How to Create and Promote a YouTube Channel – Marketing Tips

How to Create and Promote a YouTube Channel – Marketing Tips

We’ve put together the best ways and secrets to create and promote your YouTube channel, increase your subscribers and their engagement. If you know more ways or you have a successful experience – write in the comments to the article!

For bloggers, the YouTube channel can become a source of income, and for a company it can be an effective video marketing tool. In any case, you need the correct promotion of video content and the promotion of your YouTube channel, then you will need to carry out a set of work with many subtleties, which we will discuss in this article.

As of 2019, video content leads the content marketing market. YouTube is the second most searched site in the world with an audience of over one billion users. Facebook and Twitter recently got into a battle for video content and user engagement, but they still haven’t reached the reach that YouTube has.

How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel: Where to Start

Channel idea. Coming up with something new and original is an important task that determines success. YouTube users are getting used to beautifully designed videos with interesting content and presentation. Think about the main idea of ​​the channel, its mission and the benefits for your target audience.

Who is the target audience of the channel. Understanding your target audience’s preferences, problems or needs will help you create attractive content that will be in demand and promote itself.

Which content format for YouTube to choose. There is no recipe for creating a video that everyone will like at once. However, the interests of the target audience of the channel should be studied in advance. Based on this information, you can determine the type of video that will form the basis of your channel. In our work, we usually recommend considering the following video content formats:

  • personal opinions;
  • interview;
  • instructions, usage guides;
  • reviews and professional advice;
  • stories and life hacks (for bloggers) / cases (for business);
  • entertainment content;
  • viral video (blogger) / creative advertising (business);
  • training, seminars;
  • live broadcasts (streams, live videos).

Resources. Assess your capabilities and resources for creating regular video releases: high-quality shooting (light + sound), editing, design, etc. Estimate your budget for channel creation and advertising, as well as your knowledge of internet marketing. The basic principles of internet marketing and SEO will come in very handy when promoting your YouTube channel, so if you’ve had SEO experience this will help you.

Determine the frequency and duration of your videos. The relevance of a video is important for a user who expects to receive regular content of interest. Create a schedule and release videos according to it – this builds a relationship with the target audience. The frequency of videos release depends on your resources and subject matter, but you always have a choice: release videos often and shorter, or less often and longer. If you have decided on the video format and target audience, then it’s time to determine the optimal video length for it. Doubt – do an experiment or create a poll on the channel.

Research your competitors. YouTube prohibits duplicating someone else’s content (video, sound, photo) without the consent of the copyright holders. But this does not apply to their ideas and design “chips”. Study the content of more popular channels of your subject not for the purpose of “blind” copying, but for creating new materials. We recommend that you subscribe to the best channels of foreign bloggers and companies. This way you can regularly get new ideas on your YouTube feed. Take the best and most suitable from various channels to create the best video blog in the niche!

YouTube channel design

Design a YouTube channel. Channel design is your recognition

YouTube allows you to create a unique channel design. For a company, the channel can be designed to match the corporate identity. Items important for customization include:

  • channel icon (avatar) – displayed both on the channel and in search results, comments;
  • background image in the channel header;
  • channel description;
  • links to social media profiles;
  • affiliate program links.

Оформите канал YouTube

Add a channel logo to every video

The logo is also called a “watermark”, which is visible on the video all the time – an easy way to brand your channel. To create it:

  • sign in to YouTube;
  • open the Studio tab;
  • from the menu, select the “Channel” section and then “Branding”;
  • click the Add Channel Logo button;
  • follow further instructions.

Don’t overuse color schemes: a transparent background and a one-to-two-color image are the best options for a watermark.

Create playlists and group videos

An unstructured video array makes it difficult to find footage and play back sequential related videos. Content that is well sorted into categories allows the visitor to easily find the material of interest and watch videos in the sequence you specify. If users see that the videos are merged into a playlist, then most likely they will not stop watching one video.

Создайте плейлисты и группируйте видео

Videos on the Yandex channel are divided into categories using playlists.

Create sections on the main page of the channel

With the help of sections, you can organize the content on the channel page in a convenient way with a logical structure. This is available in Customize Navigation → Customize the View of the Overview Page. On the main page of the channel, the Add Section button will appear. For each section, you can define the content to be placed in it, the title and description of the section.

