How to audit an Instagram account manually and through the service

How to audit an Instagram account manually and through the service

Instagram is one of the most effective promotion channels for many brands. But running a business on Instagram is not as easy as it seems at first glance. In pursuit of popularity and a constant stream of publications, the account owner runs the risk of losing the correct direction of movement. If you are doing everything seems to be right, but the profile still does not sell, and the statistics are inexorably worsening, then it’s time to audit your Instagram account. This will help to analyze the strengths and weaknesses, to check whether the account matches the brand’s image.

Why audit your Instagram account

Social media promotion requires the same control as other branches of marketing. A detailed audit in this matter is simply indispensable. Imagine that you are visiting a doctor. First of all, the doctor conducts a “diagnosis” of the situation – he listens to complaints, conducts an examination, sends for tests.

If we draw an analogy, then an audit of an Instagram account is also a kind of survey that helps to identify deviations that impede the development and achievement of goals, and highlight points that can give a quick start in promotion.

In what situations is it necessary to audit an Instagram account:

  • Slow development. It so happens that you do everything as the Instagram guru writes, but the number of subscriptions and sales does not increase. The problem is that all recommendations are general in nature and do not take into account your specifics specifically. In such a situation, an audit will help determine what is right for you.
  • Bad statistics. An audit will help you select competent content and determine what users from your target audience like, and what only spoils the statistics.
  • Not enough sales. When a commercial profile does not bring in sales, do not rush to give up and abandon your account. Most likely, you are just doing something wrong. An audit will help to identify what exactly.
  • Unattractive appearance. If the profile seems unattractive and makes you want to completely redo everything, then first of all you should analyze what exactly causes visual disharmony.

For popularity and sales, it is very important that the account is visually attractive, informative and fully meets the needs of the target audience. And for this, it is imperative to constantly analyze your strengths and weaknesses – to conduct an audit.

How to Audit Instagram

We divided the audit into three parts – analysis of content, audience and analysis of promotion methods. Convenient checklists with questions were drawn up for each part. They will help you understand if you are heading in the right direction and will help you to correct your actions.

Setting goals

Activities on your Instagram account should certainly lead you to your business goals. Therefore, in the first step, it is very important to determine what goals the account fulfills. There are many of them:

  • personal brand promotion;
  • communication with clients;
  • maximum audience coverage;
  • driving traffic to the site;
  • active sales.

Even if you need a multi-functional account that would perform all functions, you still need to define key goals.

KPI Definition

The next step in the analysis is the designation of KPIs, that is, parameters by which you can track the effectiveness of actions in achieving the set goal.

KPIs should be clear and precisely aligned with the objectives. So, if the main goal of creating Instagram is to attract users to the site, then you need to analyze directly the quantity and quality of the traffic received. If the task is to increase the brand’s popularity, then the main KPI will be the coverage of publications and stories.

Brand awareness

It is important that the Instagram account not only fulfills its basic functions, but also conforms to the overall brand concept. The user should at first glance understand what mission the page performs, what benefits he can get from the subscription and how to use it. Nickname, avatar, text in bio, fixed Stories – everything must correspond to the brand book.

Ключевики в имени

To audit this dimension, answer the following questions:

  • Does the nickname of the account give an idea of ​​the subject of the profile? Optimally – name / full name and occupation. For example @IrinaMiaSEO
  • Does the account have a distinct visual style?
  • Is the style and tone consistent with the rest of the brand’s communication channels?
  • At first glance at the account, it becomes clear what information can be found there?
  • It is immediately clear what type of activity is being conducted, and why you need to choose this particular profile among all competitors?

All answers must be convincing. Your main task is to make sure that users recognize you.

It is also important that the information specified in the nickname and profile header helps you to “find” through the search bar. Try to find yourself through an Instagram search using queries that your customers might use. If the results are not encouraging, then check if you entered the keywords in the BIO or nickname.

The design of the profile should be as specific and useful for the reader as possible. If there is a link in the profile, it must lead to the target action page. Contact fields should be filled as much as possible.

Content Analysis

On Instagram, overall aesthetics are very important. All profile content should be in harmony with each other and motivate users to take actions that are consistent with the goals of the account.

To audit your account content, review the last 9 profile posts:

  • Is it possible to understand, even without words, what the account owner is doing and what he offers from publications?
  • Do you post often enough? Are there big breaks between publications?
  • How do users interact with content at different times? What do they like best? What are the most popular times for posts?

Try to look at the account through the eyes of the subscriber and see if he will be interested in following the account. Will he be able to learn something new and interesting for himself? Remember, engaging content is the backbone of Instagram promotion.


