How to effectively analyze someone else’s Instagram account

How to effectively analyze someone else’s Instagram account

In the spring of 2018, Instagram started working on the updated API. In it, the amount of available data on users subscribed to the account has been significantly reduced. The analysis of other people’s profiles was completely banned. However, now it is still possible to analyze someone else’s Instagram account and get certain information. We will tell you how to do this in this article.

Why analyze someone else’s Instagram account

Analyzing competitive accounts is necessary to compare their success with yours and borrow effective solutions. At the same time, it is undesirable to copy someone else’s promotion strategy. You need to take all the best from competitors and supplement with your own, original solutions.

Also, the analysis of someone else’s Instagram profile may be required for advertisers who are looking for a blogger for cooperation. By analyzing blog statistics, a customer can determine whether an ad will be effective.

After analyzing someone else’s Instagram account, you can find out the following:

  • what is the ratio of real subscribers to bots;
  • how many subscribers have gained / lost an account;
  • which posts get the most likes and views;
  • what time the posts are posted;
  • what are the statistics of click-throughs;
  • how many times the account has been mentioned by other users;
  • which hashtags are the most popular.

What to analyze

  1. How the competitive profile is being promoted. Don’t take an example from a fake blog that is spun by bots. First, check your profile for “fairness.” It can be carried out by reading the metric of the dynamics of the number of subscribers. If you notice a sharp increase in the number of subscribers, and then a gradual decline, then the profile is screwed up by bots.
  2. What content is attracting subscribers to a competitive blog. Analyze photos by the number of likes and comments, determine what types of posts users liked. You can borrow a content concept if your target audience matches that of a competitor. Take a look at the latest posts of a competitive account and compare them with the dynamics of the number of subscribers, comments, and likes. Have your blog gotten some activity causing more interactions? You probably need to do something similar.
  3. When is the best time to post. User activity metrics will show the times at which people subscribed to the blog view the most content, most often like and comment on posts. Try posting at the same time.

Blogger behavior

In order to choose the right blog owner to promote your account, study the profile of the one with whom you plan to cooperate. This will help you determine how a person maintains their own blog, who they are targeting, in what style they will promote your profile.

You need to understand if the blogging style is right for you. Examine photos, videos, stories – are you attracted to the presentation of the content, its type, the manner of speech of the account owner? Check out the blogger’s personal posts and previously published advertisements.

It is also necessary to consider what audience the blog owner’s content is targeting. These people will contact you for information about your products or services. Check out the comments, see the profiles of those who like the posts.

Users / bots ratio

This indicator is very important, since it depends on who views posts – real users or bots. This parameter is closely related to the reach of subscribers. For example, a small percentage of bots and inaccessible users indicates that posts are viewed by real people.
Соотношение пользователи/боты

It is possible to compare the dynamics of the increase in the number of users subscribed to the blog with the changes in engagement. This way you can determine how the blog is being promoted – organically or by bots. You only need to cooperate with account holders who have promoted in a “natural” way.

Subscribers acquired and lost

If you notice that a large number of people subscribed to your account at a certain time, most likely these are bots. In addition, the negative dynamics of blog subscriptions over a long period indicates that the content produced by the blogger has lost its relevance to the target audience.

What is the best liked and watched

Information about which posts users like the most will be useful for both the advertiser and the one who promotes their account. The advertiser will be able to determine in what form it is worth presenting ads to blog subscribers. A beginner blogger, having received this information, will understand what content is attracting users at the moment.

When content is published

Analysis of someone else’s Instagram account online makes it possible to determine at what time the published content gets the most likes, views and comments. Based on this information, the blogger promoting his profile decides at what time of day to publish posts.
анализ публикаций

Clicks on links

This indicator characterizes the number of clicks on the link in the blog description. This parameter is useful for advertisers, as it allows you to determine whether subscribers will click on the advertising links posted on the blog to the customer’s website.


This characterizes the number of publications in which the blog was tagged. Based on this indicator, the advertiser can decide whether to cooperate with a blogger and entrust him with promoting a certain product / service.


Using information about hashtags, it is determined which of them are most popular among the audience. The advertiser also uses the tags to determine the thematic focus of a particular blog.

