How to become invisible on Instagram

How to become invisible on Instagram

Instagram is a social network and as such it provides users with a series of information, you should know that it is not possible to act invisibly on the platform, but you can implement some settings on the privacy to limit the visibility of some things.

In this guide we will explain how to become invisible on Instagram , by acting on some privacy settings of the account, posts and friends.

Making your account private

Do you want only some people to see your Instagram profile? You should know that it is possible to make the profile private, how? From the smartphone application, access the Options menu at the top right.

By activating the “Private account” option, located at the bottom, only authorized followers will be able to see and comment on the uploaded photos, whoever wants to follow you must send you a request.

We remind you that if you keep your profile public, Instagram could use the photos for commercial purposes, as mentioned in the conditions of use provided at the time of account activation.

Block a user on Instagram

Some users comment too much or leave offensive sentences? With Instagram you can protect your privacy, to block a person you have to go to his profile, access the menu, enter the Options and choose the item Block , this way you will no longer be able to comment or see your content.

Use watermark to protect photos

The watermarks are transparent writings that are applied to the photos, in this way you can protect your images from unauthorized use, a sort of copyright.

Delete comments or close them

With Instagram it is possible to delete a comment at any time, this function can be performed from both smartphone and computer, to do so you need to press the “Comment” icon and select the message to delete.

If you want to edit a comment, press the three-dot icon, while to disable comments , just go to the single post points button and tap on “Disable comments.”

Block notifications from Instagram

Sometimes notifications can be too many and annoying, especially push notifications which are those that alert you as soon as an action occurs, to disable them you can go to and then from the menu Options> Settings> Push Notifications, take action and block them.

Another type of notification is that via email, these can also be annoying, especially if they concern promotions or updates on products, to delete them you can always act by deactivating them from your account

Manage access by third-party applications

As with other profiles such as Facebook, also on Instagram you can manage access by third-party applications to your information and contact list, as well as photos.

To revoke the access of these profiles to your information just select the item “ Your account ” and click on “Revoke Access” on each application that you want to block, in this way you will protect the privacy from third parties.

Making Instagram likes invisible

Are you wondering if it’s possible to make your likes invisible ? If you set the account as private you can prevent a follower from seeing your Likes , but if it is put on a public post there is no way to hide it.

Hide a photo on Instagram

Instagram allows you to archive and hide the display of a published photo thanks to the Archive function. To choose who to show content to, just go to Photo Options and then choose the Archive, button which will merge all the photos chosen in a specific section, which will be added to the home screen and will be marked with a circle with hands.

Delete an Instagram account

Have you decided to delete your Instagram account? Do you want your information and photos to be no longer accessible to anyone? The procedure is simple: by going to the menu and then on Edit Profile, you can get to the page Delete your account.

This operation must be performed directly from the web version of Instagram, it cannot be done from the smartphone. You must enter a reason before deleting the account, then the password and confirm.

You can also temporarily deactivate your account by going to Edit profile and then click Temporarily disable my account , enter a reason and password to complete the procedure.

How to view Stories without them knowing?

We conclude this guide on how to become invisible on Instagram , explaining how to view Stories without anyone knowing, usually, after viewing a story, your name appears among those who have taken view the content.

To prevent this from happening, you need to:

  • Open Instagram and go to home feed
  • Instagram preloads all new feeds and stories
  • Wait until Instagram has downloaded all the stories of the people above
  • Turn off Wifi or smartphone connection and touch the story you want to view

In this way you can view the Instagram story without the user knowing , after doing this, close the Story and reactivate the Wi-Fi or connection .

The person will not receive any notification that their Story has been viewed by you.

This procedure can be performed as many times as you want and will allow you to view all the stories of the people you follow anonymously.

To learn more about this topic, we invite you to read: How to view Instagram Stories without the user’s knowledge and other tricks

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