How to become a sponsor of an Instagram contest

How to become a sponsor of an Instagram contest

Giveaway benefits everyone: organizers increase activity, subscribers receive valuable gifts, and for sponsors this is one of the fastest ways to attract crowds of live subscribers. Especially for those who want to become a sponsor of the Instagram contest, we figured out how to do this and prepared a detailed guide.

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Who is the sponsor of the Instagram contest

Giveaway – a drawing of valuable prizes from bloggers for performing certain actions, as a rule, for subscribing to the accounts of all sponsors. At the same time, the opinion leader himself does not directly sponsor the prize fund of the drawing. Money for the purchase of prizes is given by other bloggers or organizations interested in advertising and attracting subscribers – sponsors.

Sponsors are usually from 15 to 40 per competition. These are usually people and organizations looking to quickly gain subscribers with minimal effort. Among the sponsors you can easily find:

  • brands and stores;
  • bloggers;
  • coaches;
  • info businessmen;
  • girls who want to quickly become popular.

Any person or company can be a sponsor of a Giveaway. Competition organizers generally don’t care who sponsors, what content they publish, and whether it is ethical.

What the sponsor does

The only obligation of the sponsor is to make the contribution stipulated by the organizers of the competitions. The rest of the work is undertaken by the organizers.

True, if the sponsor wants the attracted subscribers to stay late and not unsubscribe immediately after the end of the competition, the account must be prepared for the giveaway. To do this, just follow two simple steps:

  1. Analyze the account and put it in order. You should evaluate your account for interest for a future audience, fill in all the main fields, fill your account with interesting content.
  2. Create a content plan that can spark subscribers’ interest. The competition gives only user traffic, but it depends on the account owner whether the attracted people will become regular readers or customers.

Why become a sponsor

польза от гивов

Giveaway sponsors are primarily for the sake of recruiting subscribers. This is one of the most effective ways to quickly attract subscribers to your account, which in the future can become active followers or customers. Then everything depends on the format of the competition.

Now, additional requirements fit into the conditions of most give. For example, in addition to subscribing to an account, you also need to like the posts, leave a comment, cancel friends and perform other targeted actions. All this has a positive effect on the engagement rate on the account.

If we talk about personalized givs held on the pages of large bloggers, then they have a positive effect on the reputation. People participate in them not only for freebies, but also for the opportunity to receive a gift from their favorite blogger. And even such a mention in the idol’s account can be called a recommendation.

Who is it for

Giveaway came to Instagram from Vkontakte, where such contests allowed quickly attracting subscribers to communities. The rise in popularity of such activities has already passed, but givas continue to gather an audience, and they still remain an effective way to attract followers.

Givas are especially effective in developing a business with sales without reference to regions, or increasing the popularity of accounts that do not have a diverse target audience. The thing is that it is very difficult to get into your target audience with givas.

To participate in a giveaway of a large Moscow weiner to a beauty salon from Yelets is like standing with an announcement at the Belorussky railway station in Moscow. The effectiveness of such advertising is approximately at the same level. It’s another matter if, for example, a children’s toy store that delivers all over the country participates in a Giveaway from a blogger, a development mom. In this case, the likelihood that children and Arabs will subscribe to the account from the competition is minimal.

Therefore, although everyone can take part in Giveaway, you need to carefully look at who you are going to the competition and whether you need it.

How to become a giveaway sponsor

The mechanics of giving a giveaway are very simple:

  • blogger or professional organizers collect donations from sponsors;
  • announce the competition, warming up the audience;
  • announce the start of the competition and give a list for subscriptions;
  • after a certain period of time, the results are summed up.

The requirements for a sponsor are even simpler – you just need to prepare your account, find the giv you want to participate in and pay the sponsorship fee. Read more about everything.

Where to start

Having made a decision to participate in Giveaway, first of all, you should define your budget and goals. Create a portrait of your target audience: think about what kind of people you would like to attract, what their problems, interests, and where you can find them. Decide how much you are willing to pay in total and in terms of per subscriber.

Based on your considerations, think about the most attractive Giveaway format. They are distinguished by several:

  • Classic. There are many accounts on Instagram that specialize directly in the conduct of giveaways. The giveaways placed in them are considered classic. Their advantages include easy search and low cost of participation. The main drawback is the low quality of the audience.
  • Nominal. In this case, the competition is held on the account of a blogger or a famous person. In this case, there are already significantly more chances to attract your target audience, but it is more difficult to reach the organizers of such giveaways, and participation is more expensive.
  • Circular. In such giveaways, several brands or bloggers with similar topics unite with each other to hold a competition, and each of them announces a draw on its page. This format helps the audience exchange, and the prizes can be joint or a gift from each of the organizers.

Choose the format that best accomplishes your goals.

Account preparation

Giveaway only drives user traffic to your account. Whether they will remain your subscribers after it ends depends on whether you can whet the interest of new readers in your profile. Therefore, before signing up for sponsorship, you should carefully prepare:

  • Customize your profile. Fill in the header and profile description, include contacts and links. With the help of a give, you can attract hundreds of thousands of users to your account, so make sure that they understand why they came and what they can get by staying in subscribers.
  • Get your first subscribers. It’s good if your account has over 1000 loyal followers who follow you not for freebies. This will build the trust of new subscribers in you.
  • Compose
    content plan for the duration of the competition. Remember: you have exactly as much time to keep your subscribers as the contest lasts. Therefore, for the time of its holding, make a fascinating content plan, in which it is recommended to include post-acquaintance, various interactions involving publication in discussions.

