How to find clients on Instagram and get their attention

How to find clients on Instagram and get their attention

Instagram has long been a promising business platform. True, some are still skeptical of the social network and consider it only a breeding ground for selfies, cats and funny pictures. So, you don’t need an Instagram page if you sell escalators, but in the rest – yes, yes, and yes again.

Why is Instagram effective, and how to find clients here? It is in this question that we have to figure it out.

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Which businesses Instagram is suitable for finding clients

You need Instagram if:

  • you sell products motivated by the visual component – clothes, shoes, accessories, decor;
  • if, when buying your product, a person is guided more by emotional impulses than rational – children’s toys can be attributed to this category;
  • if you are selling unique things – designer jewelry or exclusive decor elements;
  • if you sell services that “buy” with their eyes – travel services, beauty, interior design and so on;
  • if your business can be classified as local – coffee shop, hotel, beauty salon;
  • if you are selling something more expensive than your competitors with added value.

Каким бизнесам подойдет Инстаграм

Where to start

The first thing to start with is the design of the profile. Here are some tips to get it right:

  • make your nickname simple and memorable (it is desirable that the account name reflects the essence of the business);
  • use tags in the description (this will make it easier for customers to find you, you can indicate your brand / corporate hashtag);
  • in the profile description, list the services you provide, and also indicate the field of activity and city;
  • the profile description is limited to 180 characters, so use emoticons to shorten the text and clearly highlight the section structure;
  • place an offer (why you are better than your competitors) – offer a discount for a review or tell us about free shipping;
  • use a multi-link to tell users about all the ways they can communicate with you;
  • if you sell adult products such as alcohol, please include an age limit in the description;
  • create highlights with FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), customer reviews, payment and shipping information, current discounts;
  • to describe your profile, choose a language that is close to your target audience;
  • please provide valid communication methods.


Post Frequency

A “naked” profile without a single entry is unlikely to attract the attention of potential customers, so we recommend that you first develop a content strategy and fill the page with at least a few publications reflecting the brand’s concept. Tell your followers what you do and what sets your company apart from the competition.

It is better to prepare content for several months in advance. Remember, regularity is the best friend of successful promotion. The frequency of posting directly depends on the specifics of your brainchild. For example, an online store with a bunch of positions per day can publish 15 photos or more.


Active Instagram users have developed banner blindness for a long time, so they do not notice stock photos and prefer “live” content. Nowadays it is not in trend to retouch photos and use sharp filters. Maximum naturalness, regularities, a single color space, subject shots and a minimum of complex graphics – this is what business owners should strive for.



Texts under the photo should be informative and interesting. Yes, epithets and other verbal tricks are great, but do not forget about specifics. Do not “pour water”, be laconic, avoid vague wording.

To increase sales, the company can communicate to customers about discounts, hot deals and bonuses. We also recommend using emojis, bulleted lists, tags, and catchy titles.

How to define your client’s “portrait”

Customer portrait is a fictional person who combines the features inherent in the brand’s target audience segment. Simply put, it is a collective image of the consumer.

Why do you need a client portrait?

  • will help you create the right offer and find influence triggers;
  • personalize the offer;
  • speak the same language with the audience, understanding their habits and desires;
  • choose the most effective communication channels.

In the finished client portrait you need to take into account:

  • socio-demographic characteristics: gender, age, education, income level, and so on;
  • a description of the client’s life principles, his pains, fears, triggers and desires, as well as what makes him happy;
  • lifestyle;
  • habits: at what time most often sits online, how often makes purchases, which social networks are used to the most;
  • who makes the purchasing decision and what external factors influence the consumer’s opinion.

портрет клиента

Customer search strategies

There are several basic strategies for finding your customers on Instagram.

By competitors

Competitors are the main source of audience. If you are selling a product or service that your fellow businessmen already have, then you can shamelessly lure customers away from them. Just do not rejoice ahead of time, because in the future they may do the same to you.

You can search for competitors by hashtags or using services that allow you to parse subscribers (for example, Websta and Findgram). It is important to understand that not all competitors can attract a high-quality audience, so be sure to use additional filters in your work. Try to track how your competitors interact with followers and how effectively they are attracting customers.

