How to become an Instagram influencer in 9 steps

How to become an Instagram influencer in 9 steps

The days have passed when only beautiful pictures and simple text posts were enough for popularity on Instagram. Now the social network has become not only a paradise for aesthetes, but also an effective advertising tool. The cost of one publication from domestic bloggers with a million-plus population reaches 400 thousand rubles, and foreign celebrities take several times more.

How to become an Instagram influencer and take a cherished place in the sun? Read the rest of the article to find out the answers to the most common questions.

What it takes to become an influencer

Are you determined to take up blogging craft? Then get ready for a thorny path, because in order to become an influencer with a loyal audience, you need:

  • Not only have a desire, but also take some steps . Alas, visualizations and affirmations do not go far, so you have to get out of bed and work hard. It is also not worth counting on instant results. Most often, young opinion leaders, who expected to taste the fruits of stellar life on the first day, lose interest in blogging and abandon the case halfway through. But in vain!
  • Be charismatic and see the world outside the box . There is definitely no place for bores on Instagram, but they love original characters with a good sense of humor. Free yourself from stereotypes, don’t imitate popular influencers and find your format.
  • Have a technical base . On Instagram, they are greeted by beautiful photographs, and escorted to text publications. Therefore, in order to captivate users with good visual content, you need to invest in a camera with interchangeable lenses or a brand new smartphone. In the first stages, it is better to follow the courses on mobile photography to learn the secrets of processing, the basic principles of competent composition and other nuances.


Who is it for

If you think that bloggers are minions of fate, who only do what they talk in stories and earn on advertising posts, then you are very mistaken. Not everyone can become an opinion leader, since the competition is fierce now and everyone wants to snatch their piece of the pie.

The best influencers are those who are :

  • Eager to realize their creativity. Artists, writers, singers, stand-up artists – all these people come across such concepts as commercial and free art. If in the first case the decisive vote remains with the customer, then in the second it is yours. Accordingly, Instagram can be a great platform for publishing your own work.
  • Are experts in a specific field. Now the social network has been taken over by psychologists, coaches, cooks and nutritionists. They share helpful tips and subtly invite followers for consultations, using Instagram as a business card.
  • Do business. With the help of a blog, you can convey the concept of the brand to your customers, tell about the range and even find partners.
  • Want to become popular. Dreaming of fame and recognition? Instagram is a global vanity fair, but not in a bad way. This social network was created for those whose ambitions are directed towards popularity.

кому подойдет

Who will definitely be left behind

This profession is not made for you if:

  • You are lazy . Did you think that everything would be easy and simple? To get promoted on Instagram and gain an army of followers, you need to generate awesome content every day. It is unlikely that a lazy person is capable of such feats, so inert persons may not even try.
  • Avoid communication. If communication with people is a burden for you, then you will definitely not succeed. In order to whet the interest of the audience, every influencer should regularly broadcast live, respond to comments and messages, ask followers questions, otherwise you can quickly go into the shadows.
  • Can’t find a hobby . To start blogging, you need to choose your niche. If you do not have any interests, and you still have to crawl and crawl to become an expert in some field, then you may have problems with the content.
  • Want everything at once . Spoiler alert: there won’t be instant results, so please be patient. People who think that multi-million dollar advertising contracts will fall on them straight out of the sky run the risk of remaining in the stage of vain illusions.

How to become an influencer

Being an influencer is not only cool, but also very difficult. How not to lose face, and what should a novice blogger do? In the following sections, we have detailed 9 steps towards your cherished goal.

Decide on a niche

Don’t turn your blog into a mess of recipes, skincare hacks, and surfing tutorials. Pick a specific area in which you are an expert and create content based on your own experience and knowledge.

определитесь с нишей

Get Started with Your Profile

Here are some key points:

  • Come up with a name . It should be concise and memorable. Avoid numbers, symbols, and bulky designs. It is desirable that the name at least partially reflects the concept of your blog.
  • Photo . No small details or bright colors! Ideal is a portrait or brand logo on a light background.
  • Fill in the profile description. The business card of a successful influencer is a well-designed header that can interest a potential audience from the first reading. Make the most of these 150 characters: write your own USP, structure the data, break the header into blocks and highlight them with emoticons.
  • Switch to a business account . The transition to a business account is evidence that this profile has a specific purpose. This will allow you to track standard social media metrics (reach, views and reposts) and run ads on Facebook.

