How to find Instagram influencers to advertise your product

How to find Instagram influencers to advertise your product

The key trend of 2020 on the Instagram social network is sincerity. Users are tired of intrusive marketing, deception, hyperbolization of the advantages of goods. People want truthful information about any product, and trusted influencers are well suited for this purpose. Just one sincere blog recommendation will be more effective than most advertising channels. Accordingly, it will be useful for advertisers to know how to find influencers on Instagram to build an effective advertising campaign.

What should be “your” opinion leader

To select the right blogger to promote your brand, you first need to define the objectives of your marketing campaign. Often a more profitable and effective solution is to contact influencers with 15-110 thousand subscribers. The reach will not be as wide as that of influencers with a million audience, but the indicators of activity and involvement will be higher.

If you need to advertise a product with a narrow specialization, contact bloggers whose subscribers are clearly segmented. For example, if you are selling BMX bikes, look for an athlete who rides such bicycles, not an extreme lover with many followers. Most likely, his account will not have many followers, but they will be your clear target audience.

Types of Bloggers

Instagram influencers fall into the following groups:

  • show business figures;
  • public figures;
  • athletes;
  • professionals in any field;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • bloggers.


Bloggers are categorized by subject matter, type of activity:

  1. Beauty – they make videos where they review cosmetics, talk about how to create makeup and perform other cosmetic procedures. Such influencers should be chosen by advertisers who want to promote a brand of any cosmetics.
  2. Fashion – publish posts related to fashion, clothing styles. A good choice for companies that sell clothing and accessories.
  3. Food – they prepare meals, review catering establishments. Food delivery services, exotic food stores, restaurants, cafes are the main customers of advertising from such bloggers.
  4. Young mothers – tell you how to raise and care for children. Such influencers are approached by those who want to advertise products for children.
  5. Fitness – sports enthusiasts who promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The main customers for advertising are fitness centers, gyms, sporting goods stores, sportswear, sports food.
  6. Freaks are extravagant people who attract the attention of users with unusual videos, strange photos. Such bloggers can be entrusted with advertising anything. The main thing is to be able to submit marketing material and maintain the trust of the audience.
  7. Vine – creators of short humorous videos. They can promote any goods and services.
  8. Tourists – travel to different places and talk about them. Such bloggers are often ordered by travel agencies, hotels, ticket services, camping equipment stores, souvenirs.

You should also take into account that the geography of the target audience is quite extensive. Followers of bloggers, entrepreneurs, celebrities are too scattered within the country or even the whole world. Accordingly, if the product is intended for consumers in a specific region, it is necessary to publish ads on blogs of local importance. For such accounts, subscribers are already segmented by geography.

Bloggers corresponding to the required geography, you can select using the filter in the trendHERO catalog.

trendHERO фильтр

How to find influencers

You can search for influencers on Instagram itself, on Google, as well as on specialized exchanges. Now there are a large number of services through which you can order brand promotion from bloggers. The disadvantages of this method include the fact that there are often blogs with winding subscribers and inflated prices.

The trendHERO service solves the problem of ineffective bloggers and “dead souls” in subscribers. This is a 2 in 1 tool for finding and checking the right blogger for cheating. On one platform, you can find a suitable blogger in the directory, using 11 filters for the most accurate search. After finding suitable candidates, you can immediately get detailed statistics on them. Engagement, growth rate and quality of subscribers, their interests, location, activity and much more are taken into account.

Аудит trendHERO

Try trendHERO for free

Another way is to search through Telegram chats and VK publics. The disadvantage of this method is that influencers who accept applications for ads from such chats are usually overloaded with work. Accordingly, their prices may be overstated. In addition, subscribers may be inactive due to the abundance of ads in the blogger’s account. It is necessary to check the owners of blogs, because the reviews about them can be customized.

Take a closer look at your customers

Study people who have already bought products from you or ordered services. See what they are interested in on Instagram. If a client shares the values ​​of your organization, is happy to use its products or services, then he can advertise your brand (free of charge or for a nominal fee). At the same time, such advertising will be very effective and will inspire confidence among users.

Instagram Search

Инстаграм телефон в руках

There are many ways to find an opinion leader using the Instagram social network. Most of them involve searching for influencers according to certain parameters set by the search engine.

Search by user’s geographic location

The most popular method. This method is subdivided into geolocating specific places where the audience regularly gathers, and searching by the hashtag of an event or a specific place.

Search for opinion leaders by word in description or tag

The method is narrowly targeted. It is necessary to type the corresponding request in the search bar of the social network. Write your query the way a blogger would call himself, for example, “athlete”, not “sport.” This method is optimal for advertisers who need a user of a specific specialization or with a certain status in society.

Ключевики в имени

Search Instagram Blog Subscriptions

The third method is also considered highly targeted. Typically, narrow-topic bloggers are subscribers to accounts that are similar in topic to their blogs. The disadvantage of this method is that it takes a lot of time, because the search of blogs is done manually.

