How to create a VKontakte group: step by step instructions

How to create a VKontakte group: step by step instructions
Как создать группу ВКонтакте: пошаговая инструкция VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia these days. For this reason, many entrepreneurs create, maintain VKontakte groups, with the aim of attracting an audience with the help of it. How to create a VKontakte group and what you can do in it today we will tell you in our step-by-step instructions.

How to create a VKontakte group

In order to create a VKontakte group properly, without redoing it already in the bud, you need to decide why the group is being created. There are several types of VKontakte communities:

  • Business;
  • Thematic community;
  • Brand or organization;
  • Interest group;
  • Public page;
  • Event.

Как создать группу ВКонтакте

To run a group for business, it is logical to choose the “business” category. If you have a good idea for a small business, then creating and maintaining a VK group will be a good way to tell about yourself and your product.

The first step has been taken. Next, you need to write the name of the group, as a rule, this is the name of the organization for which the group is created. There is also a section for choosing a topic, that is, the direction of the organization’s activities. And the last thing in this step is to provide a link to the website. This is done so that when a user visits your group, he can go to the site of this group, that is, the site of the organization.


Now you just need to check the box “I have read and agree to the terms” and start on the button “create a community”. This completes the stage of creating a VKontakte group.

How to create an album in the VKontakte group

To post a photo, you need to create an album in the VKontakte group, as they usually do. This is more convenient, since if the organization is engaged in SEO promotion to the TOP and you and the user will be guided by the subject of photos, for example: a photo from a wall, a photo from a cover and a photo from some headings.

To create an album in a group, you need to go to the “Management” tab which is located on the main page in the menu under the main cover photo of the group. Next, go to the “Sections” tab, here we put a tick in front of the “photos” item.

Как создать альбом в группе ВКонтакте

Now we return to the group’s main page and select the “Add photo” function in the lower left, load a photo from a personal archive, or a folder, and after you add a photo, it will automatically go to the “main album” which is created by default.

In the upper left corner there will be a button “Create album”. Click on it if you want to create your own album and fill in the fields for creating an album.

Добавить фотографию

Although from the outside all this is simple, not everyone can master it or they simply do not find the time for these to study. Since the group needs to be constantly supported and active in it, constantly updating information, many group owners hire a person of such a profession as an SMM specialist who, although he is engaged in advertising in social networks, can take over the promotion and maintenance of the group.

How to create a poll in the VKontakte group

You can create a request in the VKontakte group either with open voting or anonymous. Also, the answer options and the background of the survey are selected independently.

To do this, on the main page, where posts for the group are created, in the small menu in the corner, hover the cursor over the “more” button and select “poll”.

Как создать опрос в группе ВКонтакте

Now we make out the survey itself. We write the topics of the request, as a rule, this is some kind of question, for example, “Do you like our group.” And we write down the answer options: “YES, NO, I DON’T KNOW, NOT VERY” and so on. The background of the survey can be selected either from the proposed ones, or you can download your own from your personal archives. Of course, it’s easier than providing website promotion services in Yandex, but for some it is still problematic.


You can talk a lot about actions in the VKontakte group. But the most important thing, I think, we have sorted out. I hope you understand how the group functions work. And in a hotel article, we will tell you how to write VKontakte posts correctly so that the groups are active and gain an audience.

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