How to become an Instagram blogger in 15 steps

How to become an Instagram blogger in 15 steps

Almost a billion people use Instagram every month. In addition to a cool platform for communication, it is also an effective advertising tool. One Instagram post with advertising from famous bloggers from Russia costs 100-400 thousand rubles. Foreign bloggers charge several times more for advertising posts. If you want to figure out how to become an Instagram blogger to make big money, check out the guidelines below.

What it takes to become an insta blogger

Not many Instagram users know how to become a blogger they turn to for advertising. First of all, you need:

  1. Have desire and reinforce it with actions. You need to not only want to become popular on Instagram, but also do something for this, not hoping for instant results. Often, novice bloggers lose motivation and interest, throw up great ideas halfway through, never knowing what awaits them around a new turn.
  2. To be charismatic, to have a sense of humor, to treat life unconventionally. The secret of the success of any insta blogger is a unique, distinctive character, charisma. People love not for being perfect, but for small, usually insignificant roughness. Stay yourself, do not compare yourself with others, look at the world with wide eyes, free yourself from stereotypes. This is easier said than done. If you feel like all of this is foreign to you, then blogging may simply not be for you.
  3. Have an excellent technical base. For better or worse, Instagram is a visual social network, so the quality of photos is paramount. They are greeted by photographs, and escorted to text publications. This means that you need to get a good camera with interchangeable lenses or at least a modern smartphone like the latest iPhone. It will not be superfluous to spend money on training in mobile photography in order to obtain information on how to frame a frame, combine tones, and process images.

They say that the train left in 2020, is that so?

Despite the fact that in 2020 the number of insta bloggers is quite large, the social network is open to new users. You can pick a niche that you are well versed in and start blogging on that topic. Yes, it is more difficult to promote an account now than a couple of years ago, but this does not mean that it is no longer possible to become popular.

On the social network, you can find bloggers who have grown to tens and even hundreds of thousands of subscribers in less than a year. Often these are distinctive accounts, for example, the account of the Ukrainian blogger Lelik, dedicated to rural life, grew from zero to 250,000 subscribers in a year.

Also from time to time they shoot unusual accounts, pages dedicated to humor, in particular, parodies, pages dedicated to pets and others. If you have something fresh and unique that you are ready to present to the world, then you should definitely try it.

Who is it for

Well-known blog owners are best suited for those who:

  1. Wants to realize his own creative potential. Often people who are talented in dancing, singing, writing, humor, drawing, come across such concepts as commercial and free art. The client is in charge of regulating the first option, while the second is controlled only by you. Accordingly, Instagram can be used as a platform for publishing your own works.
  2. Are professionals in any field. Today on the social network it is possible to find an expert from almost any field – nutrition, mountaineering, surfing, pedagogy, business. A blog is a business card that provides the formation and confirmation of the status of a professional and attracts new clients.
  3. Engaged in entrepreneurship. Through a blog, you can tell about your own company, popularize it on the Internet, find like-minded people and partners.
  4. Handicrafts. Knitting fashion sweaters, sewing dresses to a figure, creating fun educational toys – if you do any of the above well, you should definitely start a blog on Instagram.
  5. Wants to gain popularity. There are those who want to always be in the center of attention of others. It is not surprising that people with ambition and a thirst for popularity try to achieve their goals through a blog on the social network.

This is definitely not for you if …

You definitely shouldn’t try yourself in insta blogging if you:

  1. Lazy. To effectively promote your account, you need to publish interesting content every day. It is unlikely that a lazy person will be able to consistently post publications that attract users.
  2. Do not like to communicate with people. If communication with people is a burden for you, then you will not be able to become a successful blogger. This is due to the need to communicate with subscribers, respond to their comments, select content that matches their interests.
  3. Don’t have a hobby. To start blogging, you need to choose the right topic. If you are not fond of anything, you are not an expert in any field, then there will definitely be problems with the content. Subscribers need original content that you created yourself, and did not take from the Internet.

4 questions to ask yourself before starting a blog

Before starting an Instagram account, answer yourself:

  1. Do I have a story to tell? Before starting a blog, make sure that your imagination doesn’t run out after a couple of months. Sit down and try to come up with at least 30 themes for your account. If you succeed, then there will be no problems with the content.
  2. Who will become my subscriber? To effectively manage your account, you need to have a good understanding of your own subscribers. It is advisable to “paint a portrait” of the target audience right away in order to determine what the publications should be like.
  3. Who should I take an example from in my field? Find the most popular blogs on your topic and analyze them. Rate their design, publications, subscribers.
  4. Which plan? Think about what you can give users that competitive accounts don’t. Develop a plan for how your blog will be promoted to a leading position. You must immediately set yourself the most serious goals.

