How to find audience overlap on Instagram

How to find audience overlap on Instagram

Audience intersection on Instagram is interesting to know in such cases:

  • When looking for a blogger for advertising – to understand that the account has your target audience.
  • When you buy ads from several bloggers at once – to see if they have a common audience.
  • When evaluating an ad from a blogger, you measure the intersection of subscribers before and after the ad.

That is, the simplest process looks like this: check that the influencer has at least some common subscribers, carry out an advertising campaign and find out how this number has grown 🙂

This can be done using the blogger checker service with the “Intersections” function, but it can also be done manually. Let’s talk about the last method.

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How to calculate the intersection of followers on Instagram?

In short – unload the audience of two accounts and compare these two files. Now we will show in practice how to do this in 5 minutes.

How to unload followers on Instagram?

  1. Go to Instaplus

  2. Create a data collection task

  3. Select the audience of users and enter the login of the first account.

  4. We put “Take from subscribers”

  5. Enter the number of audience more than he has subscribers

  6. Uncheck “Skip users with whom Instaplus interacted” and set “Public and Private”

  7. Don’t set the filter and timer

  8. We are waiting for the end of the collection and download the files.

Repeat the same steps for another account.

How to compare Instagram account audiences?

Now that we have two files, we can compare them.

You can do this in Excel, but it’s easier to do it through services. For example molbiotools.

  1. Put Number of lists 2 (or more if you are comparing several accounts at once)
  2. Upload two lists (it is better to take txt with logins from Instaplus)
  3. Click Compare and you are shown a graph of the audience intersection.

In this case, if you click on the numbers (in my case, these are 14,090, 580 and 34,709), then the service will download a list of these people.

If you still want to compare in Excel, then use a pivot table:

  1. Insert the list of logins of the second account under the list of logins of the first one
  2. Create Pivot Table
  3. In the line put the login, and the value put the number of values.

Everyone who has 2 is in both lists 🙂

How do I find out the intersection ad results?

Unloading and intersection checking allows you to accurately calculate the inflow of subscribers from advertising. Especially if you run ads for several bloggers.

Suppose you want to launch an ad campaign for three bloggers on August 8th. Then it will look like this:

  1. On August 8th, unload your subscribers and blogger subscribers.
  2. Unload on August 12 again and summarize:
    1. compare your data for 8 and 12 – find out what the increase was
    2. compare your data for 12 and the data of bloggers – find out what the increase was from each blogger
    3. by the difference in growth, it will be possible to understand organic growth (that is, how many people just came to you without advertising).


You can easily compare the audience of two or more Instaplus accounts. This is the most accurate way to find out how many followers your blogger’s ad brought you. The method works if you need to do it one time. If you need to constantly compare the audience of bloggers, then it is better to use blogger verification services with the “Intersection” function.

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