How to find a blogger to advertise on Instagram

How to find a blogger to advertise on Instagram

Many have already heard about the effectiveness of collaboration with Instagram bloggers, but influencer marketing works effectively only if the right influencer is chosen. We have compiled a detailed guide, thanks to which you will learn how to find a blogger for advertising on Instagram with a relevant audience and “live” active subscribers in order to conclude a really profitable cooperation.

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Where to start

Everyone who has been “brewing” Instagram for a long time has probably already liked several reputable bloggers, cooperation with whom, at first glance, seems to be potentially beneficial. But not everything is so simple.

Successful bloggers are not ready to cooperate with everyone. They value their audience of subscribers, so they are ready to advertise only those goods and services that they think are high-quality, interesting and useful.

Therefore, you are required to prepare your page for advertising, and for this you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Complete your profile. Try to communicate as much as possible about your brand or company you represent. Add your unique selling proposition to the description and describe why you should be chosen.
  2. Fill in the contacts in your profile, indicate the company’s website. This will allow you to direct customers to different messengers or other social networks for quick communication and convenient sales.
  3. Choose a memorable avatar. It is important that the avatar is easy to remember and read, given its small size.
  4. Use Stories Highlights to provide visitors with as much information about you as possible.
  5. Add quality content to your profile. The page should present not only selling content, but also informational, motivating.

Девушка листает инстаграм

When you first view your profile, it should be clear who you are, what brand or company you represent, how you can be useful, and why you should be chosen. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find a blogger who agrees to advertise the account, and visitors’ clicks will not bring anything.

It is important to understand that blogger advertising is a way to attract traffic to a loyal audience. But whether visitors will become your subscribers and customers depends primarily on how well your profile is filled.

How to find a blogger to advertise

Any character with media weight and an audience of subscribers interested in his opinion can act as an influencer. But among all Instagram users, it is quite difficult to find interesting, non-fancy blogs with a suitable audience, especially when it comes to a narrow topic.

Consider all the main ways that will allow you to search for bloggers on Instagram.

Search for Instagram bloggers by word in description or hashtag

Keyword search is the simplest and most obvious way to find the account you need. All that is required is to enter a thematic word or hashtag into the search bar, and Instagram will give you a list of all suitable accounts, and thousands of relevant publications. Among the first, as a rule, you can see the pages and posts of popular bloggers.

Life hack # 1, simplifying the search: do not enter a general query of the subject into the search, but search in the way that the person himself could describe himself. For example, instead of “medicine”, it’s better to search for “doctor”. This search method shows good results if you need to find a person of a certain profession and social status, but choosing a page for advertising based on interests and compliance with brand values ​​in this way is not so easy.

Life hack # 2 : Instaplus has a data collection function. Start a collection with a filter by the number of subscribers (for example, from 5000) and you will receive a ready-made list of influencers.


Today, all active users mark geolocation in their posts. If you know exactly the places where your target audience often visits and what events it can attend, then geotags will come in handy for finding a blogger.

There are two ways to use geodata for searches:

  1. Search for posts that are geolocated to places where your target audience is often, and thus try to identify bloggers.
  2. Enter the geolocation of a certain place or event into the search and search for the official page. Then you need to look at whose posts the profile is marked on and choose the one suitable for advertising.

Geolocation is a good way to search if you need a blogger to advertise your local business. However, you need to understand that most of the pages found will be eliminated, since the blogger’s geolocation does not always correspond to the geolocation of his target audience.

Search by subscriptions of thematic bloggers

Often, bloggers have almost all of their colleagues in their subscriptions, especially those who work in narrowly focused topics. It is enough to find 4-6 accounts, and then track their subscriptions, gradually expand the list, finding more and more new pages. So, don’t forget to check who the bloggers you have selected are subscribed to.

Unfortunately, you will have to go through everything manually, and if a person also uses mass following for promotion, then the number of his subscriptions often exceeds several thousand.

But there is a life hack – to use data collection. Choose to collect data on blogger subscriptions, set a filter from 5,000 subscribers and in 5 minutes you already have a list of potential influencers. Additionally, you can filter out those with more than 3000 subscriptions as mass followers.

Search Interesting

Instragram algorithms well track user interaction with each other and are able to independently select the necessary posts and pages. Thanks to this, by subscribing to one blogger, other bloggers working in the same topic will be reflected in the “Interesting” section.

All you have to do is go to your profile and choose the most suitable pages. True, in this way it is difficult to find a blogger with a certain number of subscribers, since you come across both pages with a gigantic audience and too extensive topics, and pages with a very small audience.