Create a quality trailer

Trailer – a short (30 to 60 seconds) video about the channel. YouTube allows you to automatically play this video when you open your channel. The trailer may contain suggestions for potential viewers, a story about the channel and what kind of videos you are making. An invitation to subscribe.

Your YouTube Account Settings

YouTube allows you to define a number of “default” settings for future video uploads. For example, you can customize the default video description. To do this, by logging into your YouTube account:

  • open the Studio tab;
  • from the menu, select the “Channel” section and then “Video Downloads”;
  • enter the text about your channel, an invitation to subscribe, links to your social networks, website address, email, phone number, hashtags, etc. in the “Description” field.

The specified text will be added to the description of each video by default. You just have to add a few words about each video you upload.

Настройки вашего аккаунта YouTube

How to create an engaging YouTube video

An obvious advice that many people forget about: the content should be interesting to the target audience, useful and informative. It can be divided into two categories:

  • actual – interesting at the moment;
  • classic – always interesting.

Actual content catches the hype, gives bursts of views. Classic content provides an even number of views.

Develop a script for each video

A good script takes into account the characteristics of the target audience of the channel and allows you to create a video that interests them. If several people are working on the video, then the script will help the operator, announcer, designer and video editor to work harmoniously. If for all – you are one, everything is easier. But the script is needed to create a video, where there will be no “water”, hesitation, and the presentation will be consistent, understandable, logical. In general, the script includes:

  • a description of the actions taking place in the video;
  • the text that will be read out;
  • key moments of the video (focusing the viewer’s attention, calling him to action, animation).

Create a branded video splash and theme skip

The general standard for splash screens allows a set of videos to look more attractive and recognizable. The space inside the video will help you to switch the viewer’s attention from topic to topic without further ado!

Small cutscenes at the beginning and at the end of the video make the material more attractive in the eyes of viewers. Intro and Outro increase channel awareness and give each video a professional feel.

Use a call to action

Asking to subscribe to the channel and like the video takes a few seconds. And viewers are happy to respond to such a request – use it.

Determine the video length convenient for the target audience

Depending on the topic of the channel, the length of the videos can vary in a wide range. Research shows that videos under 5 minutes in length (4.4 minutes to be exact) have the highest conversions. Try to create videos, the length of which will correspond to this value. However, remember that the length depends on the format. Entertainment, business advice, overview, unboxing are traditionally short formats. Seminar or streaming video (“stream”) implies long viewing.

End your video brightly

Regardless of the topic of the channel, end your videos in a vivid and memorable way. Summarize the video, ask viewers to express their opinion about the material in the comments, make an announcement of a new video, invite them to subscribe and rate the video.

YouTube channel promotion on your own

You can follow our guidelines yourself to get YouTube’s search engine to recommend your videos more often, which will lead to more views of your videos and more subscribers.

The ranking criteria for YouTube channels are as follows:

  • number of subscribers;
  • audience engagement (likes, comments, duration of video views);
  • links to a channel on the Internet.

YouTube video ranking criteria are as follows:

  • Likes, Dislikes;
  • number of comments;
  • number of incoming video links;
  • number of video embeds on third-party resources;
  • number of video views;
  • duration of video views;
  • number of videos shared on social networks;
  • YouTube and Google have much more evaluation criteria, but they keep them secret, and we are working on solving them;

Get a unique URL for the channel

If your channel has 100 subscribers, then you can set your own unique URL name for your channel and the link to your channel will look like this: / YourChannel

Otherwise it will contain a channel letter code like ABra_KadabRa_abRaKadabRa

Post a link to the channel and invite subscribers

Be sure to post a link to your channel:

  • on your site or blog;
  • in social networks, provide a link and post the YouTube video code;
  • sign your mail and colleagues’ mail;
  • indicate on a business card, brochure;
  • if you have an office or a store, indicate the channel address on the signboard;
  • make an email newsletter.

The more people know about you, the better – use any opportunity to attract subscribers, this will give an impetus to the channel and the YouTube algorithm will start recommending your channel to a potential target audience.

! The trick: invite everyone who follows the link to “subscribe”!

If you add the line “? Sub_confirmation = 1” to the address of your channel, then when you click on such a link, the visitor will see an offer with a subscription.

Encourage people to watch videos

Since one of the main factors in the ranking of a channel and video is the statistics of the duration of its viewing, then stimulate the viewer to watch the video in full. Intrigue the viewer and encourage at the end. For example, you can declare at the beginning “Watch the video to the end – the most interesting thing at the end”, “… at the end you will find out the secret …”, “… at the end you will have a surprise / competition / gift”, etc.