Checking via the TrendHERO competitor analysis service

If you had to run ads through a blogger, then you know for sure that this may not always end in success. What could be wrong:

  • unsuitable audience (you need to advertise fitness bars, and the subscribers are mostly teenagers who have pecked at a competition with a drawing of some cool gadget);
  • not the right geography (you need to advertise a beauty salon in Moscow, and there are only a third of subscribers from Russia);
  • a fanned audience (among 200 thousand subscribers, 50 thousand can be bots, and an active audience is only 20 thousand);
  • the blogger advertises everyone in a row (fitness bars cannot stand on a par with casinos, information business or clothing stores);
  • problems with integration (ads should be unobtrusive, look like a recommendation).

Often, the above leads to a senseless waste of the budget and extremely low efficiency of content promotion.

In such conditions, you can protect yourself with the help of special services that provide “dry” numbers that allow you to analyze your account. For example, about the number of subscribers and the degree of their involvement (likes, comments, reposts).

ThrendHERO girl

The TrendHERO service is a useful tool for both advertisers and other bloggers who want to improve their position through a thorough analysis of competitors. It quickly gained popularity as it has the largest number of metrics among peers.

How to get started with TrendHERO

One of the advantages of TrendHERO is its ease of use. To register, it is enough to enter your e-mail and the desired password. After confirming the email address, access to your personal account immediately opens.

Регистрация TrendHero

To start analyzing the data, the user just needs to specify the name of the target account. After that, a report is created, which will open access to the following information:

    • Audience type – this can be influencers, mass followers, suspicious, commercial or real subscribers.

Тип аудитории Инстаграм

    • Engagement – the ratio of likes and comments to the number of posts. This helps determine the quality of the blogger’s audience.

Вовлеченность аудитории

    • The location of the target audience – information about where the liking subscribers come from.

география подписчиков

    • Gender is an important parameter for advertisers of content aimed exclusively at men or women.

половая принадлежность подписчиков

    • Video views – to determine the possibility of implementing media advertising to promote a product or service.
    • Quality of comments – the division goes into author’s, short, real and suspicious comments.
    • Growth of subscribers and subscriptions – to see the blogger’s potential.

основные показатели

In addition, there are about 20 useful charts with more specific information about the account. In this regard, the process of drawing up a report can take a long time, but this does not require the constant presence of the user on the resource. You can go about your business, and the email you specified during registration will receive a notification about the end of the analysis of your Instagram account.

Analyze with the Instagram app

By means of “Instagram” you can analyze:

  1. Content (time of posts, topic of posts, format, feed, views, reach, engagement).
  2. Traffic sources (ads, tags, mentions).
  3. Subscriber interactions.

Analysis is based on information that is significant, relevant and reliable. However, information apart from goals is of no value. As such, generating statistics is only part of the job.

Statistics are required to collect information that is relevant to the current moment in time. It allows you to form recommendations according to the selected KPI, make adjustments and improve what is available.

Instagram Insights, the native social media analytics service, has many metrics that can be used to measure campaign performance and understand your blogging strategy. Most of the available metrics are basic parameters (number of likes, comments, subscribed users), and are available only if you have a business profile.

Статистика в Инстаграм

The service allows you to analyze the metrics of subscribers:

  1. Gender: Separate users by gender.
  2. Age: Separate users by age. The division is carried out into the following groups: 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+ years old.
  3. Geodata: 5 of the most popular cities and states in which subscribed users live.
  4. User activity on certain days and times of the day.

You can also analyze publications, stories, live broadcasts:

  1. Impressions: The total number of views for the post.
  2. Reach: the number of subscribers who saw the post.
  3. Likes: the number of unique users who have liked the post.
  4. Comments: The number of comments for a post.
  5. Saves: The number of unique users who saved the post.
  6. Engagement: the total number of people who liked the post, saved it, or commented.
  7. Views: The number of people who viewed the video.

Stories analytics parameters in the Instagram social network:

  1. Impressions: the number of times the photo or video has been viewed in Stories.
  2. Reach: The number of unique users who have seen a particular photo or video in Stories.
  3. Exits: The number of times users have closed Stories.
  4. Replies: The number of times that users who have followed your account have replied to a post in Stories.

Analyzing live broadcasts, you can see the number of viewers at a time, as well as the number of those who watched at least a small portion of the broadcast.


Analyzing someone else’s Instagram account for free or for a set fee is a useful tool for bloggers and advertisers. It allows you to increase the effectiveness of promoting your account and choose the right blogger for cooperation. An effective marketing strategy cannot be imagined without competent analytics, so you cannot ignore the assessment of competitive accounts. At the same time, it does not matter if you are going to promote your blog or want to order advertising from a blogger – analytical data will be useful for you in any case. Choose an analysis service based on your own budget and goals.

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