How to find clients on Instagram (16 working ways)

How to find clients on Instagram (16 working ways)

How to properly maintain a profile in order to constantly observe audience growth, and why even high-quality stock images can alienate followers? In today’s article, we will figure out how to find clients on Instagram and what you need to do to attract the attention of active users of the social network.

Who can find clients on Instagram?

Alas, not all users are ready to perceive Instagram as an effective business tool. “I don’t need it”, “how can bright photos help?”, “My target audience isn’t there”, “too difficult” – such phrases can often be heard from users who have just set foot on the Instagram trail and do not want to understand any targeting, geolocation, or other important aspects.

Remember one simple thing – Instagram is not needed only if you rent excavators. In other cases, this social network is a great way to attract and expand target audience, understand the interests of potential buyers and establish two-way communication with them.

So who really needs Instagram? Let’s figure it out:

  • If you sell products where the main motivation for purchasing is visual . This category includes clothing, accessories, shoes, decor, jewelry.
  • If customers rely more on emotional impulses when purchasing your products, rather than on rational grain. For example: books, toys or balloons.
  • If you are engaged in the creation of unique products (objects of art, decor, handmade).
  • If you produce something that is “bought with the eyes” (beauty services, design, pastries, excursions, events).
  • If you have creative products in your arsenal that can produce a “wow effect” on users (designer table, unusual pans for making pancakes, heated slippers). By the way, extraordinary things found on the open spaces of AliExpress are successfully sold on Instagram.
  • If you are the owner of a local business (coffee shops, car washes, hostels).
  • If your products cost significantly more than your competitors.

профильв инстаграм

Where to start?

If you are just planning to break into the Instagram environment, you should carefully think over the concept, strategy and all sorts of little things that in practice play a decisive role in promotion. What?

Profile decoration

Here are a few points to watch out for:

  • Decide on the concept . It is important to clearly understand how your account will differ from the profiles of competitors, as well as how it will benefit your audience. Try to fit its essence into one capacious sentence, avoiding bulky structures, for example: “VEGAN desserts and coffee with vegetable milk”, “Landscape design on fingers”, “Turnkey apartment renovation”.
  • Come up with a simple and understandable profile name. It will be great if you can integrate keywords into your nickname by which followers will easily find your page.
  • Add a call to the description. Why you should subscribe or follow the link that is indicated in your profile.
  • Place a link. Even if you don’t have a website, it doesn’t matter, you can specify a link to a Telegram channel or any messenger in your profile header.
  • Take care of your avatar. It should not contain small details and difficult to read names. A logo, brand symbol or image of a product (service) are great options.
  • Use Stories Highlights. In them you can fix prices for services, customer reviews, information about current promotions, an offline point address.
  • Get to know your audience through posts. The first posts (preferably about 10) should be about your brand, account idea, assortment, and so on. Firstly, it will help to get the target audience, and secondly, it will make followers the future “advocates” of the company.
  • Make a content plan. In order not to experience the pangs of a creative crisis, make a content plan about 1-3 months in advance. This will not only save you time, but also save yourself from a lack of inspiration.
  • Synchronize your profile with other social networks. Make sure that your smartphone is connected to two-factor authentication, synchronization with the list of contacts. What for? You will need this for further magical actions aimed at attracting followers.

оформление профиля

Post Frequency

An empty account will not attract the attention of customers, so we recommend that you first publish at least a few posts reflecting the concept of your brainchild.

It is better to prepare the content two months in advance. Regularity is a reliable guarantee of a constant influx of new subscribers. The frequency of publications depends on the type of business. For example, if this is not an online store with a lot of products and categories, then you can limit yourself to 15-20 entries per month.


Active Instagram users have long developed banner blindness, so they automatically reject stock photos in the feed and mark them as something fake.

Photos are best taken on smartphones of the latest models, which are equipped with high-resolution cameras. Avoid harsh filters and fancy graphics . Now, instead of “pink clouds against the azure sea”, subscribers value natural and “living” content more. Unleash your imagination and creativity!


The text under the photo should be clear and informative. To increase sales, a brand can motivate customers with pleasant bonuses, promotions and regular discounts.

