How to deal with negative comments on Instagram?

How to deal with negative comments on Instagram?
как бороться с негативными комментариями

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Instagram did not have time to introduce a new sticker “Join a chat” in Stories, as it is already testing two new functions to combat negativity in social. networks. The head of the Instagram company, Adam Mosseri, announced his position on bullying (i.e. bullying and psychological pressure) and negativity in the application.

“We can do more to prevent online bullying on Instagram. And we can do more so that the victims can stand up for themselves, ”wrote the head of the social network, Adam Mosseri, on his Instagram blog.

Are you sure you want to submit this comment?

This is the question the user will be asked if his comment suddenly contains words that the Instagram algorithm considers offensive. Artificial intelligence is taught to recognize words with a negative “effect.” If they are detected, e even in the process of writing a comment, the intellect will perform the work of a psychologist, asking the author of the comment: “Do you really want to send this?” . There will be a “Undo” button next to it, which you can use when you change your mind.

Вы точно хотите отправить этот комментарий
Instagram starts an active fight against negativity and bullying on the social network.

Before introducing new features, Instagram usually tests them on a group of people. Test participants confirm that such a warning question motivates them to review the “content” of the comment and write something less offensive. With the introduction of this feature, negative comments are unlikely to diminish much. However, it is hoped that this will help limit the number of words with generally accepted negative connotations. We all remember that the Russian language is “great and mighty”. And a lot depends on who exactly writes this comment for you.

For example, if your well-known girlfriend writes to you something in the style of “well, you and a sheep …”. Knowing her communication style, you will not even think to be offended. But if a complete stranger writes this, then the word “sheep” may have a different reaction. That’s why Instagram came up with another function – Restrict .

How to hide comments from specific users on Instagram

The Restrict function allows you to restrict access to comments to specific users without notifying them about it.

It works according to the following scheme. First, you add the user to a special list. Next, you will need to select any of his comments and select Restrict in the menu that appears.

Ограничение на комментарии для некоторых пользователей в Инстаграм
How to prevent individual users from posting comments on your profile?

Once banned, user comments will be displayed publicly, only if the author of the original publication approves them, that is, for a specific user, the moderation process is enabled . Very cool, isn’t it? We repeat once again that the author of the comment will not know that his profile has been added to the list of restrictions.

The function will be useful for those who, for some reason, cannot block, unsubscribe or send a complaint about the offender. Life is multifaceted and this is quite possible.


Now let’s communicate on Instagram on more positive notes! The haters now have a harder time. After all, you will need to increase your vocabulary in order to be able to select words that will pass through the application filters. Instagram doesn’t let anyone relax. But this is only for the best.

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