оформление профиля

Decide on the visuals

The main trend of 2021 is authenticity, so stop treating your photos in the same style and diligently retouching portraits. The advice is quite trivial – be yourself, and there will be a suitable audience.

True, one thing remains unchanged – the love of users for high-quality images. Forget about overexposures, fingers in the frame and dark areas. If you nevertheless decide to process photos, then use special programs and play with filters. Check out what storyboards and golden ratios are, and to heighten your impact, take a course (well, just to be sure).


Tell life stories

Today, storytelling is considered one of the most demanded types of content. Tell your followers funny stories from your life, share experiences (even negative ones), ask questions that will make you want to join the discussion.

Here are some cool ideas:

  • getting to know you with 10 facts, 3 of which will be false;
  • a detailed story of how you made your way through the hardships to the stars;
  • Create a selection of trendy looks, easy recipes or interesting movies for the evening.

Don’t forget about Stories

Now stories influence followers more effectively than posts. It is for this reason that over 200 million users use this feature every day.

What to exhibit? Backstages, funny shots, opening hours, customer reviews (if you have a sales page), quizzes, questions, and so on. Another nice bonus – if more than 10 thousand people are subscribed to your page, then you can integrate the option of following an external link into the story.


Develop a content plan

Good planning is a successful influencer’s best friend. In order not to get confused in posts and not publish photos of the same type, you should think about the advisability of creating a content plan, which is ideally developed a month in advance.

Follow the activities of other bloggers and catch the latest trends on the Web, because any newsfeed can be adapted to the profile concept.

Post regularly

According to statistics, an increase in the frequency of posts has a positive effect on the dynamics of the engagement of followers. Post posts daily, but at the same time monitor the quality and do not clutter the feed of subscribers with meaningless pictures.

By the way, Sprout Social approached this issue from a scientific point of view and conducted a study that showed that there are the most favorable days and hours for posting. For most platforms, the highest engagement rates are in the morning and mid-week afternoon .

посите регулярно

Work to promote

Let’s briefly go over the main methods of effective promotion :

  • Launch target. Targeted advertising is a wonderful world inside Instagram. There are several promotion methods, and the most effective of them is Ads Manager by linking your account to Facebook. In this case, we advise you to use the services of a professional targeting specialist who will correctly configure the initial parameters (audience gender, location, income) and choose the appropriate layout.
  • Advertising via other bloggers . Even well-established bloggers with an army of fans love to order advertisements from their craft colleagues. The main thing in this business is to choose an influencer of interests who actively communicates with the audience and does not use programs to cheat bots. For such purposes, there is a service trendHERO . It is here that you will find a database of 60+ million opinion leader accounts, and you can also check the user using special metrics.
  • Engage with your audience . Respond to messages and comments, engage in heated discussions, create polls in Stories and like others’ posts – in other words, give your followers feedback.
  • Giveaways, Contests, SFS, Mass Following and Mass Liking . In war, all means are good – a similar rule can be applied to promotion on Instagram. Yes, these are dangerous methods, for which sometimes you can even get the notorious “shadow ban”, but if you approach the issue with a cold mind, then there is every chance to increase the number of followers.

Be trendy

Almost every day on the vastness of the social network, there are some new challenges, hot topics, news feeds and directions. Follow them to adjust your content to trends and stay on the same wavelength with your followers.

будь в тенде

Don’t buy followers

This is the most common mistake among newbie bloggers who, in pursuit of numbers, start to spin useless bots. It is better to recruit followers in a natural way, since dummy accounts will still not do you any good, but engagement will be cut easily.

Remember this simple axiom: the lower the engagement, the less likely potential advertisers will come to you with commercial offers . It is very easy to check this. Anyone can analyze the profile of the influencer they are planning to contact through the trendHERO service.

