How to choose an influencer for a successful ad campaign

How to choose an influencer for a successful ad campaign

Opinion leaders have long been the engine of trade. They consult with them, listen to them, and “buy” from them. Some advertisers rely on millionaire bloggers, giving them fabulous money for one post, while others, on the contrary, prefer to cooperate exclusively with micro-influencers. It all depends on the specifics of the product and the appetite of the brand.

How to choose the “right” influencer so as not to waste your money? Let’s figure it out together!

Why work with influencers

Cooperation with bloggers is necessary for several reasons :

  • Any information posted on the influencer’s profile is perceived as a friendly recommendation or personal opinion, and not direct advertising.
  • Blogger authority is shifted to your brand . That is why bloggers are called opinion leaders, because they can influence their subscribers. Even if the followers understand that there is clearly a paid post in front of them, they will still think about buying, since a person whom they trust tells them about it. If an influencer demonstrates a product visually, this once again reinforces the confidence of users in the reliability of your company, as they see the product in action.
  • Influencer creates engaging content . If you need to generate unique content, there is no need to contact advertising agencies. It is enough to start cooperation with a blogger who will take spectacular pictures and bring fresh ideas.
  • красивый контент

  • Content virality . Content created by bloggers is rapidly spreading across social media. Users actively like and comment on posts, add posts to bookmarks, share them and discuss them with their friends. This, in turn, directly attracts attention to the brand.
  • Generation of sales. Influencers are capable of generating traffic efficiently. It is enough for bloggers to present the product on their page and attach a link to the site “tasty” so that the traffic will increase instantly. In addition, such a campaign will have a positive effect on the search engine optimization of the resource.
  • Establishing communication between the company and the target audience . Bloggers are the link between your brand and your customers. Having established communication with followers, you will receive honest feedback, and this is one of the fundamental aspects of the company’s development. Users will comment on the posts of influencers and you will be able to track what customers like about the products and what points they would like to fix.


Things to Consider When Choosing an Influencer

Here are 7 key tips to consider when working with influencers:

  • Cheats . A common problem among newbie bloggers who think that the more subscribers they get, the faster they can rake in millions for ads. The trendHERO service will help you calculate the percentage of active users. Well, if you don’t want to delve into analytics, then just check the ratio of subscribers to likes. The page is followed by over 10,000 users, and under the posts flaunts at most 50 ❤? It seems that someone is sinning with bots.
  • Focus on subscribers . Now the first violin is played not by the number of followers, but by their quality. When choosing a blogger, pay attention to what benefit he can bring you and how much time he is ready to devote to working with the brand. According to these parameters, the influencer with fewer subscribers is significantly ahead of his millionaire colleagues. So it makes more sense to spend your advertising budget on micro-influencers.
  • Control difficulties. There are two extremes here. Some advertisers limit themselves to a briefing in a short message and send the influencer to free bread, while others follow literally every step of the unfortunate person, not giving him even a chance to deviate from the plan. Excessive control can prevent a blogger from creating organic content for his audience, and its complete absence will lead to incorrect positioning of the company and disrupted deadlines.
  • Tracking campaign performance . In influencer marketing, there is an ironclad rule: “you don’t control what you don’t measure”. When launching an advertising campaign, a brand must clearly understand what results it wants to achieve and how it plans to track it.
  • No commitment . Not all companies in this case care about the legal side of the issue, but they should. Working without a contract is fraught with dire consequences. The blogger can either hide with money, starting to ignore your messages, or move away from the script and completely forget about the prescribed conditions.
  • Cost . Determining the price for one ad post can be extremely difficult at times. This is especially true for brands that have just stepped onto the path of influencer marketing. Advertisers do not understand the principles of pricing, and bloggers skillfully take advantage of their ignorance, sometimes setting space prices.
  • Influencer’s Core Values ​​. Before embarking on a fruitful collaboration with a blogger, carefully study his content and the core values ​​that he is trying to convey to the audience. Even the best advertising will cause irreparable damage to the brand if the influencer’s name surfaced in high-profile scandals.


How to choose an influencer for your ad campaign

With poorly built communication, a blogger can become not a trade engine, but a real brake, so below we have outlined the most important steps that will help you comprehend the intricacies of influencer marketing.

Do you need an opinion leader at all?

Ask yourself this question before embarking on a fierce search for “the one”. If the answer is yes, start developing a strategy and creating a ToR based on the following points :

  • Product . Depending on the specifics of the product, you will need to figure out which bloggers to look for. In the world of Instagram, there is a clear division into topics, among them: lifestyle, beauty, travel, finance, a healthy lifestyle, and so on. For example, in order to advertise a cosmetic product, you’d better reach out to female influencers in the 18-35 age range. But for the promotion of an insurance company, travelers and city opinion leaders are suitable.
  • The purpose of the advertising campaign . Just a warning: sales and leads are much harder to influence than reach. It is important here to competently approach analytic issues (promotional codes, links, etc.). If the tasks are clear, it is worth starting to create a technical assignment. Write down all the nuances in it – from brand values ​​to the format of content presentation.

