How to choose between publishing a post and a Linkedin article?

How to choose between publishing a post and a Linkedin article?

If you regularly use Linkedin to share content with your network, you have certainly not missed the different ways of doing so available to you.

In fact, from the reception you are offered the option to “start a post”, add a photo / video to your post or write an article.

However, it is not necessarily intuitive for all users to clearly understand the differences in uses between a post and an article, and therefore to know how to choose between one or the other for your next Linkedin publication. .

Beyond knowing what to post on Linkedin , it’s important to know how to do it, and that’s what I’ll be telling you about throughout this article.

1) Good uses of the Linkedin post

To start, know that the post is the most used content distribution tool by Linkedin members.

This is created in your Linkedin home, by clicking either on:

  • Start a post
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Plus (giving access to additional features)

The most common method is to click on “Start a post”, which will load a new screen where you can:

  • add text
  • insert a link (URL) of a website
  • identify other users or pages
  • add hashtags
  • insert photo, video or PDF file
  • celebrate an occasion (put a colleague in the spotlight, be grateful to of a person, announce the launch of a project, share a professional anniversary or inform of the taking of a new position)
  • create a survey (up to 4 response options and a maximum duration of 2 weeks)
  • offer help (general assistance, recommendations, career coaching, CV evaluation, relation)
  • find an expert (with the choice of a category, a location and the addition of a description)
  • share a profile (honor a user )

Now that you know the different features of a Linkedin post, let’s talk about best practices for its use.

It is particularly interesting to create a Linkedin post to share:

  • short text (like a job posting)
  • a photo / video or an article hosted on a website external to Linkedin with a textual introduction

The Linkedin post should be seen as a vehicle for content that is rather quick to consume, and above all relatively simple to produce and distribute for all users of the social network.

2) Good uses of the Linkedin article

It is less common for Linkedin users to go through this content uploading feature, but it still has some interesting advantages in certain situations.

As the name suggests, this will be about writing a real text article, just like we might do on a blog or website.

To benefit from this feature, you will need to click on the “Write an article” button, accessible from the Linkedin home.

A new screen will load and offer you:

  • to format the text (as in Word for example)
  • to add a cover banner (featured image)
  • to insert text, clickable links, images and videos

It is therefore customary to share longer textual content in Linkedin articles than in the “text” part of posts.

The Linkedin article gives all professionals the opportunity to share their expertise or point of view on a subject, especially when they do not have a blog available.

It has become common for leaders to speak up in this way, as we can see an example below (link here ):

To go further:

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