How to make money

There are a lot of options, so it all depends on your source data and the concept of the blog.

    • Advertising earnings . The main way to monetize your profile is through advertising. The influencer himself integrates advertising materials into his publications and stories. For example, a blogger can post a video in which he subtly mentions what a cool camera he is shooting this creation with.
    • Insta Modeling . Have you dreamed of a modeling career since childhood? Then go ahead! However, instead of walking the catwalk, you will have to shoot quality content for various brands.
    • Ambassador . The ambassador is the official representative of the brand among its target audience. The main mission of the influencer in this case is to convey the company’s mission to the general public, explain it in simple terms, form a loyal audience with similar interests and subtly recommend using the brand’s gifts.


  • Collaborations. Collaboration with bloggers has recently become not only a fashionable trend, but also an effective tool in the fight for the audience’s attention. Collaborations are a great opportunity for both companies and influencers to make money. For example, you can collaborate with a brand to create an exclusive line of clothing or sell the rights to an image.
  • Selling courses and guides . No matter how eagerly users complain that now every second blogger considers himself an expert and sells information products with enviable persistence, the fact remains that the demand for materials of this kind is only growing.
  • Marathons . Another cool idea for making money. Let’s take a look at sports as an example. To run a marathon, you need to create a separate account and post workout plans, exercises, links to articles, tips and recipes there on a daily basis. Naturally, the profile should be closed, and access to it is opened only after payment has been made.
  • Affiliate Marketing . Often in the posts of opinion leaders, you can see phrases from the category: “I agreed with the brand so that they give a discount to my subscribers” or “Use this promo code and you will be happy in the form of a reduced cost”. Naturally, bloggers did not come to an agreement with anyone, but simply registered on the sites of affiliate programs. There is another option – the brand itself found the right influencer and offered him a similar format of cooperation.
  • Selling presets . A preset is a specific set of photo settings (white balance, contrast, brightness, saturation). It’s worth noting that you don’t have to actively blog to sell presets. It is enough to be a photographer and post your own work on the page.

How much to charge for advertising

There is no magic formula for the calculation. Advertising price depends on various factors :

  • filing format;
  • the quantity and quality of the audience;
  • the company’s advertising budget;
  • the popularity of the blogger and his requests.

Below we talked in detail about the most famous ways to determine the cost of advertising on Instagram.

Hourly Pay

A great option for novice bloggers and those who use too many temporary resources to create content. For example, if you need to apply technical editing skills, use special gadgets, drones, or go somewhere for a full-fledged advertising post.

How much a blogger charge for advertising in this case can be calculated using the following formula:

Hourly rate * hours spent producing content + any additional costs.

An example of calculation if the hourly rate is $ 50:

  • 30 minutes to explore brand and product concepts;
  • 60 minutes to generate ideas;
  • 45 minutes to create a photo or video;
  • 60 minutes for content processing;
  • 15 minutes to post and write a text message.

Total: 3.5 hours – $ 175 payable.

почасовая оплата

By engagement

Some brands may be skeptical about paying for time, so it makes sense to charge for the actual engagement of users under the post.

True, there are some nuances here. Statistics show that the more subscribers on the account, the lower the level of engagement. This indicator is influenced by many factors. For example, sometimes followers think that if a post has more than 40K + likes, then their “heart” will not do the same. But in vain!

The convenient service trendHERO will help to calculate engagement automatically.

Next, you can determine the optimal cost for one user activity and calculate the price for an advertising post.

An example of a calculation based on dry numbers:

  • number of likes under one post – 5000;
  • number of comments – 125;
  • total activity under the publication – 5,125;
  • price per activity – 0.1 USD.

Therefore, one post will cost $ 512.5.

кому подойдет0


For especially lazy influencers, great minds have long invented special online calculators that can independently calculate the cost of a publication, based on the initial parameters: the number of followers, their activity, the level of engagement and other statistics. and are popular now.

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Build on customer budget

Any negotiations on cooperation should start with clarifying the brand’s advertising budget. Yes, every influencer should have a minimum threshold, below which he will not fall, but still, one should not ignore the financial capabilities of the company.