Consider each profile photo separately and rate how attractive it is. Of course, everything is purely individual, but according to statistics, bright and juicy pictures attract much more attention, likes and comments than a photo of poor quality, dark tones or with a skewed horizon.

Качество фото

Pay attention to the format and orientation of the pictures. Landscape images fill a smaller part of the display and therefore attract less attention, while vertical images in a 4: 5 aspect ratio take up almost the entire screen.


Posts in the profile should be fully consistent with the goals and topics of the account, be relevant to the business, but at the same time remain diverse. It’s important to use a variety of content formats, so if you’re not using video yet, then it’s time to fix that.

According to statistics, videos get more likes than photos, but for this to be true, the videos must be of high quality:

  • have a well-thought-out theme and plot;
  • impeccably good picture and sound;
  • be beneficial to the target audience.

Most of the video should be in horizontal format. The vertical format is not very suitable for videos, since in this case it takes up almost the entire screen and it is inconvenient for users to like them.


Texts play an important role in SMM promotion. Assess your content strategy:

  • How many categories are involved?
  • How often are posts of the same orientation repeated?
  • How do post types alternate?

It is important to understand whether users will be interested in subscribing to an account, whether they will be satisfied with the variety of publications, whether they will be able to get the desired emotion, inspiration and motivation.


Instagram users love Stories very much. And while the content in Stories is quickly disappearing, they play an important role in the promotion. Checklist for verification:

  • you post 1 to 7 stories per day;
  • posting is carried out during the most active hours of subscribers;
  • Story content is interesting to users;
  • a variety of story formats are used.


Of course, even unsuccessful stories will disappear, but if most of the published content is not interesting to users, then sooner or later they will simply stop viewing your stories.

Audience and its engagement

The more subscribers interact with your content, the more visible you are to others, so after a qualitative analysis, you need to move on to quantitative. Rate all measurable metrics:

  • number of followers;
  • average number of publications;
  • engagement rate;
  • audience coverage;
  • number of likes and comments.

These parameters will give an idea of ​​how high-quality content is and how much users like it, help to understand the engagement of subscribers and the number of “dead souls”.

Also try to analyze who your subscribers are, where they are from, what they are interested in, and what exactly prompted them to subscribe. It is important that the majority of your followers match the portrait of your potential customers. If this is not the case, you are most likely doing something wrong.

There is no need to conduct manual audits. You can save yourself from unnecessary routine work by using our trendHERO service. He has more than 90 metrics in his arsenal, with the help of which a full audit of an Instagram account will take no more than 5 minutes.

Promotion methods and their effectiveness

Evaluate how effective your promotion strategy is. Are you using every possible promotion method? Do you add hashtags and geotags to publications, run contests, advertise with opinion leaders, ordered targeted ads? Remember that promotion of an Instagram account must be approached comprehensively and not neglect any opportunity to declare yourself.

In the first step, you have identified the KPIs, and finally, it’s time to calculate the results for them. Evaluate the actual KPIs, do they correspond to the desired ones?

An audit of the Instagram page will help identify the weaknesses of your account. Think about what measures you should take – change the visual style, increase the number of publications, or maybe you need to improve communication with users?

How to use trendHERO to audit your Instagram account

trendHERO лого

An audit helps to summarize the work done, see how effective it was and what are the weak points. Moreover, the more extensive the field for analysis, the more conclusions can be drawn. Accordingly, for a high-quality audit, it is very important to obtain as much honest statistical data as possible and the aforementioned trendHERO service will help in this.

With the help of a simple and concise interface of the service, you can get all the statistical data necessary for an audit. It is enough to enter the nickname of the account in the field for verification and you will be presented with very important metrics for analysis.

Аудит trendHERO

trendHERO shows:

This is significantly more than can be obtained from standard Instagram metrics and is much easier than calculating and tracking everything manually. In the trendHERO report, all the information needed to audit an account is displayed on one page at once, so the analysis process itself does not take much time.

An important plus is that using the service you can request statistics not only for your account. With trendHERO you can audit someone else’s Instagram account, which can be extremely useful, for example, to assess the actions of competitors and identify their weaknesses and competitive sides. It is also an indispensable tool that allows you to check any account for cheating.

Instagram users are very fond of consistency – a constant stream of interesting publications, consistently high quality subscribers, constant communication with subscribers. At the same time, the social network itself is rapidly developing all the time and it is not so easy to stay in this stream of permanence. What worked excellently before may not bring any results today, what was once interesting is already boring. Therefore, it is so important to periodically audit your account and check how the vector of its direction corresponds to the intended goals.

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