How to become a beauty blogger

How to become a beauty blogger

All people want to look young and beautiful, so for several years now, content from beauty bloggers has been trending. In the modern world without borders, it is these people who teach subscribers the secrets of make-up and personal care, share the latest news and novelties of the beauty industry. They are watched by millions, which also opens up tremendous opportunities for earning. In this article, we propose to talk about how to become a beauty blogger, the advantages and disadvantages of the profession.

Who is a beauty blogger

Beauty blogger (from the English beauty – beauty) – the owner of a blog in which everything that is directly or indirectly related to beauty is consecrated.

The first sites dedicated to beauty topics appeared in the early 2000s. On them, users could find tips on the selection of cosmetics, personal care, product reviews. But the real revolution came with the transition of bloggers to social networks.

The founder of the industry is considered to be the American make-up artist Michelle Phan, who back in 2006 created her own video blog on YouTube. Many others followed suit. After their own websites and YouTube channels, beauty bloggers moved to Instagram, which opens up great opportunities for communicating with the audience, and TikTok has become the newest broadcasting platform, where beauty influencers post mainly life hacks, DIY content, and quick make-ups.

What a beauty blogger does

Many naively believe that beauty bloggers are kind of idlers who, overlaid with all kinds of jars, tubes and bottles, record videos and beat millions. But no matter how it is.
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Being a blogger is not such a trivial task. It is not easy to create interesting content, and it is even more difficult to occupy your own niche, to win and keep the audience’s attention. Especially considering that the internet is oversaturated right now. Therefore, bloggers have to be sophisticated and take various measures to achieve and maintain popularity.

By and large, what a blogger does is determined by his niche. At the moment, there are several areas in this area:

  • Professional bloggers. They are real gurus in their industry, with authority and often specialized education. They give subscribers professional advice on how to solve problems they face.
  • New generation influencers. They test organic cosmetics, are negative about contouring, false eyelashes, facial tattooing. On their blog, you can learn how to do natural makeup and look your best with a minimum of makeup.
  • Motivating bloggers. The all-encompassing wave of body positivity has led to the popularity of influencers with irregular looks. There are not many of them in the world, but they are all extraordinary personalities who share their history, difficulties and victories with subscribers.
  • School bloggers. These bloggers’ pages usually resemble the perfect teen magazine. Topics in them are relevant mainly for adolescents. For example, the perfect make-up for problem skin or for the first date with your boyfriend. Many videos are overflowing with stickers, giggles, grimaces, but still this is professionally filmed content that carries a lot of useful information.
  • Trash bloggers. Every day they post outrageous content in which they contour all parts of the body or, for example, apply a hundred layers of foundation as part of an insane flash mob. In other words, they do everything to draw attention to their person by any means and dramatically increase the number of subscribers. And what kind of reaction they cause – positive or negative, is no longer so important.
  • Male bloggers. The beauty industry is traditionally a female topic, but, oddly enough, men occupy an influential place in beauty blogging. Their content is of the same quality as that of the girls, and in some places even superior.

Is it possible to become a beauty blogger from 0?

This area is open to all girls who know firsthand about cosmetic procedures and products, and can share their useful knowledge with others. To do this, you do not need to have a model appearance and even have an education. It is important to have a unique experience, to be able to teach subscribers to find and emphasize their uniqueness, to correct flaws.
Туалетный столик с косметикой
The following personal qualities will become the advantages for a beauty blogger:

  • communication;
  • good speech;
  • no hesitation in front of the camera;
  • charm;
  • a sense of tact;
  • commitment.

It is not uncommon for people with industry experience or specialized education to become beauty bloggers. For example, professional beauticians, make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers and other professionals in the beauty industry. But specialized education is just another additional plus, not a requirement.

