How to become an Instagram manager

How to become an Instagram manager

Any new professions cause rejection and misunderstanding among people. If you do not sit in the office for 8 hours and do not go to work with boats, then you are not a professional. And people whose activities are inextricably linked with social networks and smartphones are generally considered idlers and darlings of fate. Yes, despite progress and digitalization, society is still not ready to accept Internet specialties.

Today we will figure out how to become an Instagram manager, and what skills are needed for this.

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Who is an Instagram manager

If an SMM specialist works on a comprehensive promotion of a profile, then the manager assumes responsibility only for a specific area. For example, it rakes requests in Yandex.Direct, responds to comments, or deals with content.

If you need to manage your page on a turnkey basis, then the SMM manager comes into play. He recruits a team of designers, targetologists, analysts, copywriters, and they work together to achieve the result. And if you need to delegate one area (for example, writing posts), then it is better to hire an instagram manager.

The list of job responsibilities depends on the specific area of ​​the manager.

Кто такой менеджер в Инстаграм


Promotion and Advertising Manager

Not to be confused with targeting. The promotion manager does not strategize or set up targeted ads. His responsibilities include:

  • “wrapping” the account;
  • filling in the profile header;
  • ordering advertising from bloggers;
  • using free promotion methods (tags, subscriptions, comments);
  • carrying out the give.

Blogger Manager

If even a beginner with minimal experience can become a blogger’s assistant, then the manager’s profession includes more advanced functionality. A person must be an advertiser, producer, and SMM specialist.

The blogger’s manager contacts brands and advertisers, negotiates a payment format, monitors the influencer’s reputation and forms a staff of assistants (photographers, designers, copywriters, etc.).

Content Manager

Everything is pretty simple here. The responsibilities of the CM include drawing up a content plan, publishing posts and stories, writing texts. The content manager must clearly understand what topics are “hitting” the audience, and also constantly analyze the reaction to publications.


Visual manager

A relatively new direction. The visual manager knows exactly at what angle the object should be photographed, how to make a ribbon in the same style, and what is trending now.

He develops a visual blog strategy and is fully engaged in design (creates covers for relevant stories, processes photos, makes advertising banners, and so on).


Direct Manager

This profession is often underestimated and they are looking for a beginner who is ready to answer messages for 5,000 rubles a month. In fact, everything is much more complicated, because a direct manager must combine the functions of an administrator and a sales person.

Firstly, in order to conduct a dialogue on behalf of another person, the manager needs to study the blogger’s communication style and at least superficially understand his preferences.

And if you have undertaken to administer a commercial profile, then it is also important to be able to sell.

Qualities and skills

Several soft skills and hard skills , which you definitely can’t do without:

  • the ability to find a common language with other people: it is easy to write, call, negotiate something and quickly resolve controversial issues;
  • detective skills are also useful (especially if you need to quickly get some contacts);
  • the candidate must be able to competently plan, analyze ad metrics and prepare reports;
  • ability to use special services;
  • insight and knowledge of trends;
  • time management;
  • experience in sales, SMM or digital marketing is appreciated;
  • knowledge of the market and the specifics of working with bloggers / celebrities;
  • in some cases it is important to have a good level of English;
  • own the main social media channels.


The list of job responsibilities depends on the specific area of ​​the manager. Here are just a few of the requirements.

Blog Admin Tasks:

  • rake Direct, reply to messages and comments;
  • neutralize negativity (stop quarrels and foul language);
  • communicate with tech support;
  • process offers of cooperation;
  • answer subscribers’ questions;
  • publish posts according to the content plan;
  • accept applications to a private account, monitor the audience flow.

Responsibilities of the advertising and promotion manager:

  • communicate with the media;
  • if you work with a company that develops the direction of influencer marketing, then: analyze blogger accounts for markups (trendHERO service will help you with this) and work with opinion leaders;
  • competently negotiate, conclude deals and seek the best conditions for the customer;
  • run contests;
  • search advertising sites;
  • track blogger reputation;
  • control the advertising schedule.


  • compose a visual content strategy for a brand or blogger;
  • design a grid;
  • organize and conduct photo sessions;
  • process snapshots and create presets;
  • design highlight stories and posts.

Content Manager:

  • write different types of posts (selling, informational, entertaining, tone of voice formation);
  • create content plans in accordance with the goals of the business and blogger.


Who is this work for

If you are sociable, creative, assiduous and attentive to details, then this is half the battle. A good manager must quickly find a common language with people, adequately respond to criticism and be ready for force majeure. In this case, you can forget about the normalized schedule once and for all. Editing a photo at 1 am or making a thoughtful post on Sunday is a routine, not an exception to the rule.

