How to analyze your Instagram audience

How to analyze your Instagram audience

Promotion on Instagram is a laborious process that requires constant analytics. A visual analysis of the Instagram audience helps to understand how effective the applied actions are for promotion. In addition, it allows you to determine traffic sources, the best time to post, preferences and many other characteristics, without which effective promotion would be impossible. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of audience analysis and knows how to conduct it, but this article is intended to solve this once and for all.

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Why do you need to analyze the audience on Instagram

Timely analysis of the Instagram audience allows you to spend less resources on promotion and make the right decisions. Let’s say you’ve developed a marketing strategy, ordered ads, published posts. How to understand what result you will get in the end? Which tool works best, or why was the result unsatisfactory? An analyst will help you find answers to these questions.

Analysis of your account will determine:

  • target audience preferences;
  • user reactions to content;
  • optimal posting times and content format;
  • the most effective promotion methods;
  • unnecessary promotion costs that do not bring results.

Thus, after analyzing your Instagram account, you can understand how effective the marketing strategy is, remove all unnecessary details from it and, if necessary, adjust your actions.

In the work of an SMM manager, verification of a competitor’s account is equally important. After analyzing someone else’s account, you can understand:

  • the progress of the profile compared to yours;
  • the ratio of real subscribers to bots;
  • statistics of clicks on links, hashtags;
  • what attracts users to your account and much more.

Analyzing a competitor’s page will help identify its strengths and weaknesses. Some successful marketing solutions can be borrowed and supplemented with their own original ideas. In addition, Instagram audience analysis may be required by advertisers looking for bloggers to collaborate.

What statistics can be viewed on your and someone else’s account

The basis of the analysis is obtaining strategically important indicators from statistics for their further processing. The official Instagram metrics and analytics services allow you to access a lot of important data. Let’s consider the key ones and their significance.


Today, the indicator of the number of subscribers on Instagram is gradually fading into the background, since it plays almost no role. On small accounts, user activity can be significantly higher than where there are thousands or hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Therefore, this indicator needs to be looked at in a comprehensive manner, paying attention not only to the number of followers, but also to the traffic, where they came from, their activity and actions.

The ratio of real users to bots

This metric shows who the blogger’s key audience is – real people or bots. Based on this indicator, you can predict the real response of users. This is especially important when choosing bloggers to advertise.

Анализ Инстаграм

Subscribers acquired and lost

The dynamics of the growth of subscribers or unsubscribes can show the effectiveness of certain promotion methods or indicate where a mistake was made. This parameter also reflects the pace at which the account is developing and allows you to predict its future.

KPI Performance Indicator

This is one of the most significant indicators in marketing, which makes it clear how effective the promotion is based on the most significant indicators. For Instagram, the key metrics are:

  • subscriber growth;
  • increase in user coverage;
  • number of visits;
  • the number of clicks to the site through Instagram (in the case of placing a link in the account);
  • number of requests to Direct, purchase orders.

Indicators need to be assessed comprehensively and look at the overall picture of effectiveness.


User activity on an account reflects the engagement rate. This indicator is determined by the ratio of the number of subscribers to the number of active actions, and makes it clear what kind of interest users actually show in the account.

Анализ Инстаграм


Conversion metrics will be measured differently for different accounts. For example, if a product or service is sold through an Instagram account, then the conversion should be measured by the ROI indicator – the ratio of profit to costs.

If the account serves for other purposes, for example, driving traffic to the main site, increasing brand awareness, and so on, then you need to clearly define the goal itself and analyze its changes.

Audience demographics

Based on these indicators from statistics, you can analyze the target audience and determine:

  • gender of subscribers;
  • their age;
  • regions of residence;
  • active time.

Such an analysis of the Instagram target audience will help to understand what time it is better to post, what content will be more interesting to the audience, or, if necessary, change the content policy to change the target audience.

Анализ Инстаграм

How to analyze your Instagram account

There are two main ways to analyze your Instagram account – by studying the metrics provided by the social network, or by using the service of special analytics services.


Instagram has a built-in Insights analytics service available for free, but only for business profiles. In truth, the official analytics on Instagram gives narrow statistics with a set of indicators that are not enough for a sensible analysis. Most of the indicators are basic:

  • number of subscribers;
  • impressions and reach;
  • profile views;
  • number of posts and mentions;
  • audience demographics;
  • engagement and so on.

