How to find an advertiser on Instagram

How to find an advertiser on Instagram

Every active Instagram user sooner or later has a completely logical question: “How to make money using social networks?”. And you’ve probably heard more than once that bloggers rake in fabulous money for one advertising post on the page. Yes, this is true, but it takes a lot of work to arrive at such numbers.

Today we will tell you how to find an advertiser on Instagram, and what mistakes beginners make most often.

Can you partner with brands

A small checklist that will help determine your professional suitability and willingness to cooperate with serious advertisers:

  • you have been maintaining the page for at least six months (if your account is at most a month, then it makes no sense to write to companies);
  • you already have at least a thousand regular readers on your account who are actively interacting with publications;
  • the profile header clearly states what you do;
  • you do not bring up sports topics on your blog and do not create conflict situations with followers;
  • you know exactly on what conditions you are ready to cooperate;
  • constantly analyze statistics (check engagement rate, target audience demographics, percentage of suspicious comments, etc.) and test new formats for presenting information;
  • communicate with your audience regularly and don’t ignore the negativity.

Можете ли вы сотрудничать с брендами

How to choose the “right” advertiser

Owners of well-promoted accounts often have no end to commercial offers. As a rule, advertisers themselves reach out to millionaire influencers and offer them individual terms of cooperation. And large bloggers take advantage of their position and significantly inflate prices.

But what should beginners do? First of all, you need to decide who may be interested in the services. Your best bet is to find a company whose product you can truly recommend. The most obvious option for a successful start is your favorite brands (if their products match the needs of your target audience and the topic of your account).

Suppose you do not want to resort to the help of exchanges, but want to search for advertisers on your own. Everything is simple here: compose a template letter in which you propose to place an advertisement on your blog. In the letter, you give a link to the profile statistics so that the potential customer can familiarize himself with it in advance. It makes no sense to hide the indicators, since experienced brands double-check everything several times (you can do this through the trendHERO service).

To send to? Look for companies that buy ads on related blogs. After choosing a suitable advertising publication, go to the brand page, find out contact information (if not, write directly to Direct or mention the brand in your story) and send a message to the specified email.

Как выбрать

Where to find advertisers on Instagram

Via advertising exchanges

Most popular exchanges:

They all work according to the same principle: the user is registered, turns on the search filter, finds potential performers. Then the customer makes payment to his personal account and publishes the task. The cash balance will be distributed among the selected bloggers after completing the task.

On the advertising exchange, users earn in two ways – by publishing a post (the advertiser provides a photo and text) or performing an easy task (for example, a customer provides a blogger with his product and asks to take a photo with an unobtrusive advertising text and a call to action).

Through competitors

See who and what your competitors are advertising, and then write to these brands yourself (look for contact information in the profile header). The task of finding advertising posts will be made easier by trendHERO, which has already found them for you. This is what it looks like:

Рекламные посты trendHERO
Sponsored posts trendHERO

Your first collaboration is likely to be bartered (in exchange for a free product). But if you try and take a responsible approach to advertising, then, most likely, this company will become your regular customer.

Brand site

Most sites have a feedback form or even direct contact. Send your letter with a proposal for cooperation (it is advisable to immediately attach your account statistics and your most successful publications, and also indicate the desired payment method).

Blogger conferences

The most targeted and “hot” audience gathers at bloggers’ conferences. Brand representatives come to such events with a specific mission – to find influencers for cooperation, and bloggers, in turn, find advertisers and acquire useful connections. Try to find out which representatives will be at the conference (for example, check the list of speakers), find them on social media and make an appointment.

Through friends

Check if there are people among your friends or acquaintances who are associated with any brands. In the modern world, one shouldn’t be surprised by unexpected acquaintances.

What to look for when searching

Here are a few main points to look out for first:

  • Blog topics should be consistent with brand topics. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, then an advertisement for pet food will look very strange on your profile. But unpacking cosmetics or reviewing a limited palette of eyeshadows is quite organic.
  • Relevance to the target audience. Advertising in the profile should be beneficial to followers, period . If it causes irritation and an uncontrollable desire to unsubscribe, then you should not promote this brand.
  • Identical values. Companies, like bloggers, bring certain values ​​and ideals to the masses, and if they do not converge, then such cooperation can lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of scandals and damaged reputation.

На что обращать внимание при поиске

Tips for Successful Collaboration

Almost all companies have criteria by which they choose bloggers for collaboration. To meet them, it is enough to adhere to simple tips :

  • Be honest with the advertiser . And now we are talking about statistics. It is possible to wind up subscribers, of course, but this is unlikely to have a beneficial effect on the bottom line.
  • Work clearly according to the terms of reference. If the advertiser wants his product to be present in the close-up shot, this must be taken into account.
  • Remember to do debriefing . If the company is not satisfied with the cooperation, try to find out what is the reason. A comprehensive analysis of the situation will help you further.
  • Focus on quality. An abundance of ads will flood your account. Build yourself a reputation as an expert and move in one direction. By advertising dietary supplements, second-rate marathons and questionable apps for quick money, you will not receive any money or new orders.

Советы по успешному сотрудничеству

Every influencer is eager to make millions from advertising, but not everyone can critically assess their own background.

Beginners (and not only) insta bloggers make a number of mistakes that ultimately lead them to failure. Below we have analyzed the most popular mistakes :

  • Misunderstanding of the target audience . Some influencers struggle with a blog topic, trying to “catch” a diverse audience with superficial posts. Either they write about cats, then they touch on politics, then they review restaurants. Do not do it this way! Such profiles are rarely of interest to advertisers, because they do not “catch” anything, which means that a massive outflow of followers is ensured.
  • Irregular posting . Constant activity on the page is the key to success. That is why we advise you to write a content plan at least a month in advance, so that later you will not complain about the creative crisis and lack of time. If you want to be popular by posting once a month, then we have some bad news for you.
  • Questionable advertisement . You don’t need to advertise everything. Firstly, the audience will quickly get tired of the invasion of low-quality advertising and begin to unsubscribe, and secondly, the degree of trust in your advice will rapidly fall (why would advertisers need an unscrupulous blogger without authority?).
  • “Gray” unwrapping methods . Active mass-liking and mass-following, the invasion of bots – all this only spoils the statistics and does not give any results. After playing with such things, you can run into a profile lock.


Let’s recap the above:

  • bloggers with a small number of subscribers can also work with brands;
  • it is better not to cheat likes, comments and followers, because experienced advertisers often double-check the statistics of influencers;
  • do not wait for “golden mountains” in the first months of work, most likely, at the initial stages you will have to cooperate on barter;
  • always draw up a contract, which will clearly spell out the terms of cooperation and the obligations of each of the parties;
  • to build an audience, take care of your profile: create an enticing header description, post regularly, use tags, don’t forget about the text.

Instagram, with the right approach, will be an excellent platform for making money. But it is important to remember that only those users who take a responsible approach to business and are constantly developing can row money with a shovel. Experiment with presentation formats, don’t be afraid to write to brands first, publish quality content and never stop, even if something doesn’t work out the first time!

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