Knowing the brand’s budget, you can follow several scenarios :

  • develop a commercial offer based on the company’s requests and pricing policy;
  • reduce the time it takes to create a post, thereby lowering the overall cost of advertising;
  • get more if the customer’s budget is higher than your standard price.

It may also happen that the brand that has applied does not have an advertising budget. Then he can offer the blogger cooperation on barter. This means that instead of money, the influencer will receive copies of products or the opportunity to use some service for free.

How to be a good influencer

Here are some valuable tips to help you grow faster:

  • Tag pages of brands, people . If advertisers like your images, they can send an offer of cooperation.
  • Be always in touch with subscribers . Respond to comments, conduct polls in stories and ban those whose behavior is beyond the bounds of decency.
  • Post a story . According to statistics, users are more likely to respond to stories than to publications in the feed, so use the capabilities of this tool to the maximum. To promote on Instagram, you need to maintain regularity of posts and give the audience as many reasons as possible to react to them (for example, organize games using poll stickers).
  • Run contests periodically . Mandatory points of a successful competition are simple conditions and cool prizes. Yes, this requires a financial investment, but it will significantly increase engagement and increase conversions.

Learning Accounts for Beginners

And now we will tell you a little about blogs, which will be very useful for beginners. We advise you to subscribe immediately so as not to lose:

кому подойдет2

кому подойдет3

кому подойдет4

    • Dmitry Kudryashov is the author of the bestselling Instagram Administrator and the creator of a useful blog about promotion.

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    • Igor Zuevich will help you upgrade your account and properly set up advertising.

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Pros and cons of being an influencer

Blogging for many is not just a hobby, but a whole profession that has its advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps we should start with good :

  • Ample opportunities for self-expression. Here you can fully realize your creative potential. Write long posts, shoot sketches and share original shots with users. In short, do whatever your heart desires.
  • Not a bad income. All users who are active on Instagram have thought about monetizing their profile at least once, and you are no exception. The social network allows you to make money on advertising, sponsored posts, collaborations, and even copyright courses. Why not take this unique opportunity?
  • New acquaintances. You don’t have many friends, so on Instagram you are very likely to find mates with the same interests.
  • A chance to express your point of view . Want to be heard? Then you’ve come to the right place. Discuss, write posts on hot topics and give your opinion on acute situations.
  • Your own boss. Yes, maintaining a profile is hard work, but you can independently adjust the work schedule and maintain a page from anywhere in the world. By the way, you don’t need to ask anyone for a vacation.
  • Opportunity to become more organized . There is nothing to do without planning on Instagram, so blogging will teach you how to manage your time wisely and take a responsible approach to any business.
  • Popularity . If there is no room for you on TV, then welcome to Instagram. The good news is that it doesn’t need extraordinary ability or connections. It is enough to find your own unique style and keep the audience’s interest.
  • Buns as gifts . Even nanoinfluencers (up to 1,000 subscribers) have every chance to get clothes, care products, decorative cosmetics and other nice things from brands.

Now let’s move on to the cons insta-work:

  • Not always spent efforts pay off . Get ready for the fact that Instagram is a world with its own rules. Today you are on a horse, and tomorrow you can become a mediocre blogger, whose popularity will fade before our eyes. Someone lacks patience, and someone made too many fatal mistakes in promotion. Do not despair, perhaps you are made for something more sublime.
  • Inadequate fans. And this, unfortunately, happens. Some people do not recognize any boundaries, invade privacy and watch Insta-stars in the most unexpected places. This is precisely the flip side of fame.
  • The need to regularly generate content . Natural disasters, civil unrest, poor quality of the Internet connection – nothing should make you deviate from the content plan, and this is tiresome.

кому подойдет7


Making money on Instagram is quite real. To do this, you need to have patience and regularly work on the content. The main advice is to be a person and do not try to imitate anyone. Find your niche, experiment with communication, and actively engage with followers. Only in this case, you will definitely gather an army of fans.

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