How to find bloggers to advertise on Instagram

How to find bloggers to advertise on Instagram

Almost everyone talks about Influence marketing, but not everyone understands whether this method of promotion is suitable for them. The main trend of the last few years is sincerity, so brands have started to change targeting positions for influencers all over the world, relying on the great power of their recommendations. But, alas, the campaign is not always effective. How to find bloggers for advertising, what metrics to pay attention to first of all, and what should newbies be afraid of? We’ll figure it out today!

What should be “your” blogger

To find the “right” blogger, you need to clearly understand the goals of your marketing campaign . Now the most effective is cooperation not with millionaire celebrities, but with small influencers (from 1,000 subscribers). Yes, the reach will not be as broad as an influencer with a huge audience, but the engagement rates will definitely surprise you.

If you need to advertise a highly specialized product, go to niche bloggers with a clearly segmented target audience. For example, let’s say you sell bicycles. In this case, it is better to turn not to fans of extreme sports with many followers, but directly to an athlete who rides such bicycles. It will have much fewer subscribers, but most of them will probably relate to your audience.

Каким должен быть “ваш” блогер

How to find bloggers to advertise

Search trendHERO

Обложка trendHERO

trendHERO is a popular analytics service with over 80 million blogger accounts. The site has a search for opinion leaders by city, country, keywords.

If an advertiser needs to find influencers selling ads, he can simply write keywords in the search bar (for example, “cooperation”, “cooperation”, “advertising”, “manager”). This will greatly simplify the process.

To check the profile for cheating, we advise you to pay attention to the following metrics :

  • Audience Engagement . The percentage of the audience that is involved in the influencer’s content (likes, comments on posts). The higher the score, the more reach your ad post will have.
  • Audience type . When launching an ad, it is important that as many real people as possible see it. Therefore, trendHERO segments the blogger’s followers to understand what percentage of them are really interested in the advertising message. If the chart is dominated by suspicious profiles (as a percentage), it is better to stay away from such an influencer.
  • Distribution of posts and likes from subscribers . If there are more likes “from outside”, most likely, the influencer is abusing cheats.

Распределение постов и лайков от подписчиков

Instagram Search

There are several ways to find bloggers through Instagram.

Search by geolocation

This method can be divided into geolocation of certain places where the target audience often gathers, and search by hashtag of a specific event or place.

By word in description or tag

Just enter a keyword in the Instagram search bar. Important : Think about what the blogger would call himself (for example, write not “visage”, but “make-up artist”). The method is perfect for those who need an influencer of a specific profession or social status.

By subscription to thematic blogs

Usually bloggers specializing in narrow topics subscribe to similar pages, so we recommend that you look at the subscriptions of influencers. The main minus of the method is that you will have to spend a lot of time, since the search is carried out manually.

Using the Highlights Feed

As soon as you subscribe to a new blogger, posts by influencers who blog on similar topics will periodically begin to appear in the “Interesting” feed. Next, you will need to independently familiarize yourself with the pages and weigh all the pros and cons.

The disadvantage of this method is the lack of geography. In the “Interesting” feed, opinion leaders can be shown even from Nizhny Novgorod, even from Zanzibar. It is also difficult to find bloggers of a certain size (there is no clear segmentation into bloggers with over a million and small influencers).

Использование ленты “Интересное”

Search through competitors

This method is probably the most insidious, but it also takes place. It’s simple: go to a competitor’s page, see an advertising post from a blogger and … take note of it. Don’t pester an influencer with a sales pitch right away. Let your competitor forget a little, otherwise you risk running into distrust from the audience.

Поиск через конкурентов

Take a closer look at your customers

Analyze the pages of users who have already used your product and, perhaps, even talked about it in stories. If the client shares the values ​​of the company and has at least a small army of subscribers, it would be reasonable to invite him to cooperate (on a barter basis, or for a reasonable fee). At the same time, such advertising integration is extremely effective, since a sincere recommendation from “our” person is perceived much better than a paid post from an insta-celebrity.

Other ways

Search Telegram chats

The most popular are “Otzovik” and “Instalogia”. Here you can see reviews of bloggers and find out who you definitely don’t need to collaborate with. To find an influencer in the chat, you need to enter a keyword corresponding to the direction of your company (for example, “psychology”).

This is where influencers post advertisements about recruiting for ads, indicating topics that are best suited to them, and advertisers, in turn, talk about the experience of working with a particular blogger.

Поиск по Telegram-чатам


This is a project created to buy ads from bloggers. It is presented in two forms: a bot in Telegram and the Easyprbot platform, where you can leave and view reviews, select influencers by filter. For example, find opinion leaders who have had large parishes, who have cheap subscribers, or who have a good interest in your topic.

