How to determine the best time to post on Instagram?

How to determine the best time to post on Instagram?
Как определить лучшее время для публикации в Инстаграм

Is there ever a better time to post? In this article we will try to figure it out. Once upon a time, Instagram published posts in chronological order. That is, the most recent publications from you appeared in the users’ feed. With the introduction of the algorithmic feed, it has become less efficient to publish posts whenever you want. And the content of users began to be ranked individually in the feed.

The version about the fact that the more actively the user interacts with your posts (likes, comments or saves), the higher your posts are displayed in his feed, is true. Conversely, if you do not respond to the posts of some subscriber, then they simply do not appear in your feed, but do not disappear from Instagram.

It follows from this that you do not have to worry about the time when to publish the post. Your active subscribers will see it in their feed. This makes sense, but partial. Your post will indeed appear in the feeds of the most active subscribers. But it is important for you that these people are online at the time of posting – to get a quick response from them. It turns out that the most time to post is when your subscribers or most of them are online . All ingenious is simple! So you can not only increase the reach of your publication, but also reach the TOP by hashtags due to the speed of getting likes.

Remember knowing the best time to post does not absolve you of maintaining content quality! Good content published at a better time should work in symbiosis. Only then will it bring an effective result.

What does the research say?

Is there a general recommendation for the best time to post on Instagram? Despite some differences in the conclusions based on research on this issue, there are still some similarities in the recommendations.

Best time to post to Instagram: weekdays, 10 am and between 6 pm and 8 pm

The best times to post are in the morning (10:00) and evening (18-20 hours) on weekdays. As the saying goes: “Trust but verify.” The recommended time does not mean that you cannot post during other hours. Considering that with the advent of the mobile Internet, users do not have a “vacation” in social networks, then they actively surf almost around the clock, including weekends. Therefore, consider this point as well. Your brand and target audience are unique. Knowing your audience gives you the freedom to experiment and run different tests. This means that “your best time” may be drastically different from the “best time” of other similar pages . What works for some may not work for you. Therefore, take the recommendations as a food for thought, which needs to be supplemented with internal data and results of your own testing.

Best Time To Post Study by Popsters

At the end of 2018, analytics service Popsters conducted research on the most effective days of the week and times to post on social networks. Unlike previous research, Popsters concluded that the best day to post is Sunday . Then Monday follows. Saturday proved to be the least active on the posts. The rest of the week had similar activity results.

Regarding the publication time, the best time is morning (9-11 o’clock) and evening (18-20 o’clock). Posts made at night or early in the morning get fewer reactions. This is, so to speak, “the common temperature for everyone in the ward” Now imagine that you are the admin page of some nightclub whose visitors come to you after midnight. In addition to the morning posts with the promotion of the event in the club, you can publish “night” posts, at the same time when your audience is having fun in your club. This is why you need to know the behavior of your target audience .

Hootsuite’s Best Time To Post Research

Another great research was done by the Hootsuite deferred posting service using data from the Unmetric service. During the analysis, 20 Instagram accounts from 11 business areas were analyzed. The challenge was to understand when the audience of different pages is more active and interacts best with the post. They, of course, presented results that were more like compiled horoscopes for every business industry. It is not worth taking them close to the mind. But looking at the results is interesting and useful for general understanding. Moreover, these results are not adapted to the realities of Russian Instagram.

  • Travel and tourism, Friday from 9:00 to 13:00.
  • Media and entertainment, Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00.
  • Food and drink, Friday at 12 noon.
  • Retail, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 12 noon.
  • Professional services, Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 or 10 a.m.
  • Nonprofits, Tuesday at 10 p.m. or 4 p.m.
  • Online trading, Monday through Friday, 4 p.m. or 9 p.m.
  • Pharma, Wednesday and Sunday, 9 a.m.
  • Personal care, Friday and Thursday, 1: 14 p.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Technology, Monday and Tuesday, 2 p.m.
  • Education, Thursday, 4 pm or 5 pm
Best time for Instagram posts by business niche

I did not begin to describe in detail each result for the industry. She gave laconic conclusions that do not depend on the time zone. Explore, analyze and test.

How do you determine your best time to post ?

According to my own observations, if you haven’t got the maximum number of likes within 12 hours after the publication, then after this time, you won’t get it. Unless, of course, this is a viral post.

The scheme for a set of likes looks like this:

  1. Within the first 2-3 hours after publication, the post gets about 50% of likes
  2. then, within 8 hours – 80% of likes,
  3. and in 12 hours – 100%.

Now, all you have to do is find out the active hours of your subscribers. The built-in analytics of the Instagram account will help you with this. But again, remember that “the best time” is not a panacea for all ills. If engagement is low and users are engaging poorly with your page, then it’s not enough to publish at the best time. Here you need to focus as much as possible on raising engagement.

Analysis of Instagram statistics

How to access your Instagram account statistics?

Let us remind you that statistics are available to you if you have switched from your personal profile to a business account on Instagram. To create it, you need to link your insta profile to a public page on Facebook. If you don’t have one, you can create a new one. It is not at all necessary for you to keep it, but the main thing is that you have it – this is the requirement of Facebook, to which, as you know, Instagram also belongs.

After connecting a business profile, analytics does not appear immediately. You need to wait at least a week, because the application must collect at least some data in order to have something to show you.

Instagram stats are provided on a weekly basis. With a serious approach, you can write out data by week, and then compare them for analysis.

You need to pay attention to 2 tabs: “Actions” and “Audience”.

  1. Click on the Highlights graph and you will see static data about the people who see your content.
  2. For subscriber information, go to the Audience tab and scroll to the very bottom. There will be a Subscribers section . From it you will find out the time when they usually use Instagram during the day, and you will see the days of the week with their maximum activity. Swing by day and by numbers, draw conclusions and start testing.


Study your target audience constantly. Make it a habit to check your Instagram stats weekly, just like you have breakfast in the morning. If you yourself are lazy to draw conclusions, then you can use third-party services that will provide you with a detailed report. The results of the reports make sense if you do not use gray methods of promotion. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for you to get a correct analysis based on real numbers. Remember that as the audience grows, their behavior can also change. Be flexible and stay tuned for industry news and research.

Experiment . If you have found the “best time” for yourself, then do not stop at one option. And it can’t be. Your audience contains different segments. Do not lose that small proportion of subscribers who do not “get” at the “best time” for the rest. Test new hypotheses, write down the results, draw conclusions.

Also don’t forget to work on content quality . I know that the words “useful content” have completely different meanings to readers. From my own experience, I know that a post with one word or smile can get hundreds of likes, as opposed to a post with really useful information. And here it is not about the pictures and the text to them. It’s all about the engagement and reaction of the public to your posts. The main factor in your success in promotion is finding the golden mean between your interests and what your subscribers want to read. By combining a beautiful picture / video / animation, useful text for it, and the best time to publish, you get a strike.

Successful promotion to you!

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