To get into Instagram Insights, just click on the histogram icon in your profile and select the appropriate option.

Via Instaplus

The Instaplus service allows you to get more advanced statistics and additional graphs for analyzing your account. With its help, you can track the dynamics of the development of several of your accounts at once.

The Instaplus statistics section is two pages long. The first one contains the main indicators for the account, such as the number of posts, subscribers, subscriptions, statistics of the growth of followers for the last 24 hours, and much more. Data is updated every 24 hours.

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The second page displays more detailed statistics for the account:

  • reports for a selected period of time;
  • subscriber growth graph;
  • the effectiveness of each specific promotion method.

Instaplus is free to try. You just need to go through a simple registration and connect your Instagram profile to the service. Up to 5 accounts can be developed and analyzed at the same time.

Via trendHERO

The trendHERO service has more than 90 indicators and charts, by which you can easily analyze both your own and someone else’s account. It is enough just to enter the nickname in a special line after passing through a simple registration.

After that, the following charts will be available:

  • audience analysis by location, gender, interests;
  • growth of subscriptions and subscribers;
  • distribution of posts and percentage of likes from subscribers;
  • distribution of comments by type;
  • distribution of likes.

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If you have no desire to understand the charts, the site presents a large amount of statistics in figures:

  • number of subscribers and subscriptions;
  • number of likes received;
  • number of video views;
  • number of publications in 7 days;
  • quantity of high-quality audience;
  • engagement rate;
  • authenticity of the audience.

Analyzing someone else’s account

Neither the official social network analytics service, nor any other service that works through the official API, makes it possible to analyze someone else’s Instagram account. But you can upload statistical data via Instaplus.

For example, you can upload the account data of all your subscribers and look at their metrics, or you can upload user information by hashtag. Similarly, you can analyze the accounts of competitors and their subscribers.

Things you can check and improve with Instaplus

Анализ Инстаграм

Instagram analysis plays an important role in promotion, because only with its help you can develop a truly effective marketing strategy. At the same time, the “native” Instagram metrics, as a rule, are not enough to make a really high-quality analysis of your page, and the ability to check other accounts is completely absent.

The problem can only be solved by armed with additional tools provided by the Instaplus service.

Data collection

Instaplus functionality allows you to automatically collect data about Instagram users. For example, you can find users related to your target audience by geolocation, demographics, subscriptions, hashtags used, and more.

All this will again help to attract new subscribers and increase the statistics associated with this.

Automatically search and like

The function allows you to select a list of users and automatically like them under publications. You can include your followers, followers of competitors in the list, select users by geolocation, hashtags and other parameters.

With this option, you can effortlessly draw users’ attention to your page. This will help increase your Followers, Profile Views, and Engagement Rate.

Auto Subscription

This option allows you to select target audience from Instagram users and automatically subscribe to their profiles, counting on mutual subscription. This option serves to draw attention to your account and increase the number of followers.

Auto unsubscribe

The number of possible subscriptions on Instagram is limited. Automatic unsubscribing will help you to unsubscribe from all non-reciprocal followers with a minimum amount of time and achieve the optimal balance between subscribers and subscriptions.

Bulk Stories View

The option is to bulk view User Stories. You can use it to increase your audience reach and engagement rates.

Simulate live communication

Thanks to this service, you can configure automatic distribution of comments to selected lists of users. This is necessary to increase user engagement and brand loyalty.

Intelligent promotion

Using this function, you can configure the simultaneous placing of likes and subscriptions on the accounts of the target audience, selected using a filter system. This is a method of attracting new followers, which has a 30-40% increase in conversion compared to a single mass subscription.

Using this option, you can increase the number of subscribers and their engagement rate.

To summarize, competent promotion on Instagram is impossible without analyzing account statistics and user actions. Only by constant monitoring, tracking the reactions and characteristics of the audience, you can draw up a productive marketing strategy. Account and audience analysis also helps to determine the mistakes made, to find promotion methods that give the best conversion, and based on this data, adjust your actions. True, the social network itself provides a rather poor functionality for analytics, while available only to business profiles, so additional tools cannot be dispensed with.

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