A properly built personal brand is the key to success and the key to the hearts of employers. A promoted, aesthetic account carries more weight to potential clients than course completion certificates.

For example, for a promotion manager, the key factor is having a “live” audience, and for a visual manager – a harmonious feed.

Кому подойдет эта работа

How to become an Instagram manager

This direction has not yet managed to form into a separate profession, so many potential employers habitually call Instagram managers “SMMs”, not understanding what they are doing. Let’s figure it out.

Where to start

First, work on building your personal brand. A promoted and attractive account automatically adds +100 to your karma and increases your chances of finding customers.

Here are some highlights to watch out for:

  • Quality content . A manager without attractive visuals and literate texts is like a shoemaker without boots. Build the right content strategy and try to form an image of an expert in a certain field in the eyes of the audience with the help of posts: publish life hacks and share insights.
  • Fill in your bio . The profile header is your business card. Do not be lazy and generate structured text, clearly describing how you can be useful to the customer. For example: I write cool texts, create beautiful collages, or reply to messages within 2 seconds. Simply put, you need to talk about your skills as succinctly as possible.
  • Заполните био

  • Regularly check your private messages . Check requests so as not to miss clients. We also advise you to constantly respond to comments and not remove the negative (if it is constructive criticism, handle it).
  • Add contact information . Not by Direct alone. Customers should also be aware of communication alternatives. Phone number, email, links to other social networks – anything will do.


Getting a job as a manager without experience and at least basic knowledge is an impossible mission. Yes, this is not taught at the university, but you can master the profession on your own by regularly reading specialized literature and looking at courses.

Find a selection of helpful materials below.

For content managers

CM must be able to write “selling texts and develop a content plan.

Books :

  • Content, Marketing and Rock’n’Roll – Denis Kaplunov.
  • “Write, cut. How to create strong text “- Maxim Ilyakhov and Lyudmila Sarycheva.
  • “Copywriting. How not to eat a dog “- Dmitry Kot.
  • “Copywriting. Workshop “- Vera Kapylova.
  • “Copywriting from scratch” – Daniil Shardakov.
  • “Content manager. A universal tool for making money on the Internet ”- Natalia Nesterenko and Andrey Shantarin.
  • “Content Marketing. New Methods for Attracting Customers in the Internet Age ”- Michael Stelzner.

Courses :

  • “Content Marketer” from the Online University “Netology”.
  • Course “Content Manager” from Vera Apsarova.
  • “Online Content Management Course” from HEDU School.

For visual managers

Not only practical skills are important here, but also a subtle aesthetic taste. Additional materials will help to form a love of beauty.

Books :

  • “Designing Everyday Things” – Don Norman.
  • “About the font” – Eric Spiekermann.
  • Visual Thinking – Dan Roehm.
  • “Design is work” – Mike Monteiro.
  • “Rice Storm” – Michael Mikalko.

Courses :

For Advertising Manager

Everything is clear here: an advertising manager must be able to develop a strategy, segment target audience and know the basics of social media marketing.

Books :

  • “How to come up with an idea if you are not Ogilvie” – Alexey Ivanov.
  • “Tough SMM. Get the most out of social media. ”- Dan Kennedy.
  • “The Art of Marketing Messaging” – Joseph Sugerman.
  • “Social Media Marketing. Just the basics ”- Jason Falls and Eric Decker.
  • “Remote. Office not required ”- Jason Fraid and David Heinemeier Hensson.

Courses :

Portfolio development

Portfolio is a sore point for all job seekers. Some have nothing to show, while others do not know how to “tasty” design and package experiences and cases.

The manager’s portfolio must contain:

  • project links;
  • examples of successful posts;
  • examples of promotions that garnered the most reach;
  • project descriptions – tasks and KPIs;
  • photographs, examples of advertising banners, guidelines, creatives, etc.

So far there is nothing to brag about, and without a portfolio they don’t take anywhere? Here are some tips for getting your first experience:

  • test tasks (very often on freelance exchanges, customers ask the applicant to make a technical assignment);
  • courses, educational platforms and business schools (by diligently completing all tasks, you can put together a good first case);
  • fictional projects (turn on your imagination, visualize the client and solve his problems);
  • free projects (you can offer your help to a startup, small business or aspiring blogger).

Наработка портфолио


The following factors influence price formation:

  • the nuances of the technical implementation of the project;
  • blogger (company) size and manager experience;
  • the complexity of communication with the customer;
  • timing and duration of the preparatory period;
  • amount of work.