The most important question that you should definitely ask yourself before doing anything – why am I doing this, what is my goal? The answers may be: I want to find clients, new friends, partners, become famous, sell my course, promote myself as a professional or creative person, etc. If you do not have an answer to this question, it is probably worth postponing the launch of your blog.

How to become an Instagram blogger

The answer to this question is of interest to any person who wants to become popular on the Internet. Check out the following algorithm of actions and start following it to take the first steps towards your popularity.

Choose a niche

To become popular, it is imperative to choose a specific direction. Promotion of a blog that has 2 recipes, recommendations for raising children, reviews of cosmetics is a difficult procedure, since it is impossible to describe the portrait of your target audience. If you don’t know where to start, what niche to enter, then it’s too early for you to start blogging. To find your own direction, it is advisable to conduct a careful analysis of your own subscriptions, your own skills and knowledge, and then choose one direction in which you are best versed.

Come up with a name and nickname

It makes sense to name an Instagram account by your own name, but it is recommended to change it so that the user can immediately determine the profile topic. For example, it makes no sense to call the blog “Marina Sidorova” – this is a boring and banal name. In addition, at least 20 more such profiles will be found for this request. Better to call your blog Mary Beauty and start posting high quality, affordable beauty products – the first steps towards becoming a famous beauty blogger.

Creatively fill your profile

Работа в Инстаграм

The data in the header of your account matters more to your potential subscriber.

Bio is your business card and 1st selling post. Use keywords in the username, write your own USP, structure the data, break the header into blocks and highlight them with emoticons. Be sure to place 1 working link in it.

Ключевики в имени
Name keywords

The avatar should be laconic and bright, without unnecessary elements and any patterns. Your face should be clearly visible on it, and the processing should be harmoniously combined with the design of the entire account.

Switch to a business account

Switching to a business account is evidence that the created account has a specific purpose. It is easy to collect statistics on such accounts, they have more functionality. This is necessary so that brands, other bloggers, and so on will want to cooperate with you in the future. You can switch your blog to business mode if you have a company page on Facebook. To get a business account, follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Creating a company Facebook page.
  • Step 2. Launch Instagram by clicking on the “Switch to company profile” button in the parameters section.
  • Step 3. Authorization on Facebook, granting Instagram the right to manage your pages in this social network.
  • Step 4. Select the page to which the new profile will be linked.
  • Step 5. Specifying the contact information that users will see (phone number, e-mail, address).

Prepare high quality photos

Парень в желтой куртке с фотоаппаратом в лесу

Everything on Instagram is assessed visually, so special attention should be paid to the quality of the photos. They should not have overexposures, blurring, darkened areas. Pick a general style of processing, perform photo editing in special programs. Check out what storyboards, golden ratios are, learn the basics of photography. After that, you can start creating content. Remember to alternate photos of various formats in your account (large-scale, portraits, landscapes, detailed photo frames).

Tell life stories

Storytelling is considered one of the most in-demand types of content today. You need to tell users funny and sometimes even stupid stories with a certain semantic load, they will arouse people’s interest, give them information about you, make them want to leave a comment under the publication.

Here is a small list of the best topics for discussion:

  • getting to know you using 10 facts, 3 of which are false;
  • the story of your path to success;
  • contacting users for help;
  • creation of a selection of trendy images, current recipes, books.

Submit your story


Stories are probably the most requested social networking feature. More than 200 million users use it every day. This is the best tool for increasing the number of subscribers and promoting your account.

Your stories can be seen even by those who are not your subscribers, if you supplement them with geotags and hashtags. If you have more than 10 thousand subscribers, you can integrate the option to follow the link by swiping up the screen into the story.

Post regularly

This is the main rule of a popular blogger! Most of the Instagram celebrities post daily. According to statistics, an increase in posting frequency increases subscriber engagement.

Don’t forget about hashtags, geolocation and photo tags

Other users of the social network can find your profile by tags. Remember, a tag’s popularity is not equal to its effectiveness. If the hashtag is popular, then you will have more competitors. Instagram has a limitation – no more than 30 hashtags in one post. We recommend choosing the 10 most effective for your page.

Promote your profile

In order for your profile to become popular, you need to work on its promotion. There are such methods of manual promotion on Instagram:

  • contests, sweepstakes;
  • mutual PR;
  • flash mobs.