Through Similar Profiles

“Related Profiles” is another built-in Instragram feature that allows you to quickly find the pages you want. The method works in a very simple way. If you are already subscribed to a suitable blogger and want to find more similar pages, then open his profile and click on the down arrow – you will be offered several similar pages.

You can repeat the actions in newly found profiles.

Bloggers who advertised competitors

You can use bloggers who advertise your competitors. If you see an advertising post of a competitor, feel free to write to the blogger and offer cooperation. True, this is a very dubious option. Many brands try to avoid advertising from bloggers where competitors are already advertising.

It is much better to order advertising from bloggers who are not working with direct competitors, but related brands. For example, bloggers who have pages about tourism can equally effectively advertise travel agencies and travel gear.

Bloggers who wrote to you

As soon as you start collaborating with bloggers, you will immediately receive a lot of incoming applications. This is due to the fact that some bloggers track ads from others, and then write to the advertiser, offering cooperation.

Basically, those who write themselves can offer more loyal terms of cooperation, and among them there are many who are ready to cooperate on barter.

It is important to correctly evaluate candidates from incoming applications and select only those who can be of benefit. Many have successful experience with this category of bloggers. Often, they have a small but active and loyal audience. In addition, they themselves are often target audiences and active consumers of the product.

Instagram Blogger Base

To simplify the search, special databases and exchanges have been created where you can find a list of Instagram bloggers. Examples of such sites are GetBlogger, EPICSTARS, LabelUp. There are many other services with similar mechanics.

Usually, such services offer to immediately familiarize themselves with the basic information about the page and order advertising. You can use the platform’s functionality and place an application for advertising through it, or write down the blogger’s nickname and negotiate with him personally.

Blogger databases make the search much easier, but there are also disadvantages. Among them, it is worth noting inflated prices, a large number of accounts with winding subscribers, the inability to agree on cooperation through barter.

Search Recommendations

Today there are many chat rooms and bots like or where you can find a blogger. In such chats, you can immediately familiarize yourself with the recommendations, but do not be too gullible. Many reviews may be fake and made only to attract more advertisers.

There are other features as well. First, the pages that collaborate with these kind of channels are overloaded with ads. For the advertiser, this means a higher cost, the absence of any opportunity to cooperate on barter. Of course, the audience gets tired of constant advertising, which means more costs and less potential exhaust.

How to choose a blogger to advertise

Having found a seemingly suitable blogger, do not stop. It would be much better to make a list or even a table with potential candidates for cooperation, analyze them all and choose the most attractive option.

To conclude a really profitable cooperation, a blogger must fit all the main criteria:

  • account subject;
  • geography of subscribers;
  • audience type;
  • advertising cost;
  • number of subscribers;
  • ad confirmation rate;
  • average number of stories per day;
  • CPM.

When choosing, always follow the “trust but verify” rule. Always ask bloggers for up-to-date account statistics, check them for cheating.

What to look for

Not all Instagram bloggers have ads worthy of payment and placement. In total, there are 5 key indicators that you should pay attention to before ordering advertising from bloggers:

  1. The personality of the blogger is fully consistent with the brand philosophy.
  2. There are no cheats and bots in subscribers. Only a “live” audience that is potentially interested in the product.
  3. The profile contains high-quality and interesting content that matches the preferences of your target audience.
  4. The account has high audience engagement, as well as a good story and video views.
  5. Adequate ratio of the number of followers, likes and posts.

You can do it manually or use services like trendHERO or HypeAuditor.

The rest of the search criteria depend on what the advertiser is pursuing. If you need to popularize the product as much as possible, then the main indicator is the number of subscribers. If you need to convey a message to a specific segment of the audience, then the best bloggers for these purposes are “average people” with, albeit a smaller number of followers, but an authoritative opinion and established contact.

Who definitely shouldn’t order advertising

There are certain categories of bloggers that you shouldn’t work with. These include pages with simply beautiful photographs, pictures, jokes, drawings, and so on. The target audience in such cases is too vague, and even despite the large number of subscribers, advertising in this case may not bring any results at all.

Advertising is definitely not worth ordering from bloggers with fanned subscribers and bots. As a rule, purchased followers receive a one-time subscription reward and are no longer interested in the life of the account. How to check a blogger for cheating, read this article.

Advertising from bloggers is good in that it is transmitted in a trusting form immediately to a loyal audience. Today it is influencer marketing and bloggers who are at the head of brand promotion, and judging by the trends, the situation will not change in the near future. You can find the right blogger for any brand and product. True, sometimes this is not as easy as it seems at first glance. You have to painstakingly select the pages and take into account many details.

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