What it takes to become a beauty blogger

First of all, you need desire and free time to run your own blog. If available, you will also need to stock up on the following attributes:

  • High-quality equipment for photo and video shooting. For the first time, you can do with just a smartphone with a good camera, but in the future it is recommended to purchase a tripod, a ring lamp and other accessories that will make the picture better.
  • Background. In order for the video to be of high quality, it is important to take care of an attractive background. It can be specially made from textiles or paper, or used as a background in your room, wallpaper.
  • Programs. You will need to establish and master the skills of working in various photo and video editors. Good processing is essential for quality content.

Next, you need to stock up on what you will show. In their publications, beauty bloggers teach by their own example how to apply makeup correctly, conduct reviews of cosmetics and perfumes, try on fashionable looks.
Usually beauty bloggers have tons of cosmetics, and they regularly replenish their collection with new products for reviews and tutorials. But you don’t have to buy everything at once. You can start a blog with what you already have, showing readers the tools that you have long ago selected for your cosmetic bag.

How to become a beauty blogger on Instagram

Understand the topic

To become an influential blogger, you must be well versed in all aspects of your topic. You need to understand the basics of skin care, study the effects of various ingredients on skin and hair, know how and what causes wrinkles, acne, and how to counteract it.

If you are unsure about your knowledge base, ask the experts for help. You can attend a variety of beauty exhibitions, courses and workshops, read blogs from other influencers, and gradually build up your knowledge base.

Choose your niche

Choose the aspect of beauty that interests you the most and focus on it. Don’t try to cover all topics at once – this is the most common mistake newbies make. If you work in any specific niche, people will perceive you as a guru in this industry, it will be easier for you to grasp and find out all the intricacies of your niche, and create content tailored specifically to your target audience.

Choose your broadcast channels

You can create your own blog on various platforms – Instagram, YouTube, LiveJournal, your own website, TikTok. Choose the one with the most potential subscribers and the most convenient formats for you.

It is not recommended to create new social media accounts specifically for blogging. Brands collaborating with a blogger also want to gain access to the attention of his family, friends, who are already following the influencer. Without them, the only first subscribers to your account will be bots and other bloggers.

Start creating useful content

To become a successful influencer, you must be interesting, helpful, approachable, and interested in your topic. Your content should convey valuable information, look stylish, and reflect the desires of your subscribers.

It is recommended to develop a uniform style for blogging and draw up a publication plan for at least the next month. Your publications should be diverse, both in subject matter and in emotional color. You have to learn how to inspire and interest your subscribers, advertise products to them and engage them in communication.

Promote your blog

It’s not enough just to share interesting posts, you still need to make sure that they are known. Therefore, you cannot do without competent promotion. You can use various paid and free methods to attract users:

  • hashtags;
  • geotags;
  • contests;
  • targeted advertising;
  • advertising from bloggers;
  • massliking and massfollowing.

Don’t try to use all methods at once. Quantity does not mean quality. Form a portrait of your target audience and work to attract it. This is the only way to attract truly loyal followers.

Keep track of statistics

Statistics will allow you to find out the preferences of your audience, see which posts collect more views, and which ones are better to refuse. It will show the reach, engagement, strengths and weaknesses of the profile. With its help, you can also find out more about your audience, find out interests, demographic characteristics of followers, audience type.

True, the official statistics on Instagram networks are usually rather scarce, and here trendHERO helps out a lot. The service provides 90+ metrics for account analytics, as well as an impressive blogger database of more than 16 million accounts, among which you can definitely find the perfect profile to advertise your blog.

Improve your skills

In blogging, it’s important to always move forward and improve. Create new categories, look for new points of contact with your readers, work on the quality of your content. Even having a successful blog, you need to constantly work on its development, otherwise it will quickly start to look boring and monotonous for readers.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Try to always be aware of all new products in the industry, be the first to share reviews of new products with subscribers, raise relevant topics. Reviewing your favorite eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay is cool, but what’s the point if it was launched on the market 9 years ago and there are already many reviews on it.

Don’t think globally

Some present beauty blogging on the scale of a glossy magazine with their professional shots, polished texts and regular publication. Many people are afraid of this and do not dare to start their own blog. A high level is something to strive for, but in no case should it overwhelm you.