Try to avoid “water” and vague wording. Yes, epithets and phrases are great, but do not forget about specifics. In addition, use emoji, selling phrases, catchy headlines, bulleted lists, and other assistive tools that will help promote the message.

How to attract customers on Instagram

First, you need to create an account, come up with a concept and work on the visuals. Stock photos and texts of the same type will not work in this case. High-quality content is the basis of success on Instagram and you need to come to terms with this fact.

Let’s say things are great with the content, but what if the followers are still in no hurry to subscribe to the profile? Then read the following points and note for yourself effective methods of attraction.

привлечь фолловеров

Post photos regularly

Regularity – this factor will help you acquire an army of subscribers as quickly as possible. Train yourself to post at least 1-2 posts per day , this will stir up the interest of existing followers and attract the attention of newcomers.

Just don’t be in a hurry to panic, thinking that 2 entries a day is too much. Ask your subscribers a burning question, share a funny story, or share an effective life hack. There are a lot of options for ideas for posts, you just need to turn on your imagination a little.

Tip: It is advisable to publish posts at approximately the same time.

Don’t forget the text

Let’s reveal a terrible secret: not only attractive pictures are important for followers, but also high-quality text. Alas, you will not be full of visuals alone, so you have to comprehend the art of writing competent and interesting longreads.

If there is really a lot of information and you want to fully convey it to the reader, then break the text into several parts, and do not publish additional comments.

Remember that only 3 first lines are visible to users in the feed, so try to make them as exciting and intriguing as possible (use a provocative headline or question).

Research your competitors

If you sell a product or service that your competitors are already promoting, you can safely “borrow” a few followers from them. Just do not flatter yourself, because in the future a similar fate will most likely befall you.

You can search for competitors manually, by hashtags, or use external resources (for example, trendHERO ).

It is important to understand that not all competitors are gaining a high-quality audience, so we recommend that you additionally filter followers. Also, try to keep track of how your competitors are developing and what methods they use to attract customers.

исследуйте конкурентов

Use snapshots that catch on

Stock photos, alas, will not help you recruit an army of loyal followers, so we recommend that you pay special attention to the visual component of your profile. You must stand out from many competitors.

For example, you have a cozy coffee shop in the city center. Submit creative compositions, take mini-interviews with employees, create short videos with mouth-watering desserts, post customer photos and backstages.

Add hashtags

Use hashtags that match the interests of the target audience, because this is how you can attract the attention of new followers. Analyze the accounts of subscribers and competitors. Explore the # they leave behind their pictures.

Tip: in order not to distract the attention of followers from the post, publish hashtags in the comments.

добавляйте хэштеги

Remember geolocation

If your business is tied to a specific location, then geolocation will help direct the “charm” of content only to the audience that is probably interested in the services provided.

For example, you sell suitcases, which means that your potential target audience is users who check in at the airports in the region.

Don’t neglect Stories

Now the lion’s share of Instagram users prefer to look at Stories, and not monitor the feed, so do not forget about this useful tool.

Talk to your subscribers, conduct polls, post backstages, share interesting videos and vivid pictures using stickers and cool fonts.



So that subscribers do not get bored and do not run away from you with someone else, combine different ways of maintaining the Feed. Post photos and videos, alternate longreads with short descriptions, and share engaging stories about the challenges of doing business with your followers.

инстаграм картинка

Subscribe to other accounts

If you just recently started a page, you can manually recruit followers. Take the time to research your target audience and only subscribe to people whose interests coincide with your work. This will help motivate users to more actively respond to publications.

Just do not exceed the limits, so that you are not sent straight to the “shadow ban”!

Massliking and mass following

Mass Following and Mass Liking is recruiting an audience through performing massive actions. You follow other people, like their posts. They, in turn, subscribe to you. You can perform these actions manually, or you can make your life easier and use a special application. For example, Instaplus .


Leave comments under the posts of followers

An old but very powerful method. Just please avoid hackneyed phrases from the category: “beauty”, “super”, “I like”. Leave detailed comments, discuss, ask questions.

