How to become an Instagram administrator

How to become an Instagram administrator

Instagram administrator is one of the most promising professions in the field of SMM. And as the social network grows and develops, the demand for this Internet profession is only increasing. Given this relevance, we suggest you figure out how to become an Instagram administrator, as well as learn about the advantages and nuances of this profession.

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Who is an Instagram administrator

Instagram is a social network that appeared in 2010 and conquered the whole world. Today, Instagram is led by stars, politicians, large corporations, and ordinary people. A huge number of active users, including many opinion leaders with cheap and effective advertising, turn Instagram into a wonderful advertising platform as well.

Many brands are striving to conquer Instagram and grab the attention of a large audience. These are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and large international companies. But not every businessman has the time, energy, and most importantly, the necessary knowledge to successfully promote on Instagram. Routine account management responsibilities are often delegated to an experienced social media specialist – the Instagram administrator.

Instagram administrator is a specialist who is engaged in maintaining, filling and promoting an account. He can either be on the staff of the company or work on a freelance basis, but in any case, the list of his duties is determined by the customer.

At first glance, it seems that this is not a difficult job, because the administrator simply posts photos, communicates with people and does everything that many of us do on social networks. But a specialist must also have comprehensive knowledge of social media, be able to predict events and quickly adapt to trends if necessary.

What the administrator does

выбор Инстаграм ниши

The list of responsibilities of the Instagram administrator may differ depending on the project. The main responsibilities are maintaining accounts, publishing stories and posts, processing incoming requests, helping and consulting clients. As additional duties, the administrator may be required to:

  • Content creation – product photography, text writing;
  • Image processing in photo editors;
  • Processing and suppressing negativity in comments;
  • Content plan development;
  • Promotion of an account in social networks;
  • Setting up targeted advertising;
  • Organization of competitions and marathons;
  • Selection of bloggers for advertising.

Thus, an Instagram administrator can be either an SMM specialist with copywriting skills, or simply be a profile administrator and communicate with clients. In most cases, responsibilities depend on whether you have to work in conjunction with other employees or on your own.

The exact list of duties delegated to the administrator is announced by customers during employment. At this point, the future administrator needs to use common sense and realistically assess their capabilities. If you are not sure that you will cope with all the tasks, it is better to discuss it in advance.

Who is this work for

Maintaining a page on Instagram cannot be called a difficult job, but this profession, like the others, is not suitable for everyone. The following qualities will help to achieve success in this direction:

  • Love for social networks. If you have never had a personal blog, do not like to watch stories for hours, scroll through the feed, like and comment – this profession will not suit you.
  • Perseverance. You will have to spend a lot of time at your computer or smartphone.
  • Constant thirst for knowledge. Instagram trends are constantly changing. The administrator always needs to learn something new.
  • Entrepreneurial streak. Many people still do not understand how important it is to have an attractive and promoted Instagram account. Therefore, you need to be able to convince, “sell” yourself and emphasize your advantages.
  • Analytical thinking. You need to be able to think ahead, anticipate the wishes of subscribers, their reaction.
  • Communication. An administrator’s work is largely based on communication with both customers and subscribers.

Skills in photo editors and targeted advertising, creativity, copywriting and analytics skills can be your competitive advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

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From the outside, it may seem that working on social networks is sheer pleasure. You do what you usually do in your free time, but now you also get paid for it. But do not forget that this is a full-fledged profession with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages include:

  • There is no need to graduate, complete special courses, or obtain any certifications. In this profession, constant practice, knowledge and real experience are much more important.
  • Free work schedule. The Instagram administrator does not need to sit in a stuffy office from 9 to 18 hours. During the day, you can do work at any time, when it is convenient and as convenient.
  • Remote activity. In most cases, you can easily negotiate remote work, and get the opportunity to work without leaving home or travel.
  • High income. The services of a good administrator, capable of comprehensively managing and promoting an account, are highly appreciated. Administrators’ salaries are often higher than the average salary for office workers.

But not everything is so rosy. This profession also has certain disadvantages:

  • A free admin schedule is like an irregular working day. You need to respond to requests promptly, post posts according to the schedule, regardless of where you are and what you are doing, and sometimes you need to work overtime. For example, if a brand ran into a flurry of negativity.
  • Remote work requires clear self-organization. If you think that working remotely will be able to work less and more rest for your pleasure, prepare to be disappointed. This is exactly the same job, where depending on how you work, you get it.
  • Income is unstable due to possible delays in orders. In addition, in most cases there is no vacation or sick leave.

Choosing this field of activity for yourself, you need to understand how you are really ready for all its nuances and shortcomings. If you truly love your profession, most of the disadvantages will seem irrelevant. Otherwise, even the constant firing of the timer, reminding you to post a post, will be annoying.

How to become an Instagram administrator

Девушки вовлечены в телефоны

The profession of a social media administrator is a relatively new phenomenon. She is not yet taught in universities. There are only a few webinars, courses and materials online.

But if you really love social networks, you will not have any difficulties in mastering this profession, because most of the necessary skills can be obtained on your own, and having gained experience, you can become a real professional in this matter.

Where to start

If you are determined to become an administrator, then first you need to think about what directions you would like to work in. Competent account management is impossible without understanding the subject matter, so the accounts that you are going to maintain should be interesting and close to you.

