How to create a content plan? 8 questions before creating

How to create a content plan? 8 questions before creating

How to create a content plan? There are at least 8 questions that need to be answered before making a content plan. You need to answer them honestly and frankly. This is the only way to achieve a clear idea of ​​what and how needs to be done in the near future.

Let’s go!

1. Purpose?

Let’s go without preludes. And we will not mumble either. The overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs go to social networks for … sales! Let’s be honest, an entrepreneur does not gather an audience in his community in order to confess his love to them and wish them a good day every morning. The main goal here is sales. And the point. Most likely, you will too. And all further actions will be aimed at finding an answer to the question, “how can social networks and content help me sell?”.

2. How are the sales organized?

Well, we caught up with the people in the social network. And how to sell to this whole crowd? We don’t just want them to join our community, but also make a purchase. Therefore, we think in advance who is responsible for what: who collects applications, who communicates and moderates in the comments, and who squeezes out potential buyers.

3. What to do in case of failure?

There should be a plan “B”. Required. At the most inopportune moment, things may not go the way you imagined. Now, while this has not happened, we answer a few questions in advance:

– What do we do if no one subscribes?

– No applications, what are we doing?

– There are applications, but no sales, who is to blame?

Such situations do happen, and you need to prepare in advance for this in order to rebuild at the right time.

4. Who is your target audience?

Well, this is generally the foundation of a content strategy. We need to understand who we will sell to. It’s good if you already have customers – look at them, analyze them. Create a portrait of the client. Give them only the information they are interested in.

5. How are your competitors doing?

Carefully, with a magnifying glass, we study the social networks of competitors – what do they publish, how do they write, what content does their audience respond to best of all? Try to explore their advantages and disadvantages. Find the best – the benchmark from your niche. Take a look at their content. You may not like the way they write. But it works! This means that this is exactly what our audience needs.

We take what works for others (no, we do not steal). Making it even cooler, fixing it in the content plan. Not logged in? We remove it altogether.

6. What about advertising?

Targetologist and content creator are two synchronous divers. Both content and ads should be targeted to the same audience. Consistency is extremely important in this case. For example, the content may not correspond at all to the expectations and interests of the people whom the advertisement brought to you. You promised one thing, but in fact you give something completely different.

7. Promotions, discounts, novelties?

We think in advance what events may happen in the company in the near future. For example, some promotions, new acquisitions, important dates related to the life of the organization. They must be included in the content plan. Play around such events – each, but within the framework of the goal. Is the company having a birthday? Excellent! We arrange a contest with cool gifts. Stock? We trumpet this publicly and often – people should know.

8. What objections can there be?

We work with objections. And we do it just before the “battle”. Here you have made a portrait of the client when you determined the target audience. So now, after all, they should know what pains he has, where to press. Based on this, we wang – we think over objections and situations in which the client can refuse to buy from us. And be sure to include in the content plan posts that blow these objections to smithereens.

Did you answer the questions? Read again, carefully, realize and feel. We’ll have to return again to these questions. Therefore, save to your wall so as not to lose and know how to draw up a content plan quickly and without pain.

And we will tell you about what content really is and what kind of content you need next time … Stay tuned for updates.

Vladimir Kazakov and the Madwins SMM agency were with you

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