Link to other social networks

For a personal account, linking to a personal page on Facebook will work well. You can get followers on Instagram through an active link in the description.

Tell the world about yourself

Well, in peace we have gone too far, but the message is clear. Let your customers know that you’ve finally got an Instagram page. This can be done using mailing lists or in the messenger.

But you need to get followers, not annoy the audience, so it is better to immediately mention in the message about the benefits that people will receive by subscribing to your profile. For example, you can appease them with a small discount or bonuses.

Make your competition

An old, tried and tested, and very effective way to get an impressive number of followers. You need a member to subscribe to your profile and post a page tagged post. You then have to choose a winner and solemnly present the gift.

An important nuance: only your products should be the main prize. For example, if you sell lighting fixtures, but you are playing a raffle among iPhone subscribers, everyone will participate, not just your target audience.

пример конкурса

Publish Custom Content

Do not forget to periodically post photos and posts of clients on the page. If a buyer sent you a review about a product, make a screenshot and post it in the story. And the person is pleased, and you received the content.

For example, photos and reviews of books from readers, subscribers and buyers themselves are often published on the account of the publishing house MYTH.

пользовательский контент

Engage Influencers

Writing comments under bloggers’ posts is, of course, good, but it is better to interact with influencers in the format of constant collaboration. There are several options – ordering ads (in posts or stories), or making the influencer a brand ambassador .

By the way, due to the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, Internet advertising rates have dropped significantly ( by an average of 25-30% ). Companies are cutting budgets, so content creators have to adapt their appetites to new realities.

It’s cheapest to buy ads in Stories. This method is suitable even for representatives of a small business segment. Give the blogger a promo code or a link with a UTM tag, and you will understand how many orders you received from him.

Ambassador is a relatively new format of cooperation, which has not yet become boring to the audience. What does this term mean? You conclude a contract with an influencer, under which he undertakes to publish a certain number of advertising posts per month, do unpacking, test products and talk about promotions. Conditions are negotiated individually.

To check bloggers’ accounts for promotion and find out who will bring results and who will not bring either sales or subscribers, trendHERO will help.

Check the influencer for free

Tips and tricks

So, we figured out the main methods, but what actions need to be taken in order to keep the audience’s attention, make it loyal and at the same time gain more subscribers?

Here is a list of tips that can be used as a beginner’s guide to Instagram:

  • Post Stories. Recent research shows that brands that use Stories are better at engaging their audiences. Try to upload at least 5-7 stories a day. The more, the more effective, but even in this case, it is important to know when to stop (followers can get tired of the abundance of bright pictures and meaningless videos).
  • Don’t try to create the perfect picture. Being perfect is boring, so we all favor natural light, live photos and fun videos. Such content helps you get closer to your audience, which means it increases your chances of acquiring new subscribers.
  • Go live periodically. It will be cool if you use your imagination and come up with a regular column. For example, you can answer the most popular questions from your followers every week or discuss important topics with them live.
  • Be systematic. Post at about the same time, keep track of statistics and make a content plan that includes questions and topics that might be of interest to your followers. Just don’t try to please everyone at once. Stay true to your vision and strategy.
  • Don’t hide. Even if you’re running a brand page, it’s not a reason to hide your face from the prying eyes of your audience. Showcase yourself, your team, your visitors. Firstly, such publications look very fresh and organic, and secondly, they collect more likes and comments.
  • Engage followers. Polls, contests, voting are your faithful companions in the fight for the attention of the target audience. Post interactive stories, periodically set up like times and ask subscribers for feedback.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for something. “Like a new post”, “leave comments”, “share your impressions” are calls that will help you significantly increase your reach and establish communication with users.
  • Analyze statistics (this option is available for business accounts). This will help you understand which posts are getting proper feedback and which ones should be discarded.

Want to get to know your account audience better? Then use the effective online service trendHERO .


Systematic work with content, a well-designed strategy, analysis of statistics and continuous error correction is a combo that will help you collect 1,000-2,000 subscribers under your wing in a few months.

Next, we recommend connecting targeting, mutual PR and promotion services. I almost forgot about the main advice – do it from the heart and everything will definitely work out!

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