Start walking towards your goal in small steps, and constantly improve on your way. Plus, a blog is always personal. Influencers are loved because they are sincere, natural, just like their readers, and not distant like glossy models.

Pros and Cons

Кисти для макияжа

A beauty blogger is a versatile person. He must understand everything, be able to photograph well, work with editors, be his own manager, PR director and marketer. Despite the apparent simplicity, this is a rather serious profession, which, like everyone else, has its advantages and disadvantages.

The positive aspects include:

  • the opportunity to do what you love and at the same time make good money;
  • minimum start-up capital required to launch;
  • flexible schedule;
  • no boss and no office linkage;
  • growth prospects.

Beauty bloggers have room to grow. Successful influencers are often invited to appear in commercials, be ambassadors, participate in TV shows, or even act as their hosts. But what a beauty blogger is, only the shortcomings of the work can fully tell.

Being a beauty blogger means:

  1. Get sick with cosmetics and everything related to beauty without the possibility of recovery.
  2. Constantly buy new items and test them on your own body.
  3. Have irregular work schedules and use social media all the time.
  4. To improve the quality of content and knowledge from year to year.
  5. Not have a stable income and always risk that the customer will not pay for advertising, or violate the terms of the contract.

Blogging takes a lot of time and effort. It’s easy to start blogging, but continuing to do it efficiently and for years is hard everyday work. To do it, you need to really love this business.
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Tips and tricks

The main disadvantage of beauty blogging is the high level of competition. Getting followers to your profile can be tricky, even if it meets all the written and unwritten standards. In this field of activity, everything is very subjective and individual. Each blogger has his own secret of success, but there are general recommendations that you should definitely follow if you want to become popular:

  • Choose a topic that interests you personally. It’s always best to talk about exactly what you’re good at. Only by talking about things that are important, relevant, and inspiring will you be able to spark a spark in the eyes of your audience.
  • Don’t just chase trends. Of course, on the one hand, this will help to quickly attract new subscribers, but on the other hand, if you do not what you like, you can quickly lose interest in your blog.
  • Be prepared for a thorny path first, and only then profit. Developing quality content and constantly working to attract and retain subscribers is not easy at all. And investment of time, effort, money does not pay off immediately.
  • Quality and originality should come first. Look for personal unique “flavors” and turn them into quality content for your audience. Be bold, let your creativity run wild, don’t limit your imagination.
  • Punctuality and regularity are the keys to a successful blog. Choose the optimal time and frequency of publications, and strictly adhere to the schedule. If you post too rarely, readers will quickly forget you, too often – they will unsubscribe because of spam.

A successful blogger, first of all, must be honest, write sincerely and heartily. Even through monitors, people feel fake, and will only follow those who are not trying to “screw up” their brains.

Accounts for inspiration

We offer a selection of beauty accounts that inspire and interest. They are completely different – somewhere there is a lot of personal life, somewhere there are fascinating longreads, and somewhere there is nothing but colorful photos.

  • Daria Kholodnykh is a master of brushes and a true fan of her craft. On her Instagram, you can find everything from classic looks to bows that can be regarded as objects of art.
  • Elya Bun is the queen of sequins. This account is for those who prefer to love with their eyes rather than read long reads.
  • Anastasia Makeeva is a professional make-up artist who conducts master classes throughout the country. Her blog has everything – episodes from her personal life, reviews on cosmetic products, but most of all she has bright and beautiful makeup.
  • Olga Fox is a young mother and a successful beauty blogger. In her account, among the video lessons, reviews of new products, you can see many moments from life. This blog is a cozy synthesis of life and profession.
  • Sandra Istomina – Sandra’s page looks more like a personal blog, but among the portraits of this beautiful girl you can also find many examples of her work on makeup, reviews of cosmetic novelties, tips, personal stories.


Don’t ask unnecessary questions. You don’t need to think long about why you need a blog, and what is the point of what you are doing. If you cannot live a day without your bottles, never pass by cosmetic novelties and get a kick out of this process, this area is exactly what you need. Add effort and enthusiasm and you can turn your hobby into a profitable profession.

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