By tags

Look for tags that are relevant to your business and the interests of your audience. For example, if you sell accessories for iPhones, then an approximate list of hashtags would be: # iphone8, # iphone7plus, #cases for iphone, #iphone accessories.

Advice : if you parse user lists, then you can subtract obviously uninterested customers, again by hashtags that are not relevant to your target audience.

По тегам

By geolocation

Great advice for local business owners. For example, if your coffee shop is located in a mall on Obolon, then subscribe to users who mark this mall in their photo. Get creative, think big and look for ways to connect geotags with your audience.

По геолокации

By keywords

Sometimes the desired part of the audience can be found by the words in the description. If you sell products for children, then use the key ones from the category: “mothers”, “toys”, “children” and so on. For makeup artists, the following words are suitable: “makeup”, “cosmetics”, “beauty”.


Everything is clear from the name of the item. In practice, you can hardly be content with just one strategy. It is an extremely stupid idea to simply scrape the audience from a competitor and mindlessly pull the blanket over yourself, subscribing to everyone in a row, and relying solely on tags is pointless. It all depends on the specifics of your business, pricing policy and communication methods. In order to get the most targeted customers, you will have to try and step on a rake.

How to attract customers on Instagram

Let’s say you figured out the portrait of the target audience and the design of the profile. The last and most important question remains to be solved: how to attract customers? Catch a few working methods that will help you in this difficult task.

Regularity is the key to success

Without regular, high-quality content, you won’t get far. Train yourself to post at least 1-2 posts a day, this will help whet the interest of the watchdog and attract the attention of new followers.

Just don’t panic. Two publications a day is not that much. Ask subscribers an interesting question, involve them in the discussion, share tips or life stories. In a word, there are a lot of options, you just need to turn on your imagination a little.

Don’t forget the text

The train of beautiful photos with no sense has long gone. People love to read, so you’ll have to master the art of writing literate and engaging longreads. If there is really a lot of information and you are eager to convey it completely, then break the text into several blocks, but in no case add additional comments. Often, users don’t even go there.

Monitor your competitors

Competitors are not enemies, but a reliable source of ideas and clients. You can borrow a couple of followers from them with peace of mind. We only advise you not to abuse and carefully filter subscribers, because it is not a fact that your competitors attract only high-quality target audience.

You can search for competitors manually, by hashtags, or use external resources (for example, trendHERO ).

Don’t neglect Stories

Now most of the active users prefer to stick to stories, so we advise you not to ignore this useful tool. Connect with your audience, conduct surveys, talk about the team working on the product, and share cool shots, flavored GIFs and vibrant emojis.

Не пренебрегайте сторис

Start targeting

Targeted advertising on social media is one of the fastest growing online marketing channels.

Targeting allows you to work only with the target audience, which has certain characteristics, and show ads to a selected group of people.

Subscribe to other profiles
If you have just recently created a page, you can also dial the first subscribers manually. Take time to study target audience and subscribe to those people whose interests coincide with your field of activity.

Massliking and mass following

Massfollowing, massliking – recruiting an audience through the implementation of massive actions. You follow other people, like their posts, and so on many times. You can do this manually, or you can make your life easier and use automated services. For example, Instaplus.

Масслайкинг и массфолловинг

Comment on followers’ posts

Old but still working method. Just try to avoid standard phrases from the category: “beauty”, “super”, “cool photo” and so on. Show originality, leave detailed and catchy comments under the publications. Most likely, users will notice you and also pay attention to the page.

Add links to other social networks

If you have a full-fledged website, landing page or Facebook page, you shouldn’t hide this fact from your subscribers. The more they know about you, the more they trust.

Tell the world about yourself

We got a little excited about the scale, but the essence is clear. Let your customers know that you’ve finally got an Instagram page. This can be done using mailing lists or messengers.

In order not to seem intrusive, immediately offer users the benefits they will receive by subscribing to your profile. This can be a discount on your first order or a bonus in the form of a small gift.

Have a give

Contests are a reliable way to attract new audiences and whet the interest of old subscribers. The mechanics are extremely simple: a member must subscribe to your profile and tag it in a friend’s comments (or repost the entry to his story). This is just one of the options for the development of events.