For example, if you don’t know anything about motorcycles, you probably shouldn’t agree to maintain accounts of a motorcycle salon. Of course, you can always get some knowledge, but it is important for the administrator not only to understand the topic, but also to be able to communicate with clients in their language. In addition, work in a field that is not close to you is unlikely to be enjoyable.

Having decided on the theory, you can proceed to the practical mastering of the profession.


Most of the skills one way or another will have to be mastered in a practical way, but to get started, you can study a little theory. For example, it will not be superfluous to take SMM courses, subscribe to various communities and blogs dedicated to this topic, listen to lectures at several webinars. So you can understand the basics of the profession.

Subscribe to popular Instagram profiles that are similar in subject matter to the areas in which you would like to work. The instablog_secrets page is a good source of information. By observing experienced colleagues, you can see them in action, learn some tricks and skills.

Try to master as many skills as possible for the profession. For example, master a few popular photo editors, read books on copywriting, SMM promotion, and customer service skills.

Portfolio development


Administrator’s skill is best evidenced by his track record – portfolio. At first, to gain experience, you can take orders with a small payment. An example of work is a personal page, which is maintained according to all the rules.


The cost of Instagram administrator services is made up of many factors:

  • scope of assigned responsibilities;
  • project complexity;
  • experience and skill.

So, if the administrator is ready to assume responsibilities not only for maintaining an account and communicating with clients, but also creating content, promoting on a social network, setting up targeted advertising, he has the right to demand from the customer a more impressive payment for his services .

If the responsibilities are partially shared with the SMM promotion specialist, and the administrator does not need to draw up a content plan, develop content, but just post ready-made materials and communicate with subscribers, the cost of services is less, however, as is the time required for work.

Much also depends on experience. Services for beginners with no experience cost less than those with successful experience.

Where to look for clients

There are several ways to find Instagram administrator vacancies:

  • offer your services yourself by tracking brand pages on Instagram;
  • look for a place in advertising and PR agencies;
  • cooperate through freelance exchanges.

You can get your first orders on freelance exchanges, such as:


To search for customers, write your resume and post it on job sites. It will not be superfluous to send a resume and the owner of commercial accounts, who clearly lacks competent profile management.

How to organize your workflow

Working as an Instagram administrator is very deceiving. On the one hand, it fascinates and seems uncomplicated. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, the first thing to do is learn how to properly manage your time. You need to be able to plan your work process and clearly distinguish between the time for work and rest. Otherwise, you will have to stay on Instagram 24/7, and there is a risk of burnout very quickly.

Контент менеджер

Will help organize the work, drawing up a clear content plan and creating posts in advance. For example, your weekly work schedule might look like this:

  • Monday – content planning.
  • Tuesday – create posts and write Stories several weeks in advance.
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – page control, comment processing.

If you neglect the preparation of content plans and preparation of posts, then the time spent on Instagram will be very blurred. For example, at the beginning of the day you will need to process customer requests, and then three times a day spend time inventing and composing a post, and in between, you need to write down Stories and have time to respond to comments. Thus, you will have to stay on Instagram from morning until late at night.

With the correct organization of the workflow, it will take only a few hours to maintain one account, and the freed time can be spent on self-improvement, rest or cooperation with several more customers.

How much you can earn

заработок в инстаграм

If we are talking about maintaining an account and filling it with non-unique content, then the average cost of such services today is estimated at 5,000 rubles. per month, while it is quite possible to combine work on several projects.

Administrator services, capable of providing a range of services, including creating colorful unique content, start at a price tag of 25 thousand rubles. Much depends on the experience, the size of the brand, and the number of responsibilities.

Useful admin tools

It’s hard to imagine the work of an Instagram administrator without many applications and helper services:

  • Instaplus is a service with which you can automate page promotion, set up an imitation of live communication in the comments.
  • Boompublic is a delayed posting service with a convenient calendar and scheduler.
  • OneMorePost is a cross-posting service that allows you to repost on Instagram from other social networks.
  • Morecom is a service for collecting comments. Allows you not to miss any important comments.
  • YouScan and Brand Analytics are reputation management services that track all mentions of your page, even if they have already been removed.

Career prospects

Having an impressive work experience and honed skills, you can get more attractive job orders, cooperate with more recognizable and large brands.

Having gained experience in maintaining pages, you can teach others to do this, delegate some of the responsibilities to them and create a whole business of administration. Working in the company’s staff, the Instagram administrator can rise to the position of the head of the marketing department.

Tips and tricks

There is no single correct template for maintaining an account – for each specific case, you will have to look for your own path to success. But there are general recommendations that should be followed in order to achieve brilliant results in this activity:

  • Learn analytics. Firstly, it is a useful skill that will allow you to correctly assess the complexity of maintaining a customer account. Secondly, knowing how to analyze the target audience and its preferences, as well as the success of the measures taken, you can become a professional in your profession.
  • Learn copywriting. Posts should sell, attract attention and hit the very heart of the target audience.
  • Learn to work with graphics. Instagram is a visual social network where everything is based on beautiful pictures.
  • You need to learn how to retain the attention of your subscribers and attract new ones. And for this you need to be able to create high-quality content, be creative, come up with interesting contests and interactions.


Instagram administrator is a creative profession. You are only limited by time and ambition. In this area, everything depends on how much you are ready to improve, how much time you are ready to devote to your favorite work and how competently you are able to organize the work process. Success awaits those who see their future in this field of activity and understand the importance of the profession.

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