For automated promotion, you can use special services or set up targeted advertising on Instagram.

Order an advertisement

Рука с телефоном в Инстаграм

One of the most effective ways to promote your Instagram account is to order advertising from an influencer, opinion leader. The more popular the blog of the person you are referring to, the higher the ad effectiveness will be. However, it is imperative to check your account for cheating in order for the ad to have an effect. To do this, use the trendHERO service, which provides over 90 metrics for blogger verification. By using trendHERO, you get a guarantee that you don’t waste your own funds ordering ads from a blogger with inactive subscribers.

Be active

Take part in collaborations and joint events with other bloggers. For example, you made the decision to become a blogger mom. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to run a competition with another blog owner on the same topic. This way you will attract people both to yourself and to her page.

Comment on the posts of other bloggers, and also do not forget to respond to the comments that are left under your publications. Communicate actively with users so that they are constantly interested in visiting your page.

Be trendy

New challenges, trends and directions appear on the social network almost every week. Follow them, actively apply them and make content based on them. In this case, users will definitely like and repost your publications.

Don’t buy followers

A lot of Instagram bloggers make this mistake. If you want to become popular and start generating income, it is better to gain followers naturally. Cheating subscriptions is useless, because “fake” accounts do not carry out any interactions with your publications, do not increase engagement. The lower the engagement, the less likely advertisers will want to partner with you. It is very easy to check this. Almost any advertising customer analyzes the blogger’s account they want to contact through special services, in particular, trendHERO.

Start making money

Рука с деньгами

After your account has acquired the required number of subscribers, you can start making money. You can get income in different ways:

  1. Sell services, goods. In the process of successfully developing your own account, sooner or later you will come to the moment when you need to realize your business potential. For example, you can run a food blog and then open your own food service establishment. If your profile is about fashion, you can open an online collectibles store or even launch your own brand.
  2. Advertising. One of the most common ways to make money on the social network. You use products that you can recommend to your own subscribers, then create a post or story with it, receive payment from the advertiser.
    Блогер делает селфи с продуктом
  3. Sell ready-made solutions, knowledge. For example , you can become a buyer, a personal stylist who helps shape your wardrobe. Having a talent for photography, you can sell your own presets, having some unique information – create your own online course.
  4. Affiliate programs. To generate income, you can cooperate with brands and services through partner programs. The level of profit depends on hitting the target audience, the cost of the product, and the conditions of the program.

How to become a successful Instagram blogger

To be successful in Instagram blogging, keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Tag people, brands in photos. In this case, advertisers can see your photos and send an offer of cooperation.
  2. Get in touch with your subscribers. Reply to comments, pay attention to personal chats and ban those who behave offensively. You need to go to the page every day and perform the listed actions.
  3. Use Stories. According to statistics, views and reactions from people to Stories are much brighter than to regular posts. Use this function without a twinge of conscience.
  4. Use services that automate blog actions. For example, this way you can control the number of subscribed and unsubscribed users, monitor the number of likes.
  5. Organize contests. Come up with interesting conditions, provide subscribers with good prizes. This will increase engagement and increase conversions.

How to avoid mistakes

One of the most common mistakes newbies make is insincere behavior. You should always be yourself. Users will feel that you are “wearing a mask”, this is unlikely to benefit your reputation.

Do not buy bots. Overcharged subscribers will only spoil your statistics. They do not leave comments, do not give likes, and degrade your account in the eyes of potential advertising customers.

Do not exceed the limits. Instagram regularly sets and changes limits for likes, followers, unsubscribes and comments. Keep track of your statistics, follow the rules strictly.

It is undesirable to participate in giveaway and similar contests. Today this promotion method has extremely low efficiency and can significantly spoil your statistics.

Outdated processing. Also, do not use frames, collages, and other outdated methods of processing photographs.

Useful Promotion Accounts for Beginners

Below is a list of blogs that will be useful for newbies:

  1. Marketer Lilia Nilova is ready to share useful knowledge about account promotion.
  2. Ramis Yaparov maintains a blog about advertising and promotion of insta bloggers.
  3. Yana understands how Instagram works and is ready to talk about how to quickly increase the number of subscribers.
  4. Igor Zuevich will be happy to help everyone to upgrade their Instagram profile and set up advertising correctly.

Making money on Instagram is quite real. You just need to be patient, regularly replenish your knowledge and at least a little to understand any topic. You also need to be active and consistently update your blog with new content. If these conditions are met, you can become a blogger and be successful on Instagram.

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