The main task is to competently use the traffic flow, interest subscribers, and involve them in your account. You need to make sure that users who come for a new IPhone or money become your sincere followers.

Find a giv

поиск спонсоров на гив

Finding classic give organizers is easy. It is enough to enter the word “joke” into the search on Instagram. With more valuable in terms of quality marketing named givas, everything is much more complicated.

Usually, announcements and recruiting of sponsors are carried out in secret WhatsApp or Telegram chats, which you can get into only if someone from the participants shares a link with you. If there are no such people in your environment, you can closely follow the thematic accounts in which you would like to advertise, and as soon as information about the upcoming give appears, write to Direct.

An alternative option is to look at the offers on the give exchanges. For example, Instagram contests are organized on the following portals:


You can also find professional organizers specializing in these events through exchanges and search engines.

How to choose a giv

The effectiveness of the method largely depends on which giv and from which organizers you choose. You should start by choosing the topic in which the competition will be held. For example, if you are advertising a women’s shoe store, then it is optimal to choose bloggers working on the topic of fashion and style, or beauty and health.

If the giveaway does not correspond to the interests of your audience, and the account of the event does not give access to it, then the attracted subscribers will for the most part be inappropriate. In such conditions, no matter how much you try to attract subscribers, most of them will leave immediately after the competition.

When you have found a suitable draw, go through the following points:

  • Check the organizer details. Find out if they’ve had contests before. If so, what was the response and feedback.
  • Request profile statistics where the contest will be posted. This will help you understand if it suits you according to your target audience.
  • What a guaranteed subscriber growth. You need to choose a giveaway, where a minimum of 10k followers is guaranteed.
  • What will be the prizes. It is good to choose themed prizes. For example, for mothers – baby carriages, for travelers – tours. But the main thing is that they are valuable.
  • Cost. The price mainly depends on the guaranteed subscriber growth and the size of the competition. The optimal price is 3-5 rubles. for one subscription.
  • Will there be ads. If the contests are held not with the stars, then the organizers can additionally order advertising. This is an added plus.
  • Number of sponsors. Today, up to 70 sponsors are recruited, but the more there are, the more difficult it is for users to fulfill the conditions of the competition.

If you have decided on a giveaway, do not hesitate to register as a sponsor. The earlier you sign up, the higher you will be in the sponsors list.

Payment and delivery

пример Giveaway

Very often giveaways do not have a clear start date. The competition starts as soon as all sponsors pay the fee, and this can take several months. Payment progress can usually be tracked in the live chat. When there are several people left, you can safely make a payment.

Try not to delay or delay the rest, especially since the organizers usually provide a variety of payment methods. For example, transfers to cards, WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money.

How to behave after the competition

The peculiarity of Giveaway is that people subscribe to your account not because people like your content or need your services, but for the promised IPhone or money. Therefore, in order to turn new subscribers into regular readers or customers, you need to work hard.

Nobody knows the exact mechanism of attracting followers, but in general, actions after the competition can be reduced to standard ones:

  • regular posting;
  • a variety of quality content;
  • engaging posts;
  • communication.

In addition, you can please new subscribers with a personal draw. For example, by raffling off a discount or a free copy of your product. This will not only re-attract attention, but you will also be able to turn freebie lovers into your real customers.

How many subscribers you can attract

увеличение подписчиков

On average, one give can bring a fabulous 20-100k subscribers to each sponsor account participating in the competition. This makes the givas attractive. But you need to be prepared for the fact that these subscribers will include:

  • non-target users;
  • professional members (sometimes fake profiles) who are not interested in anything other than contests;
  • bots, which are usually let by the organizers themselves when they see that they cannot cope with the guaranteed influx of subscribers;
  • your target subscribers.

Therefore, we should state a disappointing fact: after the end of the competition, only about 30-60% of the initially attracted followers will remain on your account. Moreover, if you do not work on retaining new subscribers, their number may decrease by another half to 15-30%.

Advantages and disadvantages of promoting through sponsorship in give

The benefits of Giveaway are obvious:

  • With the right organization, about 100k new subscribers can be attracted to your account in 7-10 days.
  • The cost of one subscriber from a give is on average 3 rubles. including subscriptions, which is generally very cheap.

But there are also disadvantages that the organizers of the competition will not tell you about. First of all, these are massive unsubscriptions. It is difficult to predict how many real followers will remain on the account after the end of the contest, and how many of them will really be interested in your profile. But this is not as critical as the fact that massive unsubscriptions and non-targeted subscribers can significantly reduce organic reach and engagement, which will slow down the natural growth of the profile.

A significant drawback is the high level of fraud in the industry. There are many people posing as professional organizers who, after collecting money from sponsors, simply disappear in an unknown direction.

It is also important to understand that the Instagram administration prohibits the holding of any lotteries in its open spaces, which formally are contests. It happens that the contest pages are blocked.

Sponsoring in Giveaway is a quick and inexpensive way to promote your account, but it is also very controversial. On the one hand, by choosing the right organizers, you can quickly get an influx of targeted subscribers, on the other hand, a huge number of disinterested and insolvent freebie lovers can come along with them, who can “kill” the engagement and reach in the account. The only thing that can be unambiguously stated is that givas effectively work as a quick promotion, and the result largely depends on the organizers’ conscientiousness and efforts to retain subscribers.

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