10. “% of subscribers growth in 30 days” . If the profile is developing rapidly, arouses the interest of users, this will definitely affect the growth of followers.

личный кабинет trendhero


In this section, you can activate the tracking option for a specific profile. The essence of this function is to track the growth of followers, the effectiveness of publications and blog advertising. You will receive daily notifications with statistical data on the respective accounts. To use this option, you must pay one of the tariffs:

  • Blogger – $ 9.99 / month for those who already know who they want to find or check out.
  • Business – the plan costs $ 29.99 per month, optimal for actively searching for bloggers or starting promotion through influencers.
  • Agency – the plan costs $ 99.99 per month, suitable for those who need to search for influencers and communicate with them on a daily basis.

Sponsored Posts

In this section, you can view publications marked as “advertising”. To start the search, enter your keywords, subject or phrase in the description and click “Find”. You can also search by additional parameters: a specific blogger, in a specific location, by the number of followers, comments, likes, views, publication date.

личный кабинет trendhero

My Lists

Here you can see which influencers you started working with, which pages you recently viewed, who you added to the Favorites section.


In this section, you can subscribe to one of the trendHERO tariffs. The cheapest plan is $ 9.99 per month, the most expensive is $ 99.99.

тарифы trendhero

Benefits of trendHERO

The main advantage of the service is its rich functionality. With trendHERO you can:

  1. Search bloggers by selected parameters. There are over 12 filters by which you can find the right influencer to start promoting your account among your target audience.
  2. Find similar accounts. If you select an influencer to promote, trendHERO will automatically select 500 similar bloggers for you.
  3. Check accounts for cheating. trendHERO provides access to data about the quality of the profile, its audience. This information includes information about the number of bots and business accounts in subscribers, the geolocation of users, the level of engagement, the growth and churn of followers.
  4. Analyze Instagram profiles. The service allows you to follow the development of the blog, the profiles of competitors.
  5. Monitor ads. The service allows you to monitor competitors’ advertisements, track the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Other benefits of trendHERO:

  • advanced reports – there are over 90 metrics that can be used to analyze bloggers and ads;
  • there are over 60 million profiles in the database;
  • a tool for selecting similar accounts is provided, which significantly reduces the time spent on choosing bloggers for cooperation;
  • you can export the list of influencers to an Excel file in a couple of clicks;
  • you can export reports to PDF, using them later to compose a portfolio;
  • it is possible to create individual influencer selections by adding suitable bloggers to the Favorites section;
  • you do not need to connect your own profile to use the service;
  • you can check both personal and commercial profiles;
  • it is possible to obtain information even about those bloggers who do not sell advertising on exchanges;
  • you can check subscribers of any account, not just yours.
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Instagram account analysis: conclusions

Analysis of Instagram statistics is an almost indispensable component of successful promotion in this social network. The trendHERO service is best suited for collecting analytical data. The site has a free tariff plan and 3 paid ones. Thanks to this, everyone can choose the most suitable option in terms of price and functionality. Analysis of subscribers, target audience, cheat check – all these functions are provided in this service.

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