What to look for when searching

Parameters to pay attention to first :

  • Content quality . It is not so much aesthetics that matters as the content. Some bloggers post beautiful photos with trendy presets, but completely forget about captions, replacing the text with regular emoji. Alas, the era of meaningless publications has long since sunk into oblivion. Now users value influencers for meaning and usefulness. The exceptions are photographers and designers with original creatives. Such conceptual profiles do not need letters.
  • Frequency of maintenance . Regularity is the key to success. Bloggers who care about reach post at least once every 2 days (ideally once a day). The less often new content appears on the page, the less likely your blog is of high quality.
  • Number of Ads . An influencer who advertises everything is a bad influencer. The abundance of advertising in the profile undermines the trust of the audience, which means that users are reluctant to listen to the recommendations of such an influencer. Naturally, there will be zero sense of promotion.
  • Number of subscriptions . If there are more of them than subscribers, you should be wary. Most likely, the blogger is sinning mass following.
  • Likes . It should be equal to 2-3 percent of the number of followers.
  • Количество лайков

  • Video views . Likes are easy to wind up (any student can handle this), but views are much more difficult. Using this parameter, you can easily determine how many users are actually interested in the blogger’s content.

Tips for choosing a blogger

Here are some tips that will definitely be needed for those who first set foot on the path of collaborating with influencers:

  • Work under a contract . This is the only way you can get the blogger to fulfill their obligations clearly. In the contract, you can prescribe terms, price, as well as basic requirements for advertising materials – from theses to the position of the product in the frame.
  • Set KPIs and do research before and after the campaign .
  • Analyze blogger accounts, feel free to request statistics . We advise you to use the functionality of the trendHERO service. Pay special attention to the engagement rate, the dynamics of the change in the number of followers, the types of comments, and so on. Double-check all the information yourself, as unscrupulous influencers can sometimes fake statistics.
  • Don’t risk your budget. The more famous a celebrity is, the higher the price tag for its services. Are you new to this business? Then order ads from a few less popular influencers. This way you can minimize losses if the integration is not entirely successful.
  • Compare your target audience and blogger’s audience . It is important for large brands to increase their reach to a wide audience. It is for this reason that they choose influencers with an impressive following. For companies that are focused on a narrow niche, this strategy is not suitable – they are better off focusing on small influencers. So there is a higher chance of hitting the bull’s eye, getting loyal subscribers and sales.
  • Consider both quantitative metrics (followers, likes, reach) and qualitative metrics (user engagement, tone of comments, etc.).
  • Write down and discuss the brief. In the brief, specify in as much detail as possible what your company does, what goals it pursues, what it wants to get as a result of cooperation and what kind of communication tone it prefers.
  • Gain experience and mix influencer marketing tools . Experiments are cool, you don’t have to get hung up on one thing. For example, you can go beyond Instagram and organize a joint event with a blogger, or try ambassadorship.

Советы по выбору блогера

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger Advertising

Perhaps we should start with a good one. Pros Blogger Ads:

  • Loyal audience . Advertising from an influencer will be perceived as a friendly recommendation, and not an intrusive banner that prevents you from sticking to funny videos on Instagram. Advertising from bloggers is especially useful for those companies that bring a new product to the market. How else to inspire confidence in the audience? Targeting clearly won’t help here.
  • Low Subscriber Price . It is much more effective to advertise an account through bloggers, not a target. The chance that users will still go to the advertised profile to see if there is something interesting there increases significantly, because in this case it is not a soulless algorithm that offers them to do this, but a living person.
  • Significant target audience coverage . There are microblogs, to which no more than 5 thousand people are subscribed, and there are celebrities, whose profile is followed by over a million users. Both those and those with a competent approach to promotion will bring good results. And we strongly recommend small brands to take a closer look at nanoinluencers. Yes, they have fewer followers, but most of them are quite active.
  • Brand image. For everyone to talk about you, you need to have big influencers do it first. Advertising from bloggers will create a certain image around your brand that will adapt to the current news feeds: healthy lifestyle, eco-friendly, equality, and so on.
  • Non-standard filing sizes . The main advantage of bloggers’ advertising is the ability to “pack” it into useful or entertaining content. Life stories, marathons, contests, live broadcasts, masks – all these mechanics influence the minds of potential buyers much better than context or targeting. And in some cases (if you really, really try) you can achieve viral coverage.

Преимущества и недостатки рекламы у блогеров

Now on to the disadvantages :

  • Unable to calculate risks . Alas, advertising among bloggers defies any predictions. Even if your competitor’s product “hit” the audience, it is not a fact that you will be so lucky. In this case, there is only one yardstick – the number of customers who came to you after the campaign was launched. But it cannot be called reliable. For this reason, one can only guess whether the ad was effective or not.
  • Difficulties in choosing an opinion leader . 90% of success depends on the blogger, and this is where difficulties arise, because finding a good opinion leader is not an easy task. For example, if the core of your target audience is women 25-40 years old who have children and adore sweets, then it makes no sense to go and advertise your product with influencers who promote healthy lifestyle. The second point is the difference in price. The cost of a post for a millionaire celebrity in some cases can reach tens of thousands of dollars.


Now let’s summarize the above:

  • agree in advance with the blogger about the “life” of the post in the feed so that the sudden deletion does not come as a surprise to you;
  • discuss the process of work at the start: TOR, terms, payment format, the ability to make edits;
  • immediately tell the influencer what you expect from your ad integration;
  • independently analyze the content of the influencer, statistics, as well as his style of communication with the audience;
  • choose blogs that are relevant to your business direction;
  • evaluate the activity in your own account: how many new subscribers, how many hits, etc.

Cooperation with bloggers is a full-fledged brand promotion tool. The number of influencers on Instagram is growing every day, so everyone will be able to choose an opinion leader who is right for him and will fully meet the goals of the campaign.

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