How to create and use Instagram Reels well?

How to create and use Instagram Reels well?

Instagram Reels are a new feature offered by the social network allowing the posting of video clips of a duration maximum of 15 seconds .

If this concept sounds familiar to you, it probably stems from the fact that you are using TikTok, because this video template made the latter so successful.

So how do you tell the difference between classic posts , stories , IGTV and now the Reels?

I will explain to you throughout this article what you absolutely need to know about this feature, and how you could integrate it into your communication.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a new way to create fun and engaging video content from Stories.

Similar to TikTok , users can choose from a large library of music, borrow sounds from other videos, or record their own sound creation.

There is also a countdown timer and an option to adjust the speed of your video, as is the case on Tiktok.

Instagram Reels can be shared in your Stories, sent directly to certain users in private messaging and added to a new tab on the account profile:

On the other hand, there is now a new section in Explorer Instagram : the “Top Reels”, that is to say the already popular videos with a strong potential of virality .

The Instagram Reel creation functionality is available at the production screen of a new Story, as we can see below:

Depending on the type of Instagram account (personal, professional or creator), the ability to add music will be offered or not. For copyright reasons, this option is not present when you have a professional account, but active for personal and creator accounts.

For all types of accounts, you can:

  • choose video playback speed
  • set a timer to let Instagram record a video of the length of your choice, without keeping your finger pressed on the screen
  • align one or more object (s) present in a previous part of our video, to achieve smooth transitions

If you want to retrieve already created video content, you can click on the bottom left of your Instagram Reels production screen, and thus draw inside your smartphone camera roll.

Once you are happy with the result and ready to post, you can edit the cover photo with a snippet of your video or a picture from your phone. Then you can save the Reels as a draft, send it as a private message to friends, share it as a Story, and add it to your Instagram profile.

Unlike Stories, users can like and comment on Instagram Reels videos.

With the arrival of this new feature, companies & brands therefore have a new way of communicating with their community.

So how do you use it and what can you promote with Instagram Reels?

Present the method of manufacture of products

The Le Slip Français brand has shared a video in which we can glimpse the manufacturing process of one of their products.

Entertain & entertain your community

This is the case, for example, of Merci Handy, which uses its TikTok content for distribution on Instagram Reels.

Each of the videos is thought to give a likeable image to the company, like the one below where she shares what she thinks happens on Mondays in the office.


Look for the commitment of your community

In this case, it is a question of the company creating an Instagram Reels to improve its position in the algorithm of the social network, and to know the opinion as well as the likes of its subscribers.

For example, Sephora asked if her followers would be interested in running a competition to win one of her products.


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