How to automatically like Instagram

How to automatically like Instagram

You got a robot vacuum cleaner, got a smart speaker and a coffee machine with artificial intelligence, but still give likes manually? Jesica is a cool program from Instaplus , which will help to bring your profile to the TOP without much effort, avoiding bans and other “pitfalls” of massliking.

Stop wasting precious time performing monotonous actions. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the innovative miracle bot, as well as reveal the secrets of how to automatically like on Instagram and attract new followers.

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Who needs auto-likes on Instagram

Are you a young influencer just starting to surf the popular social network? Autoliking is a great way to attract the attention of a potential target audience.

What are automatic likes on Instagram for:

  • to get featured and increase user loyalty;
  • to save personal time;
  • so that followers can see your posts in the feed.

This option is also suitable for small businesses who want to “stir up” buyers’ interest. For example, a coffee shop or gym can be liked by people who are celebrating in the area – the recognition of the institution increases. Even if you do not aim at the laurels of an opinion leader, autoliking will save you from the reproachful glances of the boss, connected with the fact that you again forgot to like his new photo 🙂


How do I get likes automatically?

Putting a few likes is a very simple task, but when it comes to large volumes, everything turns out to be not so rosy. You don’t want to spend an entire day looking at hundreds of unfamiliar profiles, do you? Automated services is a real salvation from monotonous actions.

This is how it works:

  • you select the target audience based on hashtags, location, as well as followers of your competitors;
  • limits are set (how many likes per day the service will put);
  • the process starts with the selected total number of hearts.

Then everything follows the standard scheme. The user sees your like, goes to the profile and subscribes if the topic of the page is close to him. You can also get feedback in the form of a mutual like. It’s a trifle, but nice, because the smart Instagram feed will periodically show him your posts in the “Recommended” section .

Jesica is a program that puts likes on Instagram without your participation

Jesica is an innovative promotion app from Instaplus .

How the program works:

  • In Instaplus, collect a list of accounts that you need to click through.
  • Install Jesica on your phone (while the service only supports Android) or computer.
  • Launch a promotion.

Jesica will automatically put likes, repeating the real actions of the user. For more detailed instructions on how to install the bot, follow the link.

What will you get as a result of using the bot:

  • increase your reach and profile views;
  • likes and followers;
  • more clicks per page.

The first 5 days after registration, you can try the program for free.

джесика бот

Who to like

To see which followers Jesica performed the action on, open the selected list in the Instaplus account, if there is an asterisk in front of the login and L (* L), then the bot is already used this login.

How to list

Jesica works according to the principle of regular mass promotion, therefore, it puts likes based on a predetermined list. A quite logical question is brewing: where can I get this wonderful list?

It’s very simple: start data collection in Instaplus and click on the button “Export result to Jesica” .

Or just the quest “Jesica’s List” – this quest will immediately collect logins for Jesica and will not need to wait until the collection is over.

Please note that the list should include directly those logins with which the application will interact, and not the sources.

Instaplus collects information according to the following criteria:

  • geolocation (for example, the bot will only like those who are checked in at certain coffee shops in the city);
  • hashtags;
  • the audience of another account (we also take into account profiles that actively like competitors, or comment on blogs whose topics are identical to yours).

Helpful Hint: First, test the service on users who follow you. They are already familiar with your profile, so they will be happy to like in return, thus increasing the engagement rate.

список аккаунтов

Benefits of autoliking with a bot

If we talk about small businesses and novice bloggers, then the use of autoliking is one of the basic methods of promotion. First, it’s convenient. No need to search for profiles, go to user pages and mindlessly put “hearts” on dozens of photos.

