How to become a content manager. What you need to learn and how much will you earn

How to become a content manager. What you need to learn and how much will you earn

Today it is impossible to run a successful business without competent promotion on the Internet. That is why almost any company needs a content manager who will take on the job of filling the site, blog and pages on social networks.

There are also many who want to master the profession. This is a dream job for those who do not want to stick to a standard office schedule, as well as a great opportunity for creative self-realization. For everyone who is looking for an interesting creative job that is not tied to the office, we invite you to read the article and find out how to become a content manager, who is suitable for this profession and what you need to learn.

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Who is a content manager and why is he needed

Content manager is a specialist who is responsible for creating content and filling various communication channels with relevant and reliable information. He coordinates the actions of authors and editors, web designers, SEO specialists and other people who have had a hand in creating content, keeps track of traffic statistics.

In other words, the content manager takes full responsibility for filling the resource with information: from planning materials, taking into account the specifics of the business, to their creation and placement. The exact list of responsibilities assigned to a specialist depends on the scope of the company, the wishes of the employer, working methods and the situation.

So, a content manager can only plan a strategy and publish ready-made material, or create it personally, interview it, correct mistakes, and participate in SEO promotion.

It is no secret that in order for an Internet resource to be visited, it must be filled with high-quality and relevant information. Only in this case it will be interesting and useful to visitors, and also be able to bring benefit and profit to the company. To achieve all these goals, you just need an intelligent specialist in the support and development of the site and social networks.

Who is this profession suitable for

Контент менеджер

The main task of a content manager is to attract and retain users on the site by creating interesting content.

First of all, you need to answer the questions: are you interested in this, do you like to work with texts, images?

A professional content manager should be:

  • assiduous;
  • attentive;
  • be able to process information;
  • creative;
  • creative;
  • have imaginative thinking;
  • work promptly.

You need to understand that this specialty implies irregular working hours. You need to give all the best at any time of the day. You need to be prepared for the fact that the measured rhythm of work may be unexpectedly disrupted by the need to publish urgent news, and other specialists will not always be ready to help and sometimes you have to do everything yourself.

Necessary skills for the job or what to learn

Requirements for a specialist in this profession differ depending on the complexity of the Internet resource (information portal or corporate website) and range from the knowledge of graphic editors and literacy to deep knowledge of PR management and journalistic work. There are also basic skills that any specialist in this industry should possess. Below we list the basic skills for such a specialist.

Ноутбук и блокнот


There is an opinion that a content manager must be educated as a journalist in order to distinguish an article from a press release, a review from an interview, or, at worst, be a philologist in order to write “beautiful and literate” text. In fact, this is exactly the profession that you can get without a tower. Many successful professionals in this industry are self-taught. The main thing is mastery of the necessary skills.

Having a higher education in related specialties or taking special courses can only be an additional plus when considering your resume by an employer.


The ability to create powerful texts that will catch visitors in an era when reading is not relevant is the key to success and one of the basic skills that a content manager should have.

Large companies often have an entire content creation department headed by a content manager. In this case, writing skills will be required in order to distinguish high-quality text from second-rate text.

Small brands often immediately assign the responsibility of writing texts to a content manager, and online stores are looking for a specialist who is ready to start writing the text at any time.

It is also important to have editorial skills, be able to find errors and correct text.

Content Promotion

Even the coolest material can go unnoticed without the skills of competently working with promotion channels. A content manager must understand the nature of viral content, be able to create viral articles, or at least select topics for them.

The content manager must be able to identify the target audience and find points of contact with it. With the development of social networks, it is also important to master the skills of SMM promotion. Good old email marketing is still relevant.

For promotion on the Instagram network, the most optimal solution would be to automate all processes. Instaplus will help you with this. While you are looking for ideas and preparing materials, he will automatically like, comment, unsubscribe, subscribe and watch the stories of your target audience.

Content strategy writing

The content must be useful for the business, otherwise it makes no sense to post it. For this, it is important for a specialist to be able to competently draw up a content strategy that would meet business goals, be unique and interesting to users.

A specialist should always have an idea of ​​the finished result, be able to plan his activities and coordinate the actions of people involved in creating content.


In some situations, the content manager must take on the responsibilities of an SEO specialist and analyst. You can’t craft a productive content strategy with your intuition alone. The specialist must know for sure:

  • what questions the target audience is interested in;
  • what content needs improvement;
  • what materials users liked more than others;
  • what kind of conversion this or that method of influencing the audience brings;
  • which topics are currently relevant for the selection of a further strategy.

Only analytics will help to understand what the audience wants, so you cannot do without the skills of collecting information and analyzing it.

Working with website builders

For a general understanding, you will need to have a basic knowledge of the operation of websites and their optimization, and knowledge of HTML markup and cascading tables will further add value to a specialist.

Some employers make knowledge of website builders a requirement. This is partly true, because a content manager can find a mistake faster than others and it is good if he can urgently correct it by his own efforts.

Working with graphic editors

One of the responsibilities of a content manager is the selection of images for publications. Therefore, the work will require the skills of creating illustrations and correcting photographs.

Communication Skills

Хороший контент менеджер и коллеги

On duty, a content manager has to communicate with both creative people and business customers. Therefore, it is important to improve communication skills, learn how to reasonably prove your vision and master the skill of persuasion.

Without communication skills, it will be difficult to find both customers and performers. It will be even more difficult to convey information about what and how to do.

Potential clients and employers

Formally, the profession “content manager” emerged simultaneously with the creation of the first website, but it became especially in demand several years ago, after the increase in the influence of Internet marketing.

Today, almost all companies and Internet projects are interested in a competent specialist. Potential employers include:

  • informational Internet resources;
  • online media;
  • online shopping;
  • SEO-studios;
  • advertising agencies.

Companies belonging to both small and large businesses are interested in specialists in this industry. In some companies, a full-time employee is hired for this position, and in some, the responsibilities are assigned to a remote specialist.

Opportunities for growth

The advantage of the job is that in the course of performing your direct duties, you can gain versatile experience in the field of Internet technologies and choose for yourself any other profession in this industry that seems more interesting and promising in terms of career growth.

So, a content manager can easily grow to an editor, an author, can become a site administrator, head of an Internet project, a marketer, and so on.

How much does a content manager earn

The salaries of specialists in this industry on average range from $ 200 to $ 700 per month. How much a content manager earns depends largely on his skills and prowess. So, for a salary of 600-700 dollars, employers are looking for specialists who have at least the skills of a marketer and SEO-promotion.

There are specialists who receive many times more. From the outside it may seem that there is no difference between cheap and expensive specialists – both of them perform the same functions, have the same responsibilities. But the employer knows why and for what skills he is willing to pay extra. Therefore, the more experience, skill and skills, the higher the salary can be expected.

Profession pros and cons

Поиск блогера

Before becoming a content manager, we advise you to carefully read all the advantages and disadvantages of the profession. The positive aspects include:

  • flexible hours and the ability to work remotely;
  • no educational requirements (only skills are important);
  • a field for creative self-realization;
  • the ability to combine work with study, learn new things and discover new professions.


  • irregular working hours;
  • possible conflicts due to the discrepancy between the customer’s tastes and the vision of the content manager;
  • underestimation of the profession in the domestic market.

The profession of a content manager does not require an academic education, it is ideal for creative people who do not want to work on the traditional “five-day”. Working in this industry, you will learn how to quickly process huge flows of information and learn a lot about IT technologies and marketing. But this profession is only suitable for those who are really interested in content creation. Otherwise, the work may seem monotonous and stressful.

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