Collaborate with other bloggers

Find other bloggers that your target audience intersects with. Agree with them about reciprocal links to the channel or about a 10 second mention in the video. For example, if you have a YouTube channel for a beauty salon, then the tanning studio channel is your potential partner.

YouTube video optimization and promotion

The video file format when uploading to YouTube affects popularity

Videos with good resolution (HD or better) are preferred and ranked higher in YouTube search results. The presence of embedded subtitles and other technical details of the downloaded files are also taken into account: a number of technical requirements for the video file format are listed on the support page.

For SEO video optimization of videos, apply our rules below.

Optimize your video titles for search queries

A fancy video name is a good way to grab people’s attention. On the other hand, it is important to consider the SEO of your YouTube channel and video. Title optimization includes:

  • using keywords that are relevant to the video and channel;
  • acceptable length, no more than 50 characters;
  • attractiveness and informativeness: the viewer should be interested in the video and understand from the title what will be discussed.

Optimize the description for each video

Video description is an important aspect of YouTube SEO. The text will be viewed not only by viewers, but also by the search algorithms of the service. It is important to include the optimal number of keywords in the description, and to do it as naturally as possible.

Avatar (icon) video

A clickable splash image for each of your videos will bring it up in search results.

YouTube allows you to customize your own video previews. As a rule, the preview automatically selected by the program – a random frame – is not the most intriguing and “catchy”. You must set an interesting picture for each video: you can choose an unusual moment from the video and write a title. Use a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels and a file size of less than 2MB.

Аватарка (значок) видео

Professional bloggers make bright and attractive video previews. The main thing is not to slip into clickbait, which is prohibited on YouTube.

Use meta tags and hashtags

Relevant meta tags have a positive effect on YouTube video ranking. Meta tags have a lot to do with how videos are displayed in search results, so don’t neglect their use.

Create videos specifically to promote one or two keywords

This may sound obvious, but building a video based on a single topic / keyword is the best way to get the traffic you want and grow your audience. Try using the YouTube keyword search tool to find the most popular keywords in the niche you want to target.

It’s important to pick a keyword before you create your video content. Once you have selected a keyword, check out other videos that are currently showing up in search results for that keyword.

Cut existing video for targeted search queries

If you already have interesting content filmed on broad topics with a long video duration, then you can simply cut it into 3-6 minute clips, add designs and optimize each video for 1-2 search queries.

YouTube channel promotion, if you have a budget

According to experts of our company, the role of money in the promotion of the YouTube channel is exaggerated: the quality of videos and the regularity of their appearance have a greater impact on the popularity of the channel and the number of subscribers. However, your channel will gain popularity faster if you organize an advertising campaign. Let’s look at how to promote a channel on YouTube with a certain budget. An ad campaign may include:

  • channel promotion in social networks: it can be targeted advertising, paid posts in groups with your target audience;
  • promotion on other channels – placing materials on sites with a large target audience;
  • placing ads directly on YouTube. An effective way to promote, especially if you use it on thematic channels. Separate video-side ads, embedded-in-content ads, and splash ads at the beginning of a video. The difference between a commercial and a splash ad is that the former can be interrupted after 5 seconds of viewing, while the latter cannot;
  • contextual advertising. An effective way to share your channel or video on third-party sites. Apply targeting by region and by time of display! For example, you can start promoting your live video 3 hours before the broadcast starts.

Websites and services for YouTube promotion and visitor boost

These include:

  • video seeding services;
  • services for exchanging / buying views and subscribers;
  • ad exchanges.

Some sites allow you to promote a YouTube channel for free, in other cases they will take a certain amount of money for the work. However, be careful with cheating, as unverified services can lead to an inappropriate audience, or even bots.

Connect with your audience – bring it back!

Feedback is important

Don’t be lazy to read comments and reply to them. The presence of feedback will allow you to track the reaction of viewers and, if necessary, adjust the development of the channel. Trust is your resource that can play a positive role in the event of an epic fail.

Include audience in channel actions

Conduct giveaways / giveaways in honor of significant dates, channel reaching a certain number of subscribers, etc. This attracts new viewers and retains old ones – after all, the opportunity to get something to be appreciated for free!

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