How to create multiple Instagram profiles?

How to create multiple Instagram profiles?
Вопросы #СпросиПроСММ

Hello friends! In this short article, I answer the very first question from the #AskProSMM heading! Today we’ll talk about Instagram.

So the question is the following:

“Hello, Katya. Happy New Year! I opened two accounts on one phone on Instagram, you wrote that it is possible up to five, what should I do to open three more? Michael “

I have been asked a similar question more than a dozen times, so I decided to start with it.

Confusion with creating a new, additional Instagram account usually arises from the intricate interface of the application. I know that many guys tried to create a new account through the login page and nothing worked. Next, I will show you how to avoid this mistake and not spoil your nerves 🙂

And in order to avoid problems with Instagram reach, we advise you to carry out a full analysis of the audience more often and in a timely manner remove bots that eat up your reach and prevent your profile from developing.

To make it clear, I want to clarify right away a few details :

  • You can create as many new Instagram accounts from one phone / tablet as you like , BUT there is a small limit . You cannot quickly create more than 5 profiles from one device, as Instagram checks this case. Instagram does not like such activity and therefore puts restrictions. However, after some time has passed (usually more than a month) and provided that the accounts are active and updated, the limit should expand, that is, you can again create new profiles from the same device. Although, there is a possibility that Instagram will ask you to verify these accounts through your phone number or Facebook profile.
  • You can attach up to 5 accounts to one Instagram application. To learn how to add already existing accounts to the application, read here.

Please note that in the first paragraph, I am talking about new profiles that need to be created, and in the second, I am talking about adding already created Instagram accounts so that you can easily and easily switch between profiles without having to log in and out. of them.

In this article we will talk about creating new profiles, please do not confuse with switching 😉

How to register a new (additional) Instagram account?

It’s very simple! Below you will find a video from my new series “Instamania with Katya Frolova”, where I will show you step by step how to register a new profile on Instagram. Just in case, I’ve also added text instructions with pictures below.

Step 1. Log out of your old Instagram profile!

This can be done from the settings (wheel). At the very bottom there is an option “Log out” or “Logout”.

Step 2. Return to Instagram.

Go to the Instagram application. You should see a window like this (see below). I have Instagram in English, but it’s not that important.

Как создать несколько профилей в Инстаграм
Click on the very bottom line to create a new Instagram profile

Step 3. Let’s start registration.

Click on the very bottom line (“Don’t have an Instagram account?”), as shown in the picture above.

Step 4. Registration of a new account.

Instagram offers a choice of three options for registration :

  1. via Facebook
  2. via email mail
  3. via phone number
Как создать несколько профилей в Инстаграм
Three options to choose from: Facebook profile, phone or email

If you click on the second line, then Instagram will send you by default for registration via your phone number (see image below). Note that the easiest way to create accounts is not through the phone, but through a new email, as there can be problems with phone numbers. For some reason, the code sent to the number does not always reach users.

If you decide to register via phone , then you need to enter the country code, the number itself and then click on the “Next” or “Next” button.

Как создать несколько профилей в Инстаграм
Registration new profile on Instagram via phone number

If you want to register a profile via email. mail , click on the line “Register with e-mail. mail “or” Sign up with your email instead “. Remember that you must have access to this email. mail – do not screw up at this stage, using temporary or someone else’s addresses.

To register, just enter your email address. mail and click on the “Next” or “Next” button.

Как создать несколько профилей в Инстаграм
Registration new profile on Instagram via email

Step 5. Come up with a username and password.

Well, and the last step – enter the name of the profile, which will be visible in the description of the account itself, the username and password with which you will log into this account.

Next, Instagram will send you an email to the address you provided above to confirm your email. mail. Click on the link and you’re done!

What’s next?

For to add a new profile to your main account , you need to log out of the newly created profile and go to the account you want to use as default. Then everything is very simple! Follow the instructions in this article.

I wish you great progress!

p.s. This article was last updated in 2021

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