How to choose a blogger to advertise on Instagram?

How to choose a blogger to advertise on Instagram?

How to choose a blogger to advertise on Instagram? Surely many of you have abandoned mass following and massliking and are gradually switching to official targeted advertising on Instagram. Well done! But, I think it is worth recalling that this is not the only way of legal and high-quality promotion on Instagram. There are more bloggers! Advertising from bloggers is also very effective. But! The most important thing here is to choose the right blogger to advertise. This is what I will tell you in detail today.

How to find bloggers for advertising on Instagram

So, now I will describe in detail how to do everything.

Step 1: Choose a blogger account to search for the following bloggers

Step 2: Click the “down” button to the right of the subscription shortcut, after which the profiles that Instagram recommends to you will appear

Step 3: Write a question about advertising in Direct.
Here I’ll tell you about the nuance right away. It is imperative to ask for advertising both in the feed and in the stories!

Step 4: Request statistics.
Ok, let’s say the blogger answered you. What’s next? Next, you need to ALWAYS request the statistics of his account in the form of screen shots:

  1. Screen of Stories views statistics. This is necessary in order to check how many subscribers this blogger actually has in Stories. And in general, to understand how many active users it has. Likes can be increased and you will not understand who liked and how many% of these likes are real people. But stories are watched by real people))
  2. Screen statistics: gender, age, geo, subscription activity by days of the week. Gender, age, geo – you need to estimate the volume of your target audience in this blogger’s account. Subscription activity screen – active days on which more people subscribe to the blogger. To advertise these days.

Thus, you collect 10-20 bloggers in order to find out from whom, after all, to advertise.

Let’s say that the blogger threw you all the rates and screenshots of statistics. What to do next?

Drawing up a table for estimating the cost of advertising

After you have collected data from 10-20 bloggers, you need to create a table so that you can clearly see who has the price overestimated, and at whom it is adequate. Enter the following data into the table:

  1. Number of subscribers
  2. Average number of likes on the last 10 posts
  3. Average number of comments on the last 10 posts
  4. The price for advertising in the feed
  5. The price for advertising in stories
  6. Average number of views in stories (from ___ to ____)
  7. Age of target audience
  8. % of women and% of men
  9. Geo (needed for you)

So, we get this table:

Next, fill out this table and calculate the price of each blogger for coverage of 1000 people, in terms of activity indicators. Here is an example of how it should turn out:

Naturally, then you are already comparing the cost of advertising from different bloggers and choose the most affordable in terms of price and quality. ALWAYS add 3 more blocks at the end to assess the effectiveness of advertising:

And, of course, record what kind of advertisement was, what was placed and with what text! THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT! 🙂

Additional ways to find bloggers to advertise on Instagram

And now I’ll tell you about other ways to choose a blogger to advertise on Instagram:

  1. В VKontakte communities, such as “Instagram advertising exchange” (I will not recommend communities, as we usually do and search only through Instagram).
  2. In telegram channels and chats, such as Instagram advertising exchange
  3. On various platforms, such as Sociate (I will not recommend it either, since I have not used them)

Do not forget that those bloggers who are always in demand – there are always advertisers! 😉

And that’s all for today. If you have additional questions – write them here

A little later I will attach a video recording in which I will show you how to do everything 😉

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Vladimir Kazakov was with you. Until next time! 😉

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