Then you randomly choose a winner and give him a prize. The main rule is that the products of your brand should serve as a gift. For example, if you sell accessories, play a set of combs among your followers.

But contests also have disadvantages – a large churn of subscribers immediately after the results are announced, which will have a bad effect on engagement rates.

Проведите гив

Publish UGC

Periodically share on your page UGC (user-genersted content, or content made by your customers). If a person has published a review about your product / service in his story, then do not be lazy to make a screen or repost. And the follower is pleased, and you get free unique content.

Публикуйте UGC

Collaborate with bloggers

Leaving comments under bloggers’ posts is, of course, good, but it’s better to collaborate with influencers on an ongoing basis. There are several options – to order an advertisement or to make an opinion leader a brand ambassador.

The cheapest way is to buy ads in Stories. This method is suitable even for representatives of a small business segment. Give the blogger a promo code or a link with a UTM tag, and you will understand how many orders you received from him.

Ambassadorship is a relatively new format that is more suitable for large companies. You conclude a contract with a blogger, according to which he must create a certain number of publications per month, talk about new products, do unpacking and in every possible way praise the product in his story. Also for the specified period, the influencer undertakes not to advertise related products.


How to work with clients effectively

Correct communication is an important component of a successful business. If you are rude to customers, ignore their messages and delay for a long time with a response, then you run the risk of quickly sinking. A few rules to help you effectively interact with users and increase sales:

  • Show off the uniqueness of your company in direct communication. Your responses should be fully consistent with the style of the brand.
  • Mention customers and partners . If you’re talking about a specific person in a post or comment, don’t forget to @.
  • Avoid jargon . Write in simple language, but do not use slang words, vernacular and obscene expressions. It is also best to avoid complex terms that might be misinterpreted by the audience.
  • Translate personal communication into Direct. If you were asked a question in the comments, for example, about a specific order, it is better to continue the dialogue in private messages, and publicly write something from the category: “Thanks for the question, answered in Direct.”
  • Don’t start with a sale . Do not try to suck everything in your assortment to the client from the start. Make contact, try to identify the consumer’s problems and help him make the right decision. This is how you show concern.
  • Prepare objection phrases . So that on “I’ll think about”, you can draw out the answer why this is so.
  • Get a specific answer . Hanging dialogues are a common problem for entrepreneurs who are unable to get the client to talk. Be active, ask the user clarifying questions, but do not be annoying. This is annoying.

Tips and tricks

And here are a couple more effective recommendations that you can use as a beginner’s guide to Instagram:

  • Post more stories . Recent studies have shown that followers are more likely to view stories than feed, so we recommend uploading at least 5-7 stories a day. This will increase engagement and allow you to more effectively interact with the target audience. Just don’t overdo it and litter the space with meaningless content.
  • Don’t aim for the perfect picture . Users like live content better, so try to minimize retouching and avoid stock photos.
  • Go live . Answer questions from your followers, sort out situations, share life hacks, or just talk about distant topics.
  • Be systematic . What does it mean? Publish posts daily and preferably at the same time, write a content plan at least a month in advance and follow the statistics.
  • Don’t hide. Show the team, show behind the scenes workflows, interact with customers, respond to their comments, and share UGC (User Generated Content). Firstly, such publications collect much more likes than studio shots, and secondly, they look fresh and organic. Simply put, you kill two birds with one stone.
  • Get involved . Polls, quizzes, polls and other game mechanics – all this dramatically increases reach and attracts the attention of the target audience.
  • Don’t forget about statistics . Analyze, analyze and analyze again. This will help to change the promotion strategy in time without spending the lion’s share of the budget, and to understand which posts cause feedback from users, and which, on the contrary, motivate to unsubscribe.

Systematic work with content, beautiful visuals, competent textual support, analysis of statistics and constant work on errors is an effective tandem that will help you collect a mini-army of clients in a few months. Next, we advise you to connect targeting, bloggers and other paid features. Oh, yes, we almost forgot about the most important advice – do not be afraid to experiment and step on a rake, because without this no one has yet been able to achieve success.

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