цель рекламы

Influencer Metrics Analysis

Finding the right blogger is a big challenge. Most likely, out of 100 influencers, a maximum of 10% will suit you. Why so few? The choice is influenced by many factors – from the target audience of the blog to statistics.

Analyze the page of the influencer you want to partner with. Will your ad fit well with its content?

Maybe just a month before your contact, the blogger advertised a personal trainer with enviable persistence, emphasizing that home workouts will not bring any results, and now you are suggesting that he promote apps for self-study online.

At best, the influencer will refuse, and at worst, he will advertise, and instead of reaching and new customers, you will only get a storm of indignation.

Now more about the parameters:

  • Number of subscribers . In this case, more does not mean better. Sometimes advertising on a thematic blog with 10,000 subscribers is much more effective than a celebrity post with a million followers. This is due to audience engagement (it is higher in niche blogs).
  • Ratio of regular and promotional publications . How often do ads appear on my profile? If every day, then run away from this influencer as far as possible, because the audience’s trust in such an opinion leader is somewhere on the level of the baseboard.
  • Engagement . An indicator that will show how actively the audience interacts with the blogger’s content. Likes, comments on posts, reposts and bookmarks. The best way to gauge engagement is to use the requested statistics.
  • Reach . To analyze a page, ask your blogger for reach statistics for the last month. If an influencer has about 150,000 followers, 70-90,000 coverage is fine, but if instead you see 10-15, it’s worth considering. Either the blogger got banned, or most of the followers are just bots.
  • статистика

  • Fake . Modern problems require modern solutions – this is exactly what enterprising bloggers think, who ascribe extra zeroes to themselves and fake statistics without shame. Grief masters often give out floating numbers, but still we recommend that you double-check the data using trendHERO .


Discuss advertising terms

There are several steps that will help you negotiate with a blogger to place a sponsored post. Here’s our checklist :

  • Send a commercial offer . As we said above, it will take a long and tedious process to send. Why? Most letters remain unanswered and there are several reasons for this: either the blogger was not interested in the product, or he simply did not notice your message in a huge stream of messages (in this case, it is worth duplicating). In your email template, briefly describe the brand, what you want from the influencer and what format you prefer.
  • договоритесь о сотрудничестве

  • Terms of Reference . The golden rule of a successful advertising campaign is never work without technical assignment, otherwise you risk losing money to nowhere. In the terms of reference, it is necessary to give the blogger all the introductory information that will help make the advertisement more effective. Write down not only the structure of the text, but also the task for the photo. For example, let’s say you want a close-up of the influencer’s face and your product. Then write about it, avoiding misunderstandings in advance. Also, be sure to write in the TK all links and marks that should be in the integration.
  • техническое задание

  • Clear deadlines . The first thing you need to do is set a timeline for your ad campaign. You should start looking for influencers at least a month before the expected publication date, so as not to jump into the last car of the departing train and not agree to any free window. Do you want unexpected surprises in the form of missed deadlines? Set a deadline for the approval of materials. For example, write in the TOR that the text for verification must be sent at least 2 days before publication.
  • Checking advertising materials. The blogger has sent materials. Excellent, half the battle is done! All that remains is to make changes and persuade the influencer to listen to your recommendations. If the influencer can clearly argue why the ad delivery should be slightly transformed, and his reasoning is valid, then you better listen. The blogger knows his audience and roughly understands what content it will accept more willingly.
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What indicators should you pay attention to after an advertising campaign

Advertising campaign passed? It’s time to reap the benefits. Depending on the purpose of the integration, request the following statistics :

  • If you ran an ad through a story with a link that led to your site or your profile, request conversion statistics and calculate the CTR (click through rate) obtained. This can be done using the formula: number of clicks / number of views * 100%.
  • If the target was coverage, track this metric. Compare the post with other sponsored posts and analyze the results. It is important that the influencer’s cost is no more than 1⁄3 of the reach.
  • Monitor comments, as followers often have questions about the product. It is also important to check comments for comments from bloggers. If the response is mainly from profiles with a large number of subscribers, this means that the influencer is abusing activity chats, thus creating the illusion of interest.

Where to look for good influencers

trendHERO главная

trendHERO is a unique service that can make advertising among bloggers easier and much more effective. On the platform, you will find a database of 60 million accounts, as well as over 90 metrics for profile analytics and checking the influencer for cheats.

