How to find a blogger to advertise on Instagram: useful tips

How to find a blogger to advertise on Instagram: useful tips
как найти блогера для рекламы

Want to promote your brand with influencers on Instagram, but are afraid to waste your budget on ineffective for business influencer? Then keep our tips on how to find a blogger to advertise.

How to find a blogger to advertise

There are several ways to find the right influencer. We will tell you more about them.

Search by hashtags

How to find a blogger to advertise using a hashtag? First of all, just enter a subject tag in the search bar and you will see who is in the top right now. The blog topic, of course, should fit the niche of your brand or product. For example, let’s say you sell fish and decide to find a blog with recipes for healthy nutrition. Then you type in “# correct nutrition” and browse the appropriate blogs.

как найти блогера для рекламы

Geotag search

Geotags will be primarily useful for local promotion. For example, an offline point of sale in Kazan wants to advertise with a blogger. We are looking for Kazan in “places” and choose a suitable blog.

как найти блогера для рекламы

Search results “Interesting”

If you are subscribed to a blog of a certain topic, then you will be more likely to appear in the search results for “interesting” publications on the same topic. You probably look at your competitors’ Instagram, niche news, and other posts related to your activity. As a result, social media algorithms give you what you usually read and watch. For example, if you are vitally interested in the subject of cars, then they will be in your “interesting”. So in this case, the social network itself can help you understand how to find a blogger for advertising, whose posts you will like.

как найти блогера для рекламы

Search active subscribers and a competitor’s audience

If you have subscribers who leave comments under posts and like your posts, then look at who they are subscribed to. It is possible that the bloggers they read and watch will suit your niche. Also with a competitor’s audience. Their “asset” can be subscribed to the right influencers for you.

Search using services

You can ask for help from special services for the selection of bloggers. Usually, they not only suggest the right influencers for you, but they also provide statistics. For example, Yoloco. In the service you can find more than 130 thousand opinion leaders, the audience of which has been analyzed. With this tool, you can find out the statistics of the influencer and understand if he is suitable for the metrics.

Other services for finding bloggers – GetBlogger, LabelUp, EPICSTARS.

как найти блогера для рекламы

What you need to analyze from the blogger

To know how to find a blogger for advertising, so as not to waste your budget, you need to pay attention to the following metrics and indicators.


This is an important metric that can show how influential your chosen influencer is. But it is worth noting that millionaire bloggers are not suitable for everyone. Products in a narrow niche can be promoted with a micro-influencer. For example, you have a small business – handmade lace. You find someone who talks on his blog about how to make DIY stuffed toys. After all, hande-made dolls often need lace frills. Influencer followers who have this hobby may be interested in your product.

Subscriber Quality

Your bloggers should not have bots and a large number of commercial subscribers. You won’t get any benefit from such an audience. You need to take a close look at your blog followers. Subscribers without an avatar, with blank pages and closed profiles may suggest that it is better not to collaborate with such an influencer.

Engagement rate

Engagement rate is the engagement rate. This indicator is necessary in order to analyze the activity of the blogger’s audience. High ER – means that the influencer’s subscribers give a good response to his content, that is, they like, comment and repost.

Formula for calculation:

ER indicator depends on how good the content is and on the size of the audience. For a micro-influencer, 10% engagement is good. For a millionaire blogger, 3% is not bad.

Posting frequency

Too long breaks between posts are a sign of a blog that is dying out. Ideally, an opinion leader should have 2-3 posts per week. Too frequent posting is alarming. After all, it takes time to prepare suitable content, but you don’t need consumer goods.


This metric is important for those who work in a specific geo. It makes no sense to order advertising in the culinary blog of Yekaterinburg if you want to attract visitors to a restaurant in Yakutsk.


An analysis of the comments below the posts can give a clear idea of ​​the blog. It is very good when subscribers comment on publications. If people write, argue, exchange opinions, then everything is in order with the audience.

как найти блогера для рекламы

Social characteristics of the audience

Find out who the blogger has more subscribers – women or men, what is the age of most followers. If you sell products designed for a specific age or gender category of people, then you better be aware of this information.

How to find a blogger for advertising: services for analysis

If you have already chosen bloggers whom you consider suitable for promoting a brand or product, then we advise you to drive them out through special services to evaluate metrics and indicators.


An analytics service in social networks that is quite convenient for studying statistics. For example, Livedune has a tool for analyzing bloggers and with its help you can calculate those who use gray promotion methods. I am pleased with clear reports and the ability to download them.


Multiple profiles can be viewed at the same time. The tool makes it possible to track top posts. You can download reports and graphs in several formats at once.


The interface of this service is pretty simple and straightforward. Using FeedSpy, you can study the audience growth graph in your Instragram blog profile, view reports on key metrics and influencer indicators ..

как найти блогера для рекламы0


With this service, you can explore over 35 metrics to analyze the audience of your blog. And also – the percentage of bots among his subscribers, their interests, the inflow and outflow of followers, and of course, the engagement rates.

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We hope we were able to help you figure out how to find a blogger to advertise on Instagram. If you want us to start promoting your brand in social networks, then contact us.

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