How to find out who has unsubscribed from you on Instagram

How to find out who has unsubscribed from you on Instagram

Any active Instagram user pays attention to the dynamics of growth or decline of their subscribers. The fact that people unsubscribe is a completely natural process. It is only important to understand how many people have unsubscribed you can start to worry. But even if you are very sensitive to each subscriber, and want to understand who has unsubscribed from your page, read this article. In it, we’ll show you ways to see who clicked “unsubscribe”.

Factors affecting unsubscription

First, let’s look at all the possible reasons why people unsubscribe:

  1. Purchase of subscribers. For the purchase of “dead souls” or bots, Instagram does not pat it on the head. In addition, the quality of these followers leaves much to be desired. Buying users to increase your page popularity is a temporary placebo. There is no guarantee that real users will not unsubscribe from you over time. But with purchased followers, there are no guarantees at all. You can buy followers today and observe the trend of massive unsubscriptions within a few days. All you have to do is buy a new “portion” of subscribers or start promoting your page on your own.
  2. Shadow ban. Everyone has heard what it is, but no one thinks about “and not whether my posts are in the shady bath”. Even if you are in a shadow ban, this will not be reflected in the work of the Instagram application. It’s just that your posts will be intentionally hidden and they will have the lowest priority in impressions. Instagram pages fall into the shadow ban for violation of Instagram rules by their administrators. Only you will not receive a warning about it. Now when you began to worry, and not in a shady bath, I will tell you a service that will answer your question. It’s called Tribber Instagram Shadowban. With it, you can check the top ten posts on your page.
  3. Spam or spam. Instagram has 2 feeds: Stories and main. In Stories, you can publish as many paintings as you want per day. Most importantly, the news feed needs to be balanced. There is no rule about the number of posts in the feed. But there is common sense. If you publish 1-2 posts a day in the feed on a regular basis, this is already good. The rest of the posts can be posted in Stories. This is not considered spam. If there are more posts in the feed, then by the reaction of the public you can determine how interesting they are. I’m not writing about unique content right now. And about paid or somehow brand-related posts. Maintain a balance. If you can’t publish 1-2 posts a day, then at least 2-3 times a week remind your subscribers about yourself.
  4. Controversial topics, lack of tolerance, customer focus. You can write about anything on your personal page. On the business page – according to the strategy. If your posts do not correspond to the interests of the public, or you unsuccessfully “joked”, which caused a wave of indignation, then get ready to unsubscribe. Not every company can afford to “walk on the edge of controversial topics” on business pages and at the same time not be afraid of losing subscribers. But if you are making good content (subjectively), then don’t be bothered by someone else’s opinion if it doesn’t have facts or explanation. In fact, you shouldn’t dwell on unsubscribers. Users grow back like hair.

Side effects of using unofficial apps

I consider it my duty to warn you that the use of unofficial applications is directly related to the security of your account. The developers are unofficial, which means that you put yourself at risk of hacking and data loss. There is also no guarantee that applications will be updated or will not stop working at all over time. Now you know the potential risks and are solely responsible for their use. In addition, Instagram from time to time cleans up and blocks such applications.

After downloading the application, the program will start tracking all changes with subscribers from the current date. That is, if subscribers left you at the moment of installation, then you will not be able to find out anything about them.

Instagram itself offers a “white” way to track unsubscribed on a weekly basis. You can see it in statistics. But you will only see the number of people who unsubscribed. No specific profile information.

Or better, train yourself to compare the number of subscribers from yesterday to today every day. For example, in the morning you see that you have 100 followers. And the next day there were 95 of them. 5 followers unsubscribed. These can be commercial pages, bots, or live users. The main thing is not to panic, but to focus on promotion and new subscribers.

List of applications for tracking unsubscribed (Android / iOS)

If, nevertheless, it is important for you to know not “how much”, but “who”, then the following applications will help you with this.

This is a free program if you use the basic functionality for analyzing unsubscribed subscribers. But there are also advanced features, then you will have to pay a subscription for using them. This is on their own. The program does not work if you have two-factor authentication enabled. The installation process takes seconds. The program will start monitoring your subscribers from the moment of installation.

This app has its pros and cons . It doesn’t work very well, but instills confidence in terms of security and data storage. You can track user unsubscriptions across multiple accounts at once. Unsubscribed people are tracked from the moment of installation. Basic app is free. But it is possible to pay for a subscription to use advanced functionality. reposrts-plus

Another application you can pay attention to Followers & Unfollowers and Follow Cop for Android. And for iOS, we recommend Followers Tracker Pro, Followers Track for Instagram! and Unfollowers for Instagram. They are all free.

How to unsubscribe from people who have unsubscribed from you

After installing the application, you will receive a notification every time if an account unsubscribes from your page. Knowing the profile of the unsubscribed, you can easily find it on Instagram and unsubscribe in response. But what about those who unsubscribed from you before you installed the application? The free Cleaner for Instagram app for Android, iOS will help you with this.

Detailed instructions for unsubscribing:

  1. Sign in to the app with your Instagram account.
  2. Find the Subscribers tab. Select “not subscribers”.
  3. Check the list of accounts to make sure you want to unsubscribe from them. Or cancel this action.
  4. At the bottom right, click on the lightning bolt and then click on Unsubscribe.
  5. Wait for the application to complete the unsubscribe process.

Conclusions :

Remember that unsubscribing subscribers in minimal quantities is a completely natural process of promoting on Instagram. Do not get too hung up on this. But sometimes it is useful to “clean the account” from time to time. You already know how to do this. Successful promotion!

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