The rest of the advantages can be found in the following paragraphs:

  • Automation . You do not need to control the actions of the bot, since the service operates in a cloud-based automatic mode. All you need to do is start the task, and the program will do everything on its own.
  • Relatively cheap. For example, promotion through Jesica Bot within 30 days costs only 399 rubles. For this money, the service will put from 1000 likes daily. It’s only 1 kopeck per like. Tempting, isn’t it?
  • User acquisition. The main goal of this method is to attract the attention of followers. Yes, if you use autolikes only for this, the result will not surprise you with sky-high rates (conversion within 2-3%), but it will be exactly your target audience.
  • Customer acquisition . Above, we gave an example of a coffee shop that likes people in its area and increases recognition.
  • Reciprocity. Even if they don’t subscribe to you, at least some posts will be barked. This is also a good result.
  • Activity. Likes from live users have a beneficial effect on your engagement rate (ER), which means your posts will appear more often in the feed.
  • Increasing loyalty. Like new accounts, you can also use automated services to like the profiles of your regular followers, and this will have a positive effect on their attitude towards you.

Many people do not want to use autoliking, as they are afraid of getting banned. We hasten to please you: You can only incur the ire of a social network if you consistently exceed your limits. We will talk about this in the next paragraphs.


Real use case

On an account with a large number of subscribers, it is difficult to capture the dynamics and clearly trace the result, so we will demonstrate how Jesica works on zero profile.

A null account is a page that is not being promoted. There is no interesting content, no stories, no replies to comments, so there are no statistics either. We started with 200 likes, and after a few days we increased their number to 500.

The test results are really amazing. The Jesica program, through the likes of active subscribers of one marketing guru, brought the page 250 views and 5 followers daily.

You can see the statistics on the screenshots that are attached below. We remind you once again – the account was completely inactive .

Was :

Now :

Limits and restrictions

Ban is the main fear of any influencer. In order not to get it, we recommend that you adhere to the established service limits.

For example, the basic principle of Jesica is that the program completely imitates your actual actions . This means that the chance of getting banned is the same as if you liked it yourself.

Still, we recommend sticking to the following framework:

  • for the first 3 days, launch 300 likes (the high speed of the Jesica program allows you to achieve this result in 2-3 hours);
  • from 4-6 days – until 400.
  • starting from day 7 – 600 likes each.
  • from day 10, you can switch to 1000 likes.

лайк картинка

What to do if you get banned

Let’s first understand the reasons of a possible ban:

  • Cheat bots. Bots are enemies of good statistics. Firstly, “dead souls” do not give any positive effect for promotion, and secondly, such actions are severely punished by the leadership of the social network.
  • Third-party services. Active massliking is also not welcomed on Instagram, so we advise you not to ignore the limits that are prescribed in the programs. The social network defines such methods as “suspicious activity” and, without undue hesitation, bans the cunning user.
  • A sharp jump in unsubscribes. If hundreds of followers suddenly start unsubscribing from you, this is not good. A similar trend is observed after the end of the give. Alas, mass unsubscription is a cut in coverage and a direct road to the block.
  • Exceeding the limits. And again we return to this topic. Time filters are imposed on every action on Instagram. Thus, the administration calculates suspicious characters. For example, if a user has clicked more than 80 posts in an hour, then the management understands that an ordinary person without superpowers on his own simply could not do this.
  • Same #. This means you use the same hashtags under every post and duplicate them in the comments.

If you nevertheless violated one of the conditions and ended up in a shadow ban, you do not need to panic. Just follow these tips :

  • Don’t like, reply to comments, or post within 48 hours. In short, stop any activity on your account.
  • Pause all automated services.
  • Do not use new devices to log into your page.
  • If you have a business profile, temporarily switch it to personal. Just keep in mind that all accumulated statistics will be reset to zero.
  • Remove hashtags from the last 10-20 posts.
  • Upgrade your profile header. However, you should not go to extremes and completely change the description. Limit yourself to one word.
  • Please contact technical support. Perhaps they will somehow affect your quick unlock.
  • Verify your identity through a page hacked complaint.
  • Post your first post in a few days, but do not add any tags or hashtags.

Practice shows that these simple manipulations help to painlessly get out of the shadow ban in a few days. If the algorithm does not work, you will have to wait 2 weeks (the ban is removed automatically).


Autoliking is not only convenient, but also very effective. Of course, Instagram is trying in every way to squeeze the promotion services, but if you correctly use programs that imitate the actions of a real user, and do not exceed the established limits, you can increase engagement and attract the attention of new followers.

To do this, you should stick to a simple scheme: create an interesting profile, come up with a “tasty” description, select the target audience you plan to target, and only like it.

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