Where to find clients

To find a job on online sites:

  • Monitor job vacancies on sites . To do this, you should look at, Yandex.Rabota, and the section with Avito’s vacancies. True, the title of the position does not always coincide with the work that you have to do, so carefully study the responsibilities and only then send your resume.
  • Look for work in publics and channels . Telegram is best suited for this purpose. Here are some useful communities: Remote workers, Norm jobs, We’ll call you back, Jobs and resumes from Digital. Dozens of ads appear here regularly.
  • Make useful contacts . Attend thematic offline events, webinars, conferences, and more. Better to take an active part in them.
  • Start publishing. Generate useful content, such as copywriting or visual content. With the help of them, you can declare your expertise and draw attention to services. The most effective option is to publish case studies.
  • Collaborate through freelance exchanges . For example,,,,

Где искать клиентов

How to organize your workflow

To prevent work from engulfing you completely, learn how to properly manage your time. Make a clear distinction between leisure and business. Otherwise, you will have to hang out on Instagram 24 by 7 (so you risk quickly burn out).

For example, a content manager’s weekly work schedule might look like this:

  • Monday – content plan;
  • Tuesday – creating posts several weeks in advance;
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – page control, comment processing.

Как организовать рабочий процесс

How much you can earn

As in all insta professions, there is a wide range of prices in management. The salary directly depends on the level and demand of the performer.

For example, the profit of a content manager varies from 3 thousand to 40 thousand rubles. You can conduct three or four projects at the same time. The average salary in the “state” is from 25 to 80 thousand rubles. per month (depending on experience and skills).

As for the earnings of a visual manager, it is difficult to predict anything, since the market has not yet been fully formed. But for the compilation of one tape, you can get from 500 rubles. up to 5 thousand rubles. Analysis of the account style, development of recommendations and a strategy for designing a profile can cost about 3-8 thousand rubles more.

Brands of the middle segment are ready to pay performers 30,000 – 40,000 rubles for work, small shops and novice bloggers – up to 5,000 rubles, but cooperation with large celebrities can bring from 100,000 rubles a month.

Сколько можно заработать

Useful manager tools

A selection of services, programs and applications that will help you be more efficient :

  • Popsters. Service for analytics and content analysis in social networks.
  • Instaplus. A deferred posting service that is useful for content managers running multiple projects at the same time.
  • Hashtagger. Finds relevant hashtags similar to the one you selected.
  • Контент-менеджер0

  • Ask Lisa. A cool service that predicts the success of a photo (powered by machine learning). Upload a few pictures that you cannot choose from, and the application will determine by itself which picture will get the most likes.
  • Контент-менеджер1

  • Colourkuler. Determines the main color of the account. You just have to stick to it when creating your content.
  • LinkTree. Allows you to place several active links at once.
  • Canva. A platform for creating infographics, collages, banner ads and so on. The main plus is the availability of a huge number of free templates.
  • Snapseed. Photo editor developed by Google. Suitable for both professional and amateur photographers

Career prospects

Over time, the Instagram manager can move in any direction. For example, become a head of the marketing department, a PR specialist, an SMM manager who is involved in turnkey projects, a targetologist, an AR mask developer, or a blogger producer.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Pros :

  • the ability to work remotely;
  • new acquaintances;
  • a huge field for realizing creativity;
  • high demand in the market for social media marketing services;
  • career growth and good wages;
  • opportunity to learn a profession independently or by courses;
  • quick start.

Cons :

  • irregular schedule;
  • high competition;
  • an urgent need to constantly develop and prove their professional suitability;
  • Until now, many employers do not have a clear understanding of the competencies of an Inst Manager;
  • a lot of work.


Tips and tricks

Here are some cool tips to help you become a sought-after professional:

  • train multitasking (a good manager should be able to communicate with people, write reports, sell, and understand digital);
  • constantly learn and improve your skills;
  • read specialized literature, watch courses and webinars;
  • develop awareness;
  • be prepared to achieve KPIs;
  • learn to work with information;
  • do not rush to all social networks at once;
  • make a work plan for the day / week / month;
  • be sociable, build useful connections;
  • constantly monitor trends and analyze successful cases;
  • if you’re an ad manager, never judge an artist on just one metric, and don’t ignore small influencers (sometimes they are more useful than celebrities);
  • Build a strong interest in blogging.

An Instagram manager is a difficult profession that requires a lot of time and total dedication. In this area, everything depends only on your efforts and desire to develop. If you are well versed in trends, know how to competently organize the workflow and are ready to constantly learn, then you can become in demand in your chosen niche. Look for yourself and go forward, despite the setbacks!

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