How to easily create a Featured Story on Instagram?

How to easily create a Featured Story on Instagram?

In order to enrich your Instagram profile and give a second life to some of your Stories , the social network gives the possibility to all its users to be able to create categories specific content called Featured Stories .

These can be found at the bottom of an Instagram account’s biography , as we can see an example below:

So, throughout this article, I’ll explain what you need to know about them: how to create a Featured Story, how to upload a personalized cover, how to delete a Featured Story or even different ways to use Featured Stories for your business.

First of all, it’s important to know that you can upload an unlimited number of Featured Stories to your account. The only limit is the number of Stories you can add inside any one of them which is 100.

If you add more than 100 Stories to a Featured Story, the oldest will be deleted in favor of the most recent, so that there is always a maximum of 100 total content .

Check that the save in archive functionality is enabled

When this feature was rolled out to Instagram, each Story that was broadcast had to be saved in your account archive.

It may already be, but it is always worth going to have a look if in doubt.

To check this, you need to go to your application settings, click on “Confidentiality”, then “Story” and make sure that “Save in archive” is activated.

Create your featured Story

With this functionality operational, you will be able to browse all archived Stories and create your first Featured Story.

You must also have uploaded at least one Story for the permanent Stories creation feature to be accessible.

Go to your profile and click on “New” at the bottom of your biography:

Then choose from the list of your already broadcast Stories the ones you want to add to your next Featured Story.

Once done, click “Next” to go to the next step. You will be offered to edit the cover photo if you wish, using a piece of visual from selected Stories or uploading your own.

Then click on “Add” when everything is correctly completed so that the featured Story is displayed on your account.

It is also possible to retrieve a Story in the process of being broadcast so that it can be integrated into your new Featured Story: you don’t have to wait 24 hours to create your first permanent Story.

To do this, click on your profile picture when your Story is being broadcast, then click on “Featured” at the bottom right of your screen:

Existing Featured Stories will be offered at the bottom of the screen, with the option to create a new one if needed.

If you then want to edit a Featured Story, it’s not that hard. Keep your finger on the featured Story you want to edit until the screen below appears:

You can then:

  • delete featured content = delete featured story as a whole
  • edit featured content = add or remove slides inside the Featured Story
  • send to = suggest a Featured Story discovery to a messaging contact private
  • copy the featured link = get the URL link of the featured Story to distribute it elsewhere on the Internet

Also keep in mind that new Featured Stories will appear on the far left of the account, so if you want to offer a specific order of permanent Stories consumption, the upload order is a critical factor.

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2) Create a personalized cover for your Instagram Featured Story

When Featured Stories rolled out to Instagram profiles, users were blocked by the mere possibility of grabbing a piece of Stories as a Featured Story cover.

New levels of customization have appeared since that time, but creating custom icons for Featured Stories was always a complicated process.

Fortunately, Instagram now offers the possibility of digging directly into the film of our smartphone to use it as the cover of Stories in the front page.

You will need to click and hold on your Featured Story, then on “Edit Featured Content” then on “Edit Cover Photo”. A button will be accessible at the bottom of your screen to access your phone roll:

Select the image you want to use, position it correctly, then click “Next” and then “Finish” when you want it.

You may have noticed that some people or businesses use icon groups for their Featured Stories covers. A set of similar visuals reinforces the graphic charter of your account, and the good news is, it’s very easy to create your own pack.

A first option is to download an icon pack from one of the many sites making it available (example here ).

You can also create your own set of Instagram covers with free tools like Canva .

The first step will be to download the application on your smartphone, then to create a free account.

Many visual models will be offered to you, you will have to type in the search engine “Story cover on Instagram”.

Click on the template you want to use to access the edit screen for it. Many editing tools will be available to you such as adding text, changing the main colors or even moving shapes.

Once you have enjoyed the content, all you have to do is click on the “down arrow” icon located at the top right of your smartphone screen, in order to download the visual to the camera roll.

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Finally, return to Instagram to upload the newly created image by following the steps discussed earlier in this article.

When you have done this on all of your featured Stories, the rendering will be particularly pleasing to the eye and will give a professional & modern image to your Instagram presence.

Size and dimensions of Featured Stories cover icons

The correct dimension for permanent Stories icons is the same as for Instagram Stories: 1920px high by 1080px wide.

Deleting a Featured Story is particularly simple: all you have to do is hold down for a few seconds on the overall Story to delete, then click “Remove Featured Content”.

4) 3 creative ways to use Featured Stories for your business

Keep in mind that Featured Stories are intended to promote your brand as well as its offering, so clearly the quality of their content is essential.

While these can be changed over time, they should convey the right message from the start.

This is one of the first glimpses of your brand when browsing your Instagram account, right after the bio.

They must therefore be a selection of the best, the most demonstrative and the most evocative content.

Here are some ideas for Featured Stories to create on your account.

Promote your catalog of products & services

Featured Stories are a great way to promote product collections, or showcase a product in all its glory.

This is the case of the Louyetu company promoting 2 of its products inside the Story on a “Boutique”:

For service companies, it is quite possible to share tutorials or “Before / After” communications.

I invite you to check out the @ leafournie.architecture account which shares in Stories on the front page the follow-up of its projects, from start to finish.

Share customer testimonials

Do you have many customers who are satisfied with your products & services or is it important in your business to reassure potential customers to consume your products / services?

Nocibé regularly shares customer reviews in its Stories, which the brand can then decide to add to its Featured Story “Reviews”:

Share the press review

Seeing that your brand is being talked about in the press is undoubtedly a way to give your offer credibility to your Instagram community.

Because of how they work, Featured Stories are perfect for hosting the latest press or TV release where you talk about your business.

This is what the company Maje Paris offers on its Instagram account through its featured Story “Press”:


To go further:


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