Monitoring competitors’ pages

You can also look for influencers with whom competitive firms do business. Everything is quite easy here – find a post from a blogger on a competitor’s page or from the blogger himself, write to this person or take notes. You do not need to immediately entrust him with the promotion of a competing brand, otherwise the blogger’s subscribers will have distrust of both the brand and the opinion leader.

Телеведущая и блогер Настя Ивлеева
TV presenter and blogger Nastya Ivleeva

Using the “Interesting” feed

This method is based on the issuance of a recommendation feed. The advertiser subscribes to the blog, after which accounts of similar topics begin to appear in this tab. Of course, you will need to click on posts and monitor blogs. A significant disadvantage of this method is that there is no geolocation binding. In the “Interesting” search results, opinion leaders from the other side of the world may come across. In addition, it is quite difficult to find blogs with the required number of subscribers.

Search trendHERO

trendHERO главная

trendHERO is the ultimate search platform for Instagram account analysis. As mentioned above, it implements the maximum set of tools for both search and verification of a blogger.

The tool can be used by digital agencies, SMM marketers, bloggers, as well as advertisers who want to search for influencers to promote their own brands. The site has a search for blogs by city, country, keywords. If an advertiser needs to find influencers selling ads, he can simply write keywords in the search bar ( collaboration, collaboration, advertising, manager ). This makes searching much easier.

For bloggers shown in the search engine results, you can immediately view statistical data. To check a profile for cheating, it is recommended to pay attention to the following metrics:

  1. The ratio of the number of followers and the number of users who like and comment on publications. This indicator characterizes the activity of the blogger’s audience. If there are a lot of subscribers, but there are very few likes and comments, it means that the blog owner clearly used a cheat.
    Проверка аккаунта Леры Бородиной
  2. The dynamics of changes in the number of followers. If in 1 day hundreds of subscribed to the account man, this may be due to the wrapping. The growth rate of subscribers should be natural (for example, 1000 per day for accounts with a million people, 30-50 per day for less popular blogs).
    Прирост подписчиков и подписок
  3. The number of blogger subscriptions. If a large account has many subscriptions, most of which are not related to it thematically, this directly indicates the participation of the profile owner in mass following.

After analyzing the statistical data and filtering out the fake accounts, you can easily find the right influencer for you. It is better to contact a blogger who has 20 thousand “honest” followers than to someone who has clocked himself 100 thousand subscribers.

Вовлеченность аудитории

There are already 9.6 million Instagram profiles in the search base. This is one of the largest databases among similar Internet services. There is an opportunity to try out the trendHERO functionality and 90 different analysis metrics for free.

What to look for when searching

If you’ve decided to find Instagram influencers to advertise products and services, you need to know what to consider when choosing a blogger:

  1. Quality of publications. Determine what the influencer posts on his page, in what tone he communicates with subscribers. Decide if it fits with the idea of ​​your product or service.
  2. The dynamics of the increase in the number of subscribers. If this indicator is too high, it is likely that the blog owner is using cheating. Pay attention to the popularity of your account. If a million people are subscribed to it, then a daily increase in the number of subscribers by a thousand is a normal indicator. However, for a blog with 3 thousand followers, such an increase in audience is an impossible indicator.
  3. Number of account subscriptions. If this parameter is more than the number of subscribers, it means that the blogger often uses “gray” methods of promotion (mass-following, mass-following).
  4. The number of likes. It should be equal to 2-3 percent of the number of followers. If there are fewer likes, it means that most of the account subscribers are winding up.
  5. The number and quality of comments. Determine how and what they write under the blogger’s posts, whether there is spam, what is the tone of the comments. If the majority of the comments are negative, it is likely that the audience does not trust the account owner too much. If they are of the same type and short, most likely, there is a cheat.
    trendHERO фильтр0
  6. Video views. This parameter is more difficult to cheat. You can use it to determine how many people are really interested in the blog.
  7. Advertising versus regular content. Certain blog owners try to integrate marketing publications organically into their content. Other bloggers simply post paid-for posts in droves. It is advisable to avoid accounts that are packed with ads.

Modern influencers are peculiar people. These are not marketing agencies, not copywriters. There is no exact terms of reference in cooperation with them. There is only an agreement stage, at which all important details need to be discussed with the influencer:

  • publication format – text post, video, photo;
  • content – direct or native advertising;
  • terms of publication of advertising posts – date, time;
  • payment terms – amount, terms, format (provision of company products or money).

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Opinion leaders are free birds. It is undesirable to drive them into a strict framework. Active followers can easily identify clumsy advertising publications and can react negatively to them. But the influencer himself perfectly understands how to advertise goods or services so that it looks organic and brings a positive result. Accordingly, it is necessary to provide the blogger with controlled freedom of action.


Instagram has become an excellent advertising platform. Attracting bloggers to promote a brand is an effective marketing tool that is becoming more and more popular every year. By entrusting advertising to the right blogger, you guarantee yourself an increase in the number of sales and popularization of your products and services on the Web.

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