Looking for the right blogger? We recommend that you pay attention to the following indicators :

  • Audience Engagement . The percentage of the audience that actively interacts with the content (likes, leaves comments under the blogger’s posts). The higher the number, the more reach your ad post will have.
  • дурнев

  • Audience reach . Shows the percentage of followers who have less than 1,500 followers (these people do not have such an overloaded feed, which means they are more likely to see your ad).
  • Dynamics of changes in the number of followers . If in one day as many as 500 people subscribed to the influencer’s page, this indicates that the blogger has activated the cheat. The audience growth rate should be natural (without sharp gaps and unjustified leaps).
  • коммуникация0

  • Number of subscriptions . If a large blogger has a fairly impressive number of subscriptions that are not even indirectly related to the topic of his account, this directly indicates the participation of the page owner in mass following.

Also note the following metrics :

  • comments by type;
  • distribution of likes;
  • audience interests;
  • audience gender and demographic characteristics.

And remember the main rule of successful promotion through a blogger – it is not the quantity, but the quality of followers that is important.

How much does advertising cost

Instagram ads for influencers have very relative prices. So, the price for one post from top bloggers can vary from 1,000 to 20,000 dollars.

For example, Nastya Ivleeva, giving an interview to Dudyu, let slip that advertising on her account can be ordered for about $ 14,000. But a creative video will cost even more – from 20,000 USD.


For some reason, Yuri Dud himself is in no hurry to reveal all his cards, but from third parties he managed to find out that a famous journalist takes $ 20,000 for one short advertising message.

More than 4 million people have subscribed to Alena Venum’s page, and the price for an advertising publication exceeds $ 10,000.

Ukrainian opinion leaders are not yet ready to shock advertisers with fabulous sums and behave a little more modestly. The famous stylist Margarita Muradova with an audience of 300,000 followers is ready to post for $ 1,500, and Saba Musina (influencer, Pupsi Kira’s mother and co-owner of G.BAR) in some cases charges from $ 2,000 for publication.


Singer Santa Dimopoulos, whose account has about 800 thousand subscribers, makes a full-fledged advertising post for $ 1,000.

What else to look for

First of all, you need to rate the influencer’s page according to the following parameters :

  • Followers . Place of residence, gender, age, hobbies – all of these points should match your target audience.
  • Their activity . Analyze your profile statistics using trendHERO to immediately cut off cheat lovers. Also see if subscribers leave comments under posts and how actively they communicate with the influencer.
  • Blog format . Before you start partnering with an influencer, check out the content delivery style.
  • Advertising experience . Take a look at the blogger’s previous advertising posts and activity below them.
  • Content quality . Determine what the blogger posts on his page, and in what tone he communicates with followers. Decide if it fits with your brand vision.
  • Number of subscriptions . If this indicator is more than the number of subscribers, it means that the influencer does not hesitate to use “gray” promotion methods.
  • The ratio of advertising publications to regular content . Some bloggers unobtrusively integrate sponsored posts into their own content, while others, in turn, stamp advertising publications with enviable persistence, without even bothering about how it looks in the eyes of followers. We recommend that you avoid profiles that are teeming with such content.
  • Video views . This indicator is much more difficult to wind up. It will help you determine what percentage of users actually follow the influencer’s life.

Advantages and disadvantages of collaboration

Brand promotion through bloggers has a number of advantages , including:

  • increase in coverage;
  • the ability to get feedback from users;
  • establishing trust between the brand and the client;
  • loyalty increase;
  • audience growth;
  • unique content;
  • increasing the level of awareness.

Of the cons it is worth highlighting:

  • a blogger may not do what you originally agreed on;
  • it is difficult to predict the results of an advertising campaign;
  • to find a suitable blogger without cheating, you need to spend a lot of time analyzing;
  • the influencer may disappear immediately after payment, so it’s better to work under a contract;
  • dishonest influencers often refuse to share statistics.



Instead of a conclusion, here are some basic tips to help you spend your advertising budget more efficiently:

  • don’t go to a blogger with a product that doesn’t match their profile;
  • check the influencer in advance for cheating;
  • expensive is not always good, so instead of top bloggers with inflated fees, we recommend paying attention to micro-influencers;
  • try to collaborate regularly, as one-time posts will not bring the desired result;
  • do not be rude or rude to opinion leaders, even if you pay them a lot of money;
  • don’t contact the influencer with a “raw” product (until you’ve thought about the funnel, packaged the product, generated content, designed your website or profile, it’s better to postpone advertising).

And the last rule – plan your ads at least a month in advance, since some bloggers have a queue scheduled for six months